Your Weekly Horoscopes: July 28 to August 3, 2019

Finally, some good news! On the 31st, Mercury stations direct in sensitive Cancer. What we have been reflecting on for the last three weeks finally makes a bit of sense, and it’s now OK to move ahead: purchase those travel tickets, buy new gadgets and expect a response when making plans. On the very same day, there is a new moon in dramatic Leo, and we are pushed to take more than baby steps forward. Both the Sun and Venus connect with innovative Uranus this week, so chances are good for the unexpected. It’s time to make a scene.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

Time spent on the sidelines this month, whether at a silent meditation retreat or simply “away” from Instagram, has left you refreshed. As you rejoin society, though, don’t lose the good habits built behind the scenes. The new moon is in your sign on the 31st, and we know we don’t have to tell you twice that there’s no better time to celebrate yourself. Throw your second (or third...or fourth) birthday party, and spend it marveling at who and what is there for you. The beautiful shape of you depends on your surroundings.

This summer, you have learned the hard way that the scariest part of wishing for something is actually getting it (be careful what you wish for, right?). This week, engage with the spectacle of a fantasy. The new moon in Leo on the 31st is the perfect opportunity to get tickets to see Bruce Springsteen at a football stadium, spend the day lost in an epic museum, or simply spread out a tiny blanket on the huge lawn of your favorite park. It’s relaxing to be a small part of something incredible.

Communication has been very difficult with your boss lately, and though the idea of a one-on-one meeting is stressful, be thankful for the chance to make your needs in the workplace clear. The new moon on the 31st is the perfect time to relieve tension at work by connecting with community. Don’t look away from the woman trying to catch your eye at the company-wide mixer, she wants to commiserate with her own horror stories. Seeds planted now help you go after the freelance life of your dreams.

Mercury retrograde’s final hurrah has you tearing through old journals, lecture notes and emails from college, trying to connect the dots between where you were then and where you are now. The secret is that both versions of you have wisdom to share. The new moon in Leo on the 31st dares you to be confident as an unexpected opportunity in your public and professional life forces you out of your comfort zone. Let the wisdom from your past remind you how much there is to share in the present.

Though lots of opportunities are bubbling to the surface for you lately, dear Sagittarius, your partner has had a string of bad luck, and despite your instinct to fly away in the face of danger, this is the time to dig your heels into the ground and be there for your partner (business, romantic, work-wife) and remember how much they’ve been there for you. If you're in a couple, the new moon in Leo on the 31st is a chance to do something with your sweetie to help them focus on the big picture: go to a reading by their favorite author, arrange a weekend getaway with their college friends, or be literal and take a very long hike up a very high mountain. Adventure isn’t for only you.

This is the week your new relationship starts to feel like a real commitment. Whether your boyfriend is asking you to meet his mom or bringing you to a romantic vista to say, “I love you,” things are getting serious. Use the new moon in Leo on the 31st to initiate a plan that makes your partnership into a true collaboration: sit down with him to book the flights for vacation with his parents, start cooking fancy weekly dinners together or have your own, tiny book club. Love and trust only grow stronger as they are shared.

Though this month had you dealing with a mysterious health issue, a glitching DMV website or constantly corrupted Photoshop files, solutions (whether they be medicinal, bureaucratic or software related) are here. (Hold for applause.) The new moon in Leo on the 31st is a time to get clear on your personal and professional commitments for the upcoming year. How are you already being supported and what needs improvement? Your image is created by how others treat you.

Whether your kid is on the wait-list for the best preschool in town, making amends with the bully at summer camp or scoring goals at the soccer tournament, good news for your child is a celebration for you. The new moon in Leo on the 31st falls in your sixth house of problem solving so use that as an excuse to outline how you deftly put your kid’s—or perhaps a friend who falls into the childish category—recent difficulty to rest. When the next complication arrives, you will be thankful for the detailed plan of attack.

After a lot of hard work and too many trips to Target, things are getting comfortable at home (even the bathroom is looking adorable with those hand-lettered Beyoncé quotes, hung and framed!) For the new moon in Leo on the 31st, throw a party in your space to further add to the ambiance, while resisting the urge to splurge. Invite your favorite ladies for a BYOB Netflix night, a heat wave-themed clothing swap or a potluck brunch. Your home improvement is complete when you feel the love.

Yes, you wasted many precious hours booking and then canceling Pilates classes, set a world record for hitting snooze and let an entire weekend slip away by aimlessly watching every available episode of Love Island. But as the fog clears, you now realize how important your time really is. With clear eyes, you see that you actually needed that alone time to recharge, and that in the future you should actually schedule your me-time like any other meeting. Spend the new moon on the 31st treating yourself in the privacy of your bedroom. You will know when it’s time to get back outside.

You are always plotting your next scheme, Gemini, but this week, it’s hard to sleep you have so much to say. After spending the last month getting real with your finances and learning what it is you really have to gift the world, it’s time to inform those who matter most about your big ideas. On the new moon on the 31st, whether you are hosting a fundraiser at the bar down the street, starting French classes at the library or just finally returning your sister’s phone call, make a wave in your direct network. Big things can happen within reach.

A habit you started back in June—joining a gym, going to open mics, washing your face before bed every night—makes its progress clear this week. Whether you’re noticing the first sliver of a six-pack, the audience’s first chuckles or clear-AF skin, your commitment to the practice is expanding how you see yourself. On the 31st, the new moon in Leo offers a chance to take your chiseled arm muscles, defined charisma or bright complexion into a meeting with your boss to ask for a raise. You know what you’re worth, so ask for it.