Leo Season Is Upon Us, and Here’s What It Will Do to Your Sex Life

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Emotional Cancer season is about to give way to confident Leo season, meaning we’re all about to spend a little more time in the spotlight. Leo is ruled by the sun, and people born under its influence are generally outgoing, fun-loving souls with tons of energy and a penchant for adventure. That said, it should come as no surprise that Leo season is one of the most sexually adventurous seasons in the zodiac, as unabashed self-expression becomes the name of the game. If there’s been a sexy fantasy lurking in the back of your mind, this is the month to try it out. Not only will you find yourself confident enough to talk to your partner about it, you’ll both be adventurous enough to actually try it out.

From now until August 23rd, your only job in the bedroom is to follow the fun, whether that be intensifying your typical routine by initiating a sex-every-day rule (your partner will definitely oblige) or by trying something completely different and seeing where it goes. Best case scenario, you have a sexy new surprise to add to your bag of tricks. Worst case scenario, you have a hilarious story to tell after one too many glasses of wine.

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Leo season has your creative self-expression on overdrive, so why not channel some of that into the bedroom? If you have a role-play scenario that interests you, now is the time to make that idea into a reality (or as close as Amazon’s costume section will allow). Leo season is all about fun, playful energy, and what’s more playful than a good ol’ game of X-rated make believe? And yes, you can incorporate as many dolls as you’d like.


This Leo season you’re putting the spotlight on yourself, Taurus. It’s time for a little self-preservation, or should we say, self-pleasurevation. That’s right, while the other signs are all out exhausting themselves trying to find their next sexual conquest, you’ll be exhausting yourself in a whole different way. Pop some fresh batteries in the self-pleasuring tool of choice and get to spending the next month focused on me, myself, and I. As an added bonus, you’ll know exactly what to ask your partner for once you’re ready to involve somebody else again.


Leo season can make Geminis kind of aggressive, and while that’s no fun in your social life, it can be very fun in your private life. Take out all that pent-up frustration on your partner by incorporating safe, consensual BDSM play into your sex life. This can mean anything from light bondage (fuzzy handcuffs, anyone?) to transforming into the latex-clad dominatrix of your dreams. Just don’t forget the safe word.


Leo season can be tough on Cancers as you have to resist the urge to splurge at every corner. Instead of indulging yourself with online impulse buys, why not indulge yourself for free by enacting some of your favorite fantasies? It’ll be harder to spend every night cruising Amazon for deals if you’re already spending it in the arms of your sexy new lover. Your wallet with thank you come September.


Leo season is your time to shine, but you already knew that, didn’t you, Leo? All of your best look-at-me qualities are intensified this month, meaning you’re going to be extra extra. Embrace your need for the spotlight by scheduling a sexy boudoir photoshoot with a professional or by turning your own bedroom into an amateur studio, with your partner as director. Just be sure to keep the resulting files somewhere safe, preferably on a hard drive in the back of your closet, so that nobody finds out about your brief stint as a porn star…unless you want them to, and with Leos, you never know.


Leo season means the Sun is chilling in your twelfth house of closure, rest and endings so you know what that repeat performances! Resist the urge to send your regular summer fling at "U UP?" text and instead forge new, and potentially more intense, sexual connections. Clearing out those stale booty calls opens up space in your schedule for more adventurous sexcapades that could introduce you to some new things you never realized you were into. Shower sex, anyone?


Truth time, Libra: Have you ever considered a threesome? If so, now is the time. Leo season has you primed for group activities and connections, meaning the path is open for you to add a third person to your bedroom routine (or become that third person for someone else). If the idea of group sex is too intimidating, setting up some double dates that end in amazing one-on-one sex with your partner is another great way to release some of that community-driven energy without having to get naked in front of a whole new person.


You’re embracing all the stardom that Leo season has to offer, meaning it’s time to steal the show in the bedroom. You can harness some of that sexy star power by signing up for a pole-dancing or striptease class near you, and then going home and showing your lucky partner everything that you’ve learned. Who knows? You could find out that you’ve had an exotic dancer inside you all along, just waiting to be unleashed!


You’re expanding your sexual horizons this season, Sagittarius, and what better way to do that than by planning a little weekend sexcapade? For Libras who are already in a relationship, this could mean booking the couple’s suite for a weekend of never-leaving-the-hotel room, while single Libras can have some sexy, no-strings-attached fun by cruising the apps in another city. There’s something about having sex in a new location that just makes things more fun.


Buckle up, Capricorn, because this month Leo is in your eighth house of bonding, intimacy and shared resources, meaning sex is about to get intense and personal. Now is not the time for multiple no-strings-attached hookups (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Now is the time to go deep with one person, fulfilling each other’s fantasies and exploring what it means to be good sexual partners. Even if this person doesn’t turn out to be “the one” learning how to listen to the sexual needs of another person will make you a better partner when “the one” does come along.


Leo season is going to have a particularly intense effect on your love life, Aquarius, so get ready to really feel those feelings. The stars are aligned for you to make a passionate connection, whether it be by reminding you what you find sexy about your current partner, or by introducing a new person who really revs your engine. Your only job during this time period is to let these passions go where they may rather than holding back or second guessing yourself. Oh, and always use protection.


Leo season has turned you into a regular Princess Jasmine, with multiple suitors all vying to be the next notch on your bedpost. You can entertain as many or as few of these offers as you’d like; just remember that there are real people’s hearts on the line and what might seem like a fun, carefree night of casual sex to you might be something totally different to the other person. That’s not to say you can’t have fun. Just be sure to be clear with your intentions and never underestimate your ability to charm the pants off someone (literally).

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