Your Weekly Horoscopes: February 7 to 13, 2021

Does it feel like everything that’s been happening this year has been building up to something? Well, that something has arrived—cosmically, at least—and it’s the new moon in Aquarius on the 11th. Think of this new moon as less of a climax and more of an opportunity to start over. From the 9th, as the moon moves through its dark phase, refreshing itself and beginning a new cycle, there are six planets in the humanitarian and futuristic sign of Aquarius. That’s a lot of energy in one place! This kind of pileup is extremely rare. The last time it happened was in February 1962, coinciding with the births of celebs like Garth Brooks, Sheryl Crow and Jennifer Jason Leigh—the latter who has eight Aquarius placements!

This year has already been extremely hectic, and this week is an opportunity to slow down, reflect and reset our New Year’s resolutions. Venus meets up with Jupiter on the 11th as well, and this once-annual meeting of the planet of expansion and the planet of connection gives us some positive encouragement as we make a plan. Mercury retrograde meeting the sun on the 8th and Mars making a supportive connection to hazy Neptune on the 13th also helps us push through the fog. So let’s grab a cup of coffee, take a seat at the window and have a nice sip and stare as we contemplate the future.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

10 aquarius

Everyone’s looking to you to lead the way, dear Aquarius. The pressure has been building for a while, and now what you’re meant to do is unavoidable. Whether you’re being called to dive into a grueling workout routine for the good of your health, confront your boss for the sake of your team or divulge something super vulnerable on social media, what you’re doing is powerful...and very tiring. The new moon on the 11th is in your sign and leaves you feeling both exhausted and renewed. Consider what you need to change in order to keep going.

This week’s mantra: Health comes first.

11 pisces

Oh Pisces, hopefully you’re able to find some stillness amidst all the noise this week. Quiet solitude and reflection are deeply necessary for you right now. The new moon—and the pileup of planets in Aquarius—on the 11th falls in your unconscious sector. You’re being called to find peace by stepping away from the action and trusting your intuition. Venus meeting up with your ruling planet Jupiter on the same day brings you confidence and optimism. The work you’re doing behind the scenes right now—whether that’s meditating, a deep clean of your house or ideating your next big project—could be your next success.

This week’s mantra: You won’t be in the void forever.

12 aries

You know that you’re being called to participate more in your community. You want to volunteer and make a difference—especially for Black History Month. But where do you begin? And how can you focus on other people when you have so many of your own problems, especially those pesky bills that keep having to get paid? This week’s new moon on the 11th helps you reconnect with old friends or coworkers who have some ideas about how you should get involved. Especially on the 13th, as Mars connects with Neptune, you’re able to laugh at your own problems and make an uncharacteristically selfless choice.

This week’s mantra: Help others so you can help yourself.

1 taurus

Whatever you’re struggling with—stepping into a leadership position at work or accepting your role as a new mother––you’ve been having a bit of an identity crisis. As much as your husband, your loved ones and your friends have been cheering you on, you’re still caught in a cycle of self-doubt. The new moon on the 11th—especially with your sweet ruling planet Venus meeting expansive Jupiter on the same day—is the perfect moment to reclaim your narrative. Forget everyone’s expectations. How do you want to acknowledge yourself?

This week’s mantra: Confidence is key.

2 gemini

Everyone’s been telling you that this is your year, that it’s time to chart your own path, teach your own course and level up in your career. But let’s be real: You haven’t been feeling it. It’s difficult to let yourself relax into the journey of it all when you’re so unclear about the destination. This week’s new moon on the 11th lets you pause, recalibrate and take some time to actually dream up a plan. With Mercury still retrograde, this isn’t the time to move forward anyway. Let yourself soak up all of the information that you can. What’s happening now is going to inform your decisions for the rest of the year.

This week’s mantra: Make informed decisions.

3 cancer

Things just haven’t been going your way lately, Cancer. Maybe you’ve been exposed to COVID (the only friend you’ve seen in months forgot to mention that her husband’s coworker’s wife was experiencing symptoms!). Maybe your car is making a weird noise. Maybe you’re in way over your head trying to file taxes for the first time as a freelancer. It’s a lot. But this week’s new moon on the 11th is an opportunity to face some fears and start over again with a fresh slate. As the moon begins waxing toward fullness at the end of the week, you can shake off your worries and make some power moves.

This week’s mantra: Accept what’s happening now.

4 leo

Having to do everything by yourself is a challenge. But what you’re learning this year is that teamwork can be just as hard. How can you meet everyone’s needs while still remaining true to yourself? How can you honor your inner diva while also keeping the peace? The new moon on the 11th falls in your partnership sector and yes, it brings a sense of renewal to your romantic relationships, but it’s also an opportunity to review all of your commitments. Which contracts need to be renegotiated? With Venus meeting up with Jupiter on the same day, you should feel loved, accepted and inspired to advocate for your needs.

This week’s mantra: Love isn’t easy.

5 virgo

Though Mercury is still retrograde causing all of your tech to glitch and your important texts to go unanswered, overall, this week feels like a win. At the new moon on the 11th, you may even be inspired to take a full day away from the grind (your emails aren’t loading anyway!) and treat yourself instead. Your impulse to slow down should be honored. So close your laptop at 3 p.m., whip up a matcha latte with your brand new milk frother and catch up on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Things pick up again next week so don’t deny yourself peace while you can find the time!

This week’s mantra: Rest when you can.

6 libra

Though Mercury retrograde is known for its tech glitches and transportation woes, it’s also a time of getting haunted by ghosts from the past. Since January 30th, you’ve been getting texts from estranged childhood friends, Facebook messages from your third grade teacher and late night DMs from forgotten hookups. And knowing you, you’ve been your usual polite self and responded to every single one of them. At the new moon on the 11th though, it might be time to cut off some of these conversations that are keeping you trapped in the past. It’s fun to indulge nostalgia, but what do you want in the present moment? Go after that instead.

This week’s mantra: Nostalgia isn’t everything.

7 scorpio

Whether you’ve been moving apartments, cleaning out your basement or dealing with a family crisis, you’ve been going through it lately, Scorpio. Your sense of home, foundation and belonging is changing and even if it’s a positive shift, letting go is still hard. Let the new moon on the 11th be a reminder that everything you’re doing is for a purpose. You’re freeing yourself of tired ideas, built-up resentments and those boots you’ve had since Obama’s first term. Then on the 13th, lean into the support you’re getting from your partner, work wife or BFF. You don’t have to do everything alone.

This week’s mantra: Don’t resist change.

8 sagittarius

You’ve been so busy lately, but what have you really been doing? If you haven’t yet decided to take a hiatus from social media, the new moon on the 11th would be a great time to step away from Instagram and realign your priorities as far as communication. Maybe you’ll feel less stressed if you can only be reached via email or an old-fashioned phone call. Venus meets Jupiter on the same day inspiring optimism and encouraging you to enforce even more boundaries on your communication. You can’t do everything so choose what you do wisely.

This week’s mantra: Don’t give it all away.


Since the end of December, you’ve been obsessed with money. Whether you’re building a business or just learning how to manage your income better, you’ve felt empowered but also overwhelmed. When it comes to finances where do you even begin? This week gives you a chance to pause and reflect on the financial choices you’ve made so far. At the new moon on the 11th, take a step back and set goals for where you want to be at this time next year. The journey is more when you know where you’re going.

This week’s mantra: More money, more problems.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram @jaimeallycewright or subscribe to her newsletter.

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