Your Monthly Horoscopes: February 2021

February’s cosmic weather is jam-packed, and it’s mostly focused on one sign: Aquarius. Venus enters Aquarius on the 1st—urging us to get weird, play it cool with our crush and stream every experimental French film on our Netflix queue. With the sun, Jupiter, Saturn and Mercury retrograde also in the eccentric, humanitarian sign, there’s a lot of energy in one place! Then the new moon in Aquarius on the 11th finds six planets in the same sign. What we need to work on is becoming very clear, so now’s the time to acknowledge it and get started on our lengthy to-do list.

Mercury is retrograde through the 20th and is here to make sure that we’re spending time reflecting and reviewing this month, even when aggressive Mars throws more than a few wrenches in our best laid plans—especially on the 1st, 10th and 19th. Mars is in Taurus: a sign where the action planet prefers to only put energy into what is absolutely necessary. Don’t think of it as procrastination; think of it as being sustainable!

A major collective shift happens on the 17th as disciplined Saturn squares off with innovative Uranus—an aspect that always aligns with shake ups in the status quo. This is the first of three times that we will experience this transit in 2021. The last time we had this aspect was in 1999 to 2000, coinciding with the global anticipation of Y2K!

To finish out the month, Pisces season begins on the 18th and feels like a refreshing splash of water to the face—happy birthday to our sensitive fish with hearts of gold from Rihanna to Elliot Page to Justin Bieber. Venus enters Pisces on the 25th allowing us to tap into our passions and creativity. Though we’re spending most of the final week of the month wading in dreamy, imaginative waters, the full moon in Virgo on the 27th ever-so-briefly brings us back down to earth.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

10 aquarius

Again, all eyes are on you, Aquarius. You’re getting the sense that as the world—and your tiny corner of it—rebuilds itself after the pandemic, you’re going to have a very important role to play in the new systems and order. Are you ready for this responsibility? The new moon on the 11th is a reminder that when you share your ideas, you’re met with support. Don’t be shy about putting things out there! Though the Saturn-Uranus square on the 17th may cause some shake-ups at home or with your family, remember that others are looking for you to lead the way. Whatever comes, you can handle it.

Love Horoscope: Though this month is really about you, Aquarius, you keep hearing from old lovers while Mercury is retrograde through the 20th. You’re feeling super nostalgic, especially on the 8th when you reconnect with one of your favorite crushes from the deep past. Just remember to prioritize your own goals and don’t get caught up in someone else’s game.

Money Horoscope: Money remains mostly stable through the end of the month when Venus moves into Pisces and your finance sector on the 25th, bringing you more opportunities to earn. You’re channeling abundance and the full moon on the 27th illuminates who you can go to—whether that’s the bank or your BFF—to get more cash. Financial risks toward the end of the month could lead to rewards.

11 pisces

Are you taking a break this month, Pisces? With the pileup of planets in your unconscious sector, please take some time off the grid. Meditation is key! With Mars in Taurus, you may also feel like you’re missing out on the action, particularly in your neighborhood or with your close friends. The real ones want you to rest and respect your need for space. The new moon on the 11th is a great time to put on a vacation responder and do a digital detox. Once your season begins on the 18th, you can get back into the game, but don’t start anything too quickly. Wait until you’re ready.

Love Horoscope: With Mercury retrograde in your unconscious sector all month, not only are you offline, but so are your relationships. Whether you’re feeling a major distance with your partner or striking out on the apps, it’s going to be hard to communicate or get what you want until Mercury goes direct on the 20th. The full moon on the 27th though is a good time to plan a date night and get back on the same page with your love.

Money Horoscope: Though you’re getting more ideas this month about how to move ahead with entrepreneurial projects, you keep hitting roadblocks along the way, especially on the 1st, 10th and 19th. Hold onto the cash you have and try to only spend what’s necessary. If you allow yourself to rest now, you’ll find your earning groove later in the year.

12 aries

With the pileup of planets in Aquarius putting a ton of emphasis on your friends, coworkers and communities this month, the question is how do you get more involved? With your ruling planet, Mars, in slow and steady Taurus, you’re feeling like you don’t have access to your usual resources. Though as we approach a year of living in a pandemic, who has the energy to hustle? The more time and focus you’re able to give to others, the more fulfilled you’re going to feel. After the new moon on the 11th, seek out more volunteer opportunities, plan catch-up sessions with old friends and dive into a leadership role on a project at work. Being a part of something is what sustains you.

Love Horoscope: If you’re trying to get yourself back into the dating game, go for it at the beginning of the month when Venus’ transit through Aquarius puts you in touch with romantic prospects through your friends. Sparks might fly on the 19th if you’re in the right place at the right time. Once Venus moves into Pisces on the 25th, you’re going to be craving a lot of solo time. Keep your dates short, sweet and over Zoom to close out the month.

Money Horoscope: With action planet Mars in your money zone for the entire month, you’re probably feeling like you can’t hold onto your cash. Sure, you caught a couple extra shifts and a helpful check from grandma came in, but emergency purchases are popping up left and right and racking up your expenses. The full moon on the 27th illuminates how hard you’ve been working for very little reward. Adjust your habits accordingly.

1 taurus

The pressure is on this month for you, dear Taurus. With the pileup of Aquarius planets in your career sector, you’re being forced to figure out your daily, weekly and five-year plan. You’re very clear about your goals and beliefs, but how can you turn those beliefs into action? A humbling experience on the 6th makes you realize that not everyone is on the same page. Your job isn’t just to solve the problem, whether that’s at work, with freelance clients or with your neighborhood moms’ group. Your job is to communicate how you think every step of the way! The new moon on the 11th gives you a boost of confidence to take charge and get things moving.

Love Horoscope: Whether you’re single or taken, the full moon on the 27th brings a heaping helping of romance. Seriously though, you might get a cavity from all this sweetness. Shoot your shot! Go full John Cusack and serenade your crush while standing outside their window with a boombox! Or simply plan a luxurious date night with your lover. Seeds that you planted back at the new moon on September 17th are ready to come to fruition.

Money Horoscope: As mentioned, this year—and this month especially—is all about finding your place in the world and taking up more space. But with power and responsibility should also come compensation. Mercury retrograde through the 20th is actually a great time for you to renegotiate a contract or a job offer. Just wait until the communication planet goes direct to sign on the dotted line.

2 gemini

Your ruling planet, Mercury, is retrograde through the 20th. So, while you deal with endless glitches and frustrations, remember that it’s about the journey rather than the destination. With the Aquarius pileup of planets in your house of education, travel and expanding your mind, you’re being forced to slow down and collect data before making any big decisions, especially regarding your career. Take that yoga training! Sign up for that professional development class! Read a book! A big breakthrough could come at any time: while you’re on a long, meandering drive or doing squats in your Zoom barre class. The more intellectual and spiritual clarity you have, the more prepared you’ll be for what’s next.

Love Horoscope: Honestly, if you’re looking for romance this month, you’re going to be disappointed. Now’s the time to focus on yourself and your career. If you have a lover willing to come along on the adventure? All the better but don’t make it a priority. If you’re in a relationship, your partner is likely on their own solo journey as well. Distance makes the heart grow fonder though and the full moon on the 27th in your home sector is a great time to cozy up and reconnect.

Money Horoscope: Both the new moon on the 11th and the full moon on the 27th offer exciting breakthroughs for your career. While the new moon opens up a professional development or travel opportunity, the full moon comes with an offer to relocate for work. These developments are very exciting on their own but make sure you’re also asking to be compensated for these endeavors.

3 cancer

At the top of the month, you’re in an introspective place, closing out a certain chapter of your life and preparing for the next one. You have to clear out past financial woes to make way for future investments and at the new moon in Aquarius on the 11th, you’re ready to announce the plan and ask for support. The second half of the month is much more energized as you coordinate with colleagues and friends and set up the groundwork and systems for your next endeavor. The full moon on the 27th is a highlight of your month and illuminates how blessed you are to have a close-knit community. Spend the day supporting local businesses and getting back in touch with old friends.

Love Horoscope: Whether you’re totally single or beyond taken, intimacy and power dynamics are a major theme for you this month. Things get spicy on the 17th when a friend drops a truth bomb that has you considering whether it’s worth it to save your relationship. The full moon on the 27th is an opportunity to address communication issues with your partner.

Money Horoscope: As mentioned already, this month is about facing your debts and expelling some skeletons from your financial closet. If you’ve been considering launching a side hustle or taking on more freelance work to pay off those looming credit card bills, the new moon on the 11th is an auspicious day to get the ball rolling.

4 leo

February is about humbling yourself, Leo, and for someone as glamorous as you are, that’s no easy task. But with the sun in your opposite sign of Aquarius for most of the month, along with basically every other planet in the sky, you’re meant to put aside your own needs for the good of the collective. The month begins with a sharp reminder on the 1st that even when you’re putting endless hard work into your career, you can’t reach your goals without support. The new moon on the 11th further emphasizes this lesson while reminding you that some truly amazing people are on your team. Then on the 25th, you’re pleasantly surprised when that professional risk suggested by your husband or BFF reaps a major reward. Two heads are better than one.

Love Horoscope: Though you’re not quite feeling like your vibrant self this month, everyone else is showing you the love! Whether you’re single or taken, the new moon in Aquarius on the 11th is a time to affirm what you want from your intimate relationships. Be brave enough to ask for the love you need.

Money Horoscope: The sun—your ruling planet—moves into Pisces on the 18th, shedding light on your shared resources. What skeletons are you hiding in your financial closet? What debts have become unavoidable? It also might be time to start investing in the stock market. The full moon on the 27th falls in your income sector and reveals even more options to get yourself paid.

5 virgo

Unfortunately, roadblocks and frustrations are the name of the game this month, Virgo. Your ruling planet, Mercury, is retrograde through the 20th in your daily grind sector, bringing about constant admin drama and scheduling snafus. You can’t seem to catch a break. This energy isn’t here to ruin your life though—it’s here to make you reconsider the structure of your days. A breakthrough comes on the 8th when you’re able to solve a messy problem with relative ease. See? Not everything is a nightmare! Once the sun moves into Pisces on the 18th, your focus turns to others giving you less time to prioritize your own problems. Pick your battles while you still can.

Love Horoscope: For the first half of the month, you’re working way too hard to even think about romance, but once the sun and especially Venus move into Pisces on the 18th and then the 25th, you’re able to calm down and drift into some romantic fantasies. There’s no need to feel ashamed! If you can visualize it then that’s the first step to manifesting the relationship of your dreams.

Money Horoscope: The new moon on the 11th is a wake-up call. You’re totally burnt out and you don’t have the paycheck to show for it. How can you get more financial assistance? Seeking a loan or even asking to borrow money from a trusted friend can be extremely exhausting, so don’t put in the effort unless it’s absolutely necessary. An angel donor might come through when Venus moves into Pisces on the 25th.

6 libra

February is about romance and creativity for you, Libra, but not in the way you think it is. As a Venus-ruled person, inspiration comes naturally. So does flirtation! But with Jupiter and Saturn both transiting your pleasure sector this year—and Venus joining them for the ride this month—you’re being called to both open your mind and take on more responsibility when it comes to dating and the things you create. If you have kids, this month has your focus entirely on them in a way that is both fulfilling and stressful. Once Venus moves into Pisces on the 25th, your priorities shift to work and your routines. Before getting too overwhelmed though, use the full moon on the 27th to ignore everyone’s texts and catch up on sleep.

Love Horoscope: The pressure is on for you to find structure in your romantic life. Luckily, the new moon on the 11th (with Jupiter and Venus coming together on the same day) is here to help you make resolutions and set boundaries. If you’re feeling ready to dive into something new, the 19th offers a cathartic, sexy moment to do your thing.

Money Horoscope: With Mars, ruler of your money sector, sitting pretty in Taurus this month, spend some time considering how to make managing your money easier. What loans can be refinanced? What payment plans can be renegotiated? What awkward conversations about inheritance are worth having? On the 24th especially, you have an opportunity to make money effortlessly flow to you. Don’t miss out!

7 scorpio

With the pileup of planets in your home sector, you’re very aware that there’s a lot of work to do in your private life. You’ve likely been compiling a to-do list—or a grievances list—since 2018 and now’s the time to clean out the closets or have that cathartic conversation. The new moon on the 11th is an auspicious moment to cut yourself off from your gossipy group texts, close your work email and get to the bottom of the problem that needs to be solved. Though talking with family could be difficult until Mercury stations direct on the 20th, there are windows on the 8th, 11th, 13th or 14th to calmly approach the discussion with ease. This work isn’t easy, but it’s a relief to get the ball rolling.

Love Horoscope: Though Mars is still in your relationship sector, stirring up drama with your partner or making you pine for an emotionally unavailable crush, this month is still better used for personal development. That said, a new fling sneaks into your life when Venus enters your pleasure sector on the 25th ––just be careful not to fall too fast!

Money Horoscope: As you spend time this month cleaning your apartment and dealing with family conflicts, you might find yourself having an unexpectedly candid discussion with your parents about your inheritance. If you’re struggling to pay bills right now, don’t be shy about asking for help from loved ones, especially around the 11th when Venus meets Jupiter, making all tough conversations flow smoothly.

8 sagittarius

Continuing the vibe from January, this month has you running around like a chicken with your head cut off. There’s so much to do and barely any time to do it. Whether you’re learning a new skill, getting more involved in your neighborhood or helping your nephew move, everyday provides a stressful yet rewarding challenge. Make sure you’re taking the time to reflect or even journal about all of the things you’re discovering, especially at the new moon in Aquarius on the 11th. Once Pisces season kicks off on the 18th, your focus shifts to your home. How can you better manage your family responsibilities with your growing involvement in the surrounding community?

Love Horoscope: If you’re in a relationship, the month begins with the two of you arguing over money, schedules and responsibilities at home. Lately, it seems like the bills never get paid and the chores never get done! Conflict escalates around the 10th when you confront your partner about picking up the slack. Conversation—and compromise—gets easier once Mercury stations direct on the 20th.

Money Horoscope: The Saturn-Uranus square on the 17th brings a sudden financial windfall or an out of the blue desire to get on top of your savings and investments. Harness this feeling and get on top of your cash flow! The full moon on the 27th marks a major breakthrough for your career. How would you like to be recognized?


For you, February is about money. How can you earn it? How can you spend it? How can you save it? Getting on top of your budgets and financial planning doesn’t only help you, but it also helps your kids! (or your creative project that feels like your kid!) Whether you’re pregnant, writing a novel or getting ready to launch what’s sure to become a wildly successful aromatherapy line on Etsy, your creations are taking up a lot of your time and energy. The new moon on the 11th is a wakeup call about how much it’s all going to cost. The sun’s shift into Pisces on the 18th lets you focus more on your schedule and communications. Just make sure you’re putting your investments on the calendar!

Love Horoscope: If you’re single and looking to date, wait until after the new moon the 11th to put yourself out there. With the moon waning for the first part of the month, this is an introspective time and is better spent considering what you really want from a relationship. If you’re already partnered, the full moon on the 27th finds you getting away—even just for the afternoon—with your love. How can you dream big together?

Money Horoscope: As already mentioned, this month is all about money for you, dear Capricorn and everything comes to a climax at the new moon on the 11th. With Venus and Jupiter also meeting up in your money sector on the same day, you have an auspicious moment to collect what’s due. Keep everything you’re earning for a rainy day.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram , @jaimeallycewright, or subscribe to her newsletter.



Jaime Wright is an astrologer and writer based in NYC. She has been writing PureWow’s weekly and monthly horoscope columns since 2019, and also authors the cult favorite...