The Top 5 Closet Complaints and How to Fix Them (According to The Container Store)

When you open your closet in the morning, is the vibe more “style opportunity” or “giant drag”? If it’s the latter, it’s time for an upgrade in the form of easy little tweaks and accessories that will seriously streamline your clothes/shoes/life. We asked the closet designers at new The Container Store Custom Closets Store at the Grove for solutions to the top five gripes they hear from their customers.

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black non slip velvet hangers
The Container Store

Complaint #1: My Closet Is Too Small

First, go full Marie Kondo on that joint and toss or donate anything that doesn’t spark joy. Next, maximize the space you have via a full redesign (not going to happen, be real) or a much less costly install of a double-hang rod. Don’t have enough height for a second bar? Ditch all of your bulky plastic and wooden hangers and switch to slender velvet hangers. (Bonus: They keep silky tops and dresses from slipping off.)

12 pair shoe storage
The Container Store

Complaint #2: There’s Nowhere For All Of My Shoes

First, determine if you’re a kicker or a placer. If you are a kicker, you’ll need a cubby system, where you can just shove your shoes right into order. If you enjoy positioning your gorgeous shoes just so, you’re a placer—and a shoe rack, shelf or see-through boxes will be more to your liking.

avera custom closet
The Container Store

Complaint #3: My Clothes Are Going To Be Eaten By Moths Or Otherwise Destroyed

Protecting your clothes is a three-pronged attack: Clean, repel and contain. Keep soiled clothes (including dry cleaning) in a non-snag receptacle such as a collapsible hamper and clean thempromptly. Repel pests with Moth-Away sachets; once the moths are gone, tuck cedar-and-lavender balls around your closet. And finally, safely contain your fine cashmere sweaters and the like in clear boxes.

jewerly organization
The Container Store

Complaint #4: My Jewelry Is A Mess

Stackable jewelry trays are as glam and organized as custom velvet drawers but without the expense or construction lead time. Vegan leather on the outside, the nondescript-looking trays blend into your closet decor, and their interior compartments keep necklaces and bracelets sorted and rings standing at attention.

luxury closet starter kit
The Container Store

Complaint #5: My Closet Is Too Dark

All that color competing for attention in your little closet is sucking that light, happy, Pinterest-y feeling right out of it. Collect storage boxes in light colors or really get picture-perfect with matching bins and boxes (hello, purse storage bin) in linen, oatmeal or blush hues.

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