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Your Weekly Horoscopes: December 8 through 14, 2019

Ready to make a statement? The week begins with Mercury finally entering Sagittarius on the 9th after spending two months in the murky waters of Scorpio. While Mercury in Scorpio wants us to keep secrets, Mercury in Sagittarius wants us to be extremely blunt. The hot takes have arrived.

The headlining cosmic event is a full moon in Gemini on the night of the 11th. Though most of this month’s astro weather points toward establishing long-term goals, the full moon in our changeable air sign is an opportunity to be a little impulsive. What intentions were set around the new moon in Sagittarius on November 26th? Let’s celebrate our progress, no matter how small.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.) 

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8 Sagittarius  

Enjoy this week, dear Sagittarius, because it’s all about you (and also...about everyone else). With Mercury joining the sun in your sign on the 9th, you are hitting peak self-expression, so share that controversial opinion on Twitter, wear that statement jewelry and give your friend the advice she needs to hear. On the 11th, the full moon lights up your relationship sector and puts your focus on other people. What’s your favorite way to make someone else’s day? Spread your sunshine.


Since late November, Venus has been in your sign, giving you a boost of level-headed self-confidence. But as the goddess of love meets Saturn and Pluto this week, some of that cheer is replaced with an episode of self-doubt. The full moon on the 11th encourages you to try out new routines. Take the power away from the voices in your head by staying refreshed through consistency. Keep hydrated and commit to a therapeutic weekly manicure. You’re worth it.

10 Aquarius  

The full moon on the 11th illuminates the part of your chart that is literally about fun. So please prioritize pleasure. Spend a night out with your BFF just because. Skip a meeting for a hot date. Order takeout from your favorite sushi place. Follow your heart, not your obligations. On the 13th, an unexpected job offer or speaking opportunity comes your way that is definitely worth the money. Iron out the details before you say yes, but this has the potential to be huge.

11 Pisces  

On the 9th, Mercury enters Sagittarius and your work email starts blowing up. Remember, sometimes the best responses are quick and to the point. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t overthink it. The full moon in Gemini on the 11th calls for an extra-cozy night at home, far away from your Slack channel. Grab your favorite person, your favorite snacks and put on the Yule log (or light a real fire…). Enjoy the bliss of privacy, even if only for a night.

12 Aries  

Have you been delaying sending out holiday cards? The full moon on the 11th lights up your communication sector, encouraging you to go all out while you’re spreading cheer. Grab those gaudy glitter envelopes, deliver notes with cookies to your neighbors or write out a detailed 2019 family newsletter (you know you love that style!). On the 13th, you may get an out-of-the-blue confirmation that your extra effort really warmed someone’s heart. Embrace being cheesy!

1 Taurus  

This week may bring some headaches regarding travel, higher education, your in-laws or…all three (make sure the flight to visit your husband’s family is scheduled after your final exam). But luckily, the full moon on the 11th illuminates your financial sector, meaning an end-of-year bonus might be on the way. Instead of using the surplus on yet another treat for yourself, donate to a cause you care about. Why not spread the wealth?

2 Gemini  

As Mercury dives into Sagittarius on the 9th, you quickly get overbooked with coffee dates and business meetings. For the next few weeks, you’re going to be in constant conversation. Remember to listen before blurting out your opinion or forcing your advice. On the 11th, the full moon is in your sign, so take a pause from the connection and focus only on yourself. Put on some soothing music and spend the evening with your journal. Send your heart a DM.

3 Cancer  

Your best friend or work wife is leaning on you for extra support this week. Though you are usually such a nurturer, instead of bringing over soup and a bottle of wine this time, send an email with sage advice. The full moon in Gemini on the 11th encourages you to really take a step away and put your phone on “do not disturb.” Go see Marriage Story by yourself and savor the solitude.

4 Leo  

On the 8th, you come across something or someone very tempting––the perfect outfit, a forbidden treat or a mysterious stranger. Though you are extremely charmed, make sure you aren’t making a deal with the devil. Perhaps it’s better to stick to what you know. The full moon on the 11th is all about celebrating your friends and community, so circulate, network and have all the eggnog you want. Get the partying out of your system now so next week can be focused on details.

5 Virgo  

This week, for you, is a push and pull between public and private. On the 9th, Mercury enters Sagittarius and ramps up communications between you and your family. If you’ve been avoiding any tough conversations, everyone’s cards will soon be on the table. Meanwhile, on the 11th, the full moon in Gemini marks a major moment for your career. Send news of your new job or promotion to the family group chat to ease some of the tension.


6 Libra  

Though there are many exciting developments in regards to your living situation this week (and all month!), you are being forced to make some major adult decisions along the way. Yes, you found your ideal apartment! But is it worth the broker’s fee? On the 11th, the full moon in Gemini allows you a moment to daydream about an adventure. If you can, book the tickets for your next vacation. When things get real, it’s a relief to have an escape on the horizon.

7 Scorpio  

The full moon on the 11th brings culmination to a major collaborative project or business venture. A loan is approved, business cards are printed and the fund raiser goes off without a hitch. Don’t take this remarkable accomplishment for granted. On the 13th, you feel called to express yourself artistically. It’s a great night to stay home with the kids and finally make that gingerbread house or work on a just-for-you project. Don’t be embarrassed by the song you write—sing it loudly.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram, @jaimeallycewright, or subscribe to her newsletter.

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