Scorpios Are the Absolute Best Gift Givers. Here’s Why

scorpio gift givers

Known far and wide as being one of the more, uh, “intense” signs in the zodiac, Scorpios can sometimes get a bad rep. And while that notoriety can be somewhat based in truth (for example: don’t get on their bad side in a debate), it overlooks one of Scorpio’s best and most endearing qualities: They are world-class gift givers. Lucky for this water sign, they get to end each year on a high note via the art of holiday gift giving. Sure, Scorpios can be moody sometimes, but friends can always count on them to show up at the holiday party with a pitch-perfect gift they never even knew they needed. So what makes them such great gift givers? Here are three reasons: 

1. Scorpios Are Amazing Friends

For all the crap Scorpios get as lovers, not enough attention is paid to the fact that they are unmatched in the friend department. A Scorpio’s loyalty knows no bounds, and this goes double for gift giving. Show up to your birthday party without flowers, a card and personalized gift based on an inside joke? Never. Scorpios see their loved ones as the best people on the planet, and they can’t help but get them the best gifts on the planet to prove it. This is just one of the many reasons why anyone without at least three Scorpios in their friend group needs to fix that ASAP.

2. Scorpios Are Highly Empathic

Scorpios are one of the most empathic signs in the zodiac, meaning they have a tendency to know how you’re feeling, often before you do. They’re able to put this superpower to good use in gift giving, where they’re able to really put themselves in someone else’s shoes and figure out the ideal gift. Whereas some people have a hard time figuring out one thing their loved one might want for the holidays, Scorpios have a hard time narrowing it down. 

3. Scorpios Love Love

Yes, Scorpios brood intensely and rage intensely, but they also love intensely. And that’s where their gift giving prowess comes in. When a Scorpio cares about you, this usually private sign can’t help but shout it from the rooftops. They use gift giving as an opportunity to say all the things their tight-lipped self has kept bottled up all year. And don’t be surprised if any gift from them also comes with a heartfelt (and lengthy) card.

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