Empath Zodiac Signs: The 3 Most Empathic Signs

the 3 most empathic signs in the zodiac

Most of us are constantly, if unknowingly, picking up on the emotions of those around us. Body language, microexpressions and tonal changes are subtle ways that people alert one another to their true feelings, whether or not they ever articulate them explicitly. These are normal human experiences, but if you are a person who actually feels the pain or joy of others, you might be what some would call an empath. Empaths feel the emotions of others more intensely, even going so far as to take those emotions on themselves. Sometimes, an empath might even be unsure whether the feelings they are feeling are their own, or someone else’s. While this can make them amazing friends and confidantes, it can be exhausting for the empathic person and they often need to work hard at differentiating their emotions from the emotions of others, as well as for protecting themselves from others’ bad energy. 

Think you might be an empath? Are you the person who can tell something is up, even after one text? Are you that friend who knows if someone has had a good or bad day with one look? Feel overwhelmed around large groups? Astrology can tell a person a lot about where they fall on the empath scale, with some signs being more naturally empathic than others. Of course, any sign is capable of being an empath, it’s just a matter of opening yourself up to those around you. Here, the top three most empathic signs in the zodiac.

1. Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Pisces are extremely empathic signs, who almost can’t stop themselves from taking on the feelings of others. They can always tell how a loved one is feeling, making them some of the best friends you could ask for. Unfortunately for them, they can suffer from burnout or emotional exhaustion as a result of their empathic nature. Pisces have to work hard not to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. They should take care to protect themselves from Debbie Downers, Bad Vibes Brads or anyone else that might be a drain on their gifts.

2. Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Cancer is one of the most sensitive signs in the zodiac, so it’s no wonder that they can lend that sensitivity out to other people. If you need someone to relate to your problems, Cancer is your sign. Cancers tend to be highly emotional, and their tendency to “feel all the feelings” means they always know how to relate to the emotions of others. Cancer’s felt them all! Sometimes this can lead to Cancers being perceived as “moody” as they try to process not only their thoughts and feelings, but the thoughts and feelings of those around them.

3. Scorpio (October 22 – November 21) 

Scorpio has earned a bit of a rep for keeping guarded, but behind that wall is an empath well versed in not only their own feelings, but the feelings of others as well. Scorpios are more likely to feel overwhelmed by their empathic nature, which is why they prefer close-knit groups and small gatherings over wild parties or concerts. They’re intense, but only because they’re dealing with multiple sets of feelings at once.

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