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Your Weekly Horoscopes August 23 to 29, 2020

Take a deep breath, because this week’s cosmic outlook is no walk in the park. Tensions are high on Monday the 24th as aggressive Mars in Aries squares off with rigid Saturn in Capricorn, making us painfully aware that despite our best efforts, we keep hitting a wall. With both of the bad boy planets in their home signs, this aspect is one of the most difficult of the year. And though usually this transit would pass quickly over a week or so, due to action-planet Mars’ upcoming retrograde, this aspect remains within orb through mid-October and has two more exact hits on September 29 and January 13. It’s a frustrating time, but it’s only the beginning of the story. How can we practice patience through the pressure?

Though Mars and Saturn sets the tone, luckily the rest of the week finds Mercury (our mind) and Venus (our desires) making aspects that bring out our creativity and ingenuity. Venus’ opposition to buoyant Jupiter—an aspect found prominently in the charts of innovators from Steve Jobs to Willow Smith—on Tuesday the 25th even lets us overindulge. In times like these, isn’t it worth it to splurge on joy?

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

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5 Virgo  

Your boss wants you to take on more work. Your boyfriend wants you to visit his family in another state. Your BFF needs you to accompany her for a COVID-friendly pedicure. But what about your happiness? Who’s looking out for you? If you’ve been ignoring your own needs, things erupt on the 24th. You can’t please everyone. After the explosion, spend the rest of the week scheming in your introvert cocoon. Some of your best ideas come to you when you leave your texts on read.

This week’s mantra: Your happiness comes first.

6 Libra  

The tensions that have been building at your house or with your family reach a climax on the 24th when Mars squares off with Saturn. Whether you’ve been dealing with leaky plumbing or a passive aggressive sister, this week the slow drip becomes a flood. Thankfully on the 25th, some exciting news at work is a welcome distraction. That project you thought would never go through has been approved. Though the tension at home isn’t going away anytime soon, diving into work you’re passionate about eases some of the stress. Or at least changes the conversation.

This week’s mantra: Home is where the heart is.

7 Scorpio  

You’ve been overscheduling yourself all month. And on the 24th, after checking every single box on your massive to-do list, you finally reach maximum burnout. Going on like this just isn’t sustainable. Take a pause with a restorative yoga class on the 25th and then spend the rest of the week making a game plan to delegate more of your work. Even something simple like taking up a friend on her offer to bring you groceries goes a long way. Your support system wants to help you so let them.

This week’s mantra: You don’t have to do everything.

8 Sagittarius  

Checking your bank account on the 24th comes with an unpleasant surprise. Whether you’ve been spending all your cash on batch cocktails at your local bar or on excessive school supplies to help your kids transition back to school, you’ve gone way over budget this month. Thankfully on the 29th, you have a productivity breakthrough that lets you work less and earn more. Whether it’s a lucrative new client or an automated email hack, it brings a welcome sense of peace and security. Maybe more space is all that you need.

This week’s mantra: Don’t question the flow.


You’re feeling restless this week, and it seems like the only thing that could make you feel better is redesigning your living room. But will getting a new couch actually solve any of your problems? Or will it create more issues when you can’t bear to part with the old one? Instead of gutting your house this week, try to just relax and take care of yourself. On the 25th, your boyfriend or your BFF offers to do something extra sweet for you. Put down the sledgehammer and take the offer for a massage.

This week’s mantra: You don’t need to change everything.

10 Aquarius  

You’ve spent so much time over the last few years finding your zen. Your meditation game is on-point! But this week, it seems like every time you try to find a moment of stillness, you’re interrupted. On the 24th, you’re hit with a deluge of phone calls from your sister, emails from a testy client or impromptu visits from friends. With Venus now in your daily routine sector though, you’re able to find peace while getting things done. Savor the moments when you’re alone with nothing to do but clean the dishes and fold the laundry.

This week’s mantra: There’s movement in meditation.

11 Pisces  

Who inspires you to succeed? As tensions keep building this month at work and in your friend group, you’ve found yourself with less and less patience for those who underestimate you. Though you’re always humble—possibly too humble!—on the 24th, you snap at a friend or coworker who keeps making you feel disposable. The vibe picks up later in the week when you’re hit with a wave of inspiration on the 25th. The downloads you’re receiving now could turn into a long-term project if you’re willing to commit.

This week’s mantra: Go where you’re appreciated.

12 Aries  

Who are you trying to impress? Tension has been building at work all month, and if the situation hasn’t been addressed by the 24th, then it’s likely to implode. No matter how hard you work, you keep feeling undervalued by your boss. But maybe the problem is that you aren’t living up to your own expectations. What are you actually fighting for? On the 25th, just relax. Close your laptop at 5 p.m., order your favorite takeout and queue up Selling Sunset. Focus on getting through the day rather than getting ahead.

This week’s mantra: If you keep pushing this hard, something might break.

1 Taurus  

What if you let yourself be comfortable in isolation? All summer, you’ve been struggling to balance your need to explore and your simultaneous compulsion to share your every finding with the world. You want to be a leader and a mentor, but it’s OK to stay lost in your dreams for a while. Not everything needs to be for the ‘gram. If you’ve been feeling at odds with even the closest people in your life, the 25th is a wonderful day to have a joyful (and private!) conversation with your loved ones about the future.

This week’s mantra: Life happens offline.

2 Gemini  

You’ve reached your limit this week and understandably can’t do another Zoom happy hour. So how are you supposed to see your friends? It doesn’t help that certain people are making you feel guilty for not hitting up more socially distanced park parties and beach hangs. And on the 24th, you may have to cut ties with a friend who refuses to acknowledge your boundaries. Thankfully, a lovely and safe get together with your family on the 29th gets you brainstorming more ways to see your loved ones away from a screen.

This week’s mantra: Don’t question your own limits.

3 Cancer  

In the early days of lockdown when you were doing puzzles, hanging on Houseparty and experimenting with yeast, things could not have been better in your relationship. But as work picks up this week, you keep pushing your partner away. This comes to a head on the 24th when you get into an explosive fight over at-home workspace boundaries. Let it all out and then plan an extra sweet make-up date for the 25th. Things aren’t getting any easier but working through conflict can only make your relationship stronger.

This week’s mantra: Your relationship is your responsibility.

4 Leo  

This week, it feels like you’re constantly running out of time, sweet Leo. Errands are piling up, your car is making a weird noise and your kids need to get dragged to the dentist. And though you were looking forward to starting a new educational or spiritual pursuit on the 24th, something bureaucratic gets in the way and makes you miss your class. Luckily on the 29th, an unexpected career opportunity comes your way, giving you a flash of the accomplishment you crave.

This week’s mantra: There’s only so much you can do in a day.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram @jaimeallycewright or subscribe to her newsletter.

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