Zodiac Color Palette: How to Design Your Home Based on Your Sign

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You’re familiar with the trends of late—cottagecore, Memphis, shabby chic (yep, it’s back)—but have you considered an interior design template that’s a little bit more personalized? Look to the zodiac color palette for some home décor inspo. For one, you’ll probably be naturally drawn to your sign’s hues and feel a sense of home when enveloped in those colors. And two, it’s a practical way to narrow down the endless spectrum of choices to pick from. Astrologer and author of PureWow’s weekly and monthly horoscopes, Jaime Wright, shares all of the zodiac color palettes to get your interior masterpiece off the ground.

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zodiac color palette aries
Andreas von Einsiedel/Getty Images

Aries Zodiac Color Palette

Colors: Hot pink, coral, bright orange, yellow

“As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries are go-getters. These Mars-ruled creatures are attracted to colors with a lot of heat. Think of all the hot-pink clad dancers in Lady Gaga’s ‘Stupid Love’ music video,” Wright says. But as fiery as you may be, covering your entire home in floor-to-ceiling hot pink probably isn’t realistic on most budgets. So, opt for a neutral palette to build on with accents that give your home that pop of heat Aries seek—a throw pillow here, some eye-catching art there. You get it. (And Lady Gaga would love it.)

zodiac color palette taurus
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Taurus Zodiac Color Palette

Colors: Matcha green, earthy browns, warm whites

Says Wright: “Taurus is ruled by love planet Venus, which is traditionally connected to the colors white and green. Taurus represents the fertile first days of spring and they’re in their element with colors that are both ‘of the earth’ and bright.” In a word: Taurus needs plants. Lots of them. And what goes well with plants? Light. An ideal Taurus color palette will feel like you’ve just hiked into a natural wonder with a working stove. To get the textured, earthy wall cover, try a plaster finish paint.

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zodiac color palette gemini
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Gemini Zodiac Color Palette

Colors: Bougainvillea, jacaranda, forsythia yellow

“Gemini season is when spring turns into summer and the flowers are in full bloom. These wild children particularly shine in colors that may seem risky or ugly to those with less courage, like bold yellows and bright oranges,” Wright advises. So be daring. Go for the bright yellow chairs. Buy the gorgeous lavender flowers. (Psst: They make really great fake ones now). Even in the dead of winter, a Gemini craves that summer sun.

zodiac color palette cancer1

Cancer Zodiac Color Palette

Colors: Mint green, pale turquoise, light pink and coral

When it comes to the crab, Wrights says, “Cancers are summer babies with a sensitive side. They love colors that may not be bold but certainly have depth. Solange wrapped in fluffy pink in the ‘Cranes in the Sky’ music video is the center of the mood board.” In other words…you might need a millennial pink velvet couch. Offset the blush statement piece with some jadeite Mosser Glass accents that give you the just-right greens in your palette. They also add an antique touch, which Cancers particularly adore.

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zodiac color palette leo
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Leo Zodiac Color Palette

Colors: Ruby, amethyst, glittery gold

“Leos are flamboyant and flashy and like to make a statement wherever they go. Royal jewel tones, like ruby red and amethyst purple make them feel like the queens they are,” Wright touts. How do you add plush richness on a plebian budget? Play with textures. Layer patterned area rugs. Adorn your bookshelves with shimmery gold and brass candle sticks and bookends. Scour flea markets for amethyst gemstone trinkets to add a royal flush to your coffee table. The point is, you don’t have to be the Queen of England to feel royal…although she might really like your style.

zodiac color palette virgo

Virgo Zodiac Color Palette

Colors: Cream, sand, ivory

“Virgos are summer babies, and though they love a neutral, it’s important to keep the colors light and breezy. Think: The utility and beauty of linens hanging from a laundry line in Italy,” says Wright. No harsh whites here. Virgos essentially need to feel like they’re in a Four Seasons spa while they’re in their own living room. In other words? Bring on the pampas grass—structural, neutral, yet oh-so-billowy. Another way to keep your neutral palette soft is to layer things—pillows, rugs, blankets. Seek out the softest of the soft when it comes to textures, too, to avoid the stark air too much white can bring.

zodiac color palette libra

Libra Zodiac Color Palette

Colors: Black, charcoal, olive

The black in your palette might have you thinking “bachelor pad,” but when it comes to the scales, Wright says, “Libras love beauty, but also love to blend into their surroundings. They tend to gravitate toward colors that are like a chic camouflage—a la Kim Kardashian in all her form-fitting neutrals.” Rid yourself of all those black leather couch images. Think of black as a neutral accent that brings balance—and nobody loves balance more than a Libra. Use black to accentuate the soft olives and grays in your space. Think: black faucets, knobs, handles, pots and pans, candles and more. Keep your walls soft with a textured charcoal paint like Portola’s lime wash in Dolphin.

zodiac color palette scorpio
Laura Lauch/Unsplash

Scorpio Zodiac Color Palette

Colors: Deep red, oxblood, warm brown

“Scorpios are ruled by Mars, the literal red planet,” Wright reminds us. “Deep reds especially help Scorpios connect with their mysterious and sexy selves.” An Oriental rug? Check. Brown sofa? Check. Wooden accents? Check, check, check. Scorpios are drawn to the depth that beautifully crafted wood items bring—both in terms of aesthetic presence as well as history. Every piece of tree has lived a life, and Scorpios love to surround themselves with objects that have meaning and stories to tell, whether it’s because they’ve lived it or the person who made it has. That means exploring Etsy, Ebay and IRL flea markets for pre-owned or handmade things in your palette

zodiac color palette sagittarius
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Sagittarius Zodiac Color Palette

Colors: Bold and bright yellow, purple and orange

“Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter—the planet of luck, expansion and opportunity—which is associated with the colors yellow and purple. Sagittarians also have great senses of humor and don’t take themselves too seriously, so they love to explore colors that amp up their playful side. Think Bangerz-era Miley Cyrus,” Wright explains. Neutrals? Bleh. Sags need oomph. Paint the walls yellow and buy the orange chair. If it doesn’t look like a rainbow exploded in your living room, you should probably check your birth chart.

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zodiac color palette capricorn

Capricorn Zodiac Color Palette

Colors: Black, silver, gold

Per Wright: “Capricorns are ruled by Saturn—the planet of structure and discipline—that is associated with darkness and, quite literally, the color black. Their color palette reflects their serious approach to life. But their success also comes with lots of silver and gold bling.” You might not find a ton of color in a goat’s home, but you will find bold patterns and confident shapes. When you’re dealing with black and white, look for playful designs and textures within your palette to soften the blunt binary—c’mon, we know Caps are serious, but they like to have fun, too.

zodiac color palette aquarius

Aquarius Zodiac Color Palette

Colors: Fuchsia, magenta, chartreuse

“Aquarians have an edge of mystery, but they’re really just kids at heart—extremely sophisticated kids at heart. Their palette is basically Harry Styles’s ‘Watermelon Sugar’ music video,” Wright sums up the 11th sign in the zodiac. We know what you’re thinking: Fuchsia, magenta and chartreuse are pretty intense for an entire home. And you’re not wrong. Think of these deeply pigmented hues as accents that wink at their audience—bright pop art, kitschy trinkets and tinted glass.

zodiac color palette pisces

Pisces Zodiac Color Palette

Colors: Seafoam green, jewel tone turquoise, azure blue

“Pisces are fish after all, so they’re in their element with colors that fit into a sea-punk or vaporwave aesthetic. Think: any color Grimes would dye her hair, basically,” says Wright. Long story short, a Pisces should look around their space and feel inspired to belt, “Under the Sea,” at any given moment. Envelope yourself in shades of calming blue, which is especially important to one the most sensitive signs in the zodiac, and let the waves wash over you.


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