Your Weekly Horoscopes: August 2 to 8, 2020

This week is here to pull us out of our cosmic rut!—starting on Monday the 3rd with a full moon in altruistic Aquarius. This full moon is about starting fresh—not just for ourselves but for the good of the collective. As Aquarius poster boy Harry Styles says, “Treat people with kindness!”

Two planetary shifts define the rest of this week. First, on Tuesday the 4th, communication planet Mercury enters Leo—a welcome change after its extended emo phase in Cancer since late May. And on Friday the 7th, Venus enters Cancer after spending over four months in freaky, flirty Gemini. We may have spent the spring and early summer drafting love poems in our Twitter DMs but there’s no more time for mind games. The moon is full and the energy is high—why not put our hearts on the line? Let’s roar.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

4 leo

An unexpected career development on Sunday the 2nd has you scrambling to find an invested partner for a project at the full moon on the 3rd. Who have you loved working with in the past and how can you get them back on your team? As Mercury enters your sign on Tuesday the 4th, you’re finally feeling articulate after a summer that has mostly left you feeling at sea. Now’s not the time to hold back anything that must be said, so don’t be shy about letting everyone know exactly how you feel.

This week’s mantra: Choose your team.

5 virgo

Though this week’s full moon on Monday the 3rd might put you in a panic over all the little details that have slipped through the cracks this month—and let’s face it, all year–– it’s more important to give yourself a break. It’s an introspective time for you and with your ruling planet, Mercury, dipping into your unconscious sector on Tuesday the 4th, there’s a lot more to learn from your dreams than there is from mundane reality, TBH. It’s OK to spend the whole weekend rewatching Euphoria in your pajamas. Rest now so you can fight later.

This week’s mantra: Let your dreams guide you.

6 libra

Though it now seems like several lifetimes ago, think back to the end of January. Who was sliding into your DMs? What creative projects were coming to life? How were you just having fun? If you’re seeking a muse, the full moon on Monday the 3rd brings some romance or at least a bit of artistic inspiration. Then on Friday the 7th, your ruling planet, Venus, glides into Cancer bringing some sweetness to your workflow and perhaps some long overdue recognition. You’re in the light at the end of the tunnel so step into the sun!

This week’s mantra: Pleasure matters.

7 scorpio

Whether it’s finding a troublesome clause in your freshly renewed lease or getting some unexpected news from your mom, the full moon on Monday the 3rd sheds some light on a situation at home or with your family. Though this news might be incredibly hard to bear, at least everything’s out in the open now. Collapse, cry, do what you need to do. But this week also provides a prime opportunity to sweat out those feels. On Tuesday the 4th especially, if you give yourself time, a hard workout pulls you out of your rut.

This week’s mantra: Healing takes time.

8 sagittarius

The full moon on Monday the 3rd is all about communication and setting boundaries about how, when and by whom you want to be contacted. Is it time to call off the dreaded weekly Zoom with your family? Is it the moment to actually deal with those 47 unread texts? You’re chatting so much that you no longer have any time for yourself. Choose your outlets wisely. Then, on Tuesday the 4th, you accidentally splurge on a toy for your kid or—let’s face it—for yourself. Sure, you don’t need a new guitar, but you will when you become the next Taylor Swift. (Keep the receipt!)

This week’s mantra: Some things are better left unsaid.


The full moon on Monday the 3rd finds you either getting a raise or facing a financial setback. Either way, you saw this coming since January, but there was too much going on—with your partner, with your health, with your kids—to prepare your budget for what’s ahead. Thankfully with Venus entering Cancer and your relationship sector on Friday the 7th, your boyfriend or your BFF is sure to be sweetly supportive. Don’t be shy about asking them to cook your favorite meal to celebrate or commiserate at the end of the week.

This week’s mantra: Lean into support.

10 aquarius

Indulge yourself this week, dear Aquarius. Get down with your freaky, eccentric self. The full moon on Monday the 3rd is in your sign and though you’re usually focused on everyone else’s problems, try your best to put yourself first. Splurge on the expensive serums, get yourself a new house plant (don’t underestimate the power of oxygen!) and make your favorite cocktail at home. Communication in your closest relationships opens up as Mercury enters Leo on Tuesday the 4th, so don’t be shy about your people what you need.

This week’s mantra: Treat yourself!

11 pisces

With this week’s full moon on Monday the 3rd lighting up your unconscious sector, you’re either feeling extremely zen or extremely burned out—depending on how much you’ve been able to prioritize rest. If you have reached burnout, stop what you’re doing and prioritize sleep. There are revelations waiting for you in your dreams! Though a squabble over money or something even more petty with a friend on Tuesday the 4th might ruin the vibe, light a candle, step away from your phone and take care of yourself.

This week’s mantra: There’s power in solitude.

12 aries

The full moon in Aquarius on Monday the 3rd puts a spotlight on your friends and networks. Who’s been showing up for you in the hellscape of 2020? And who has been notably absent? Now’s the time to reach out. The rest of the week brings lots of work-related stress—there’s so much to do and so little of it is actually worth your time. Focus on building your resumé or portfolio for the future rather than getting bogged down in the tedium of the present.

This week’s mantra: Play the long game.

1 taurus

If you’ve been feeling underappreciated, the validation you’ve been craving arrives with the full moon on Monday the 3rd. This season usually brings a major event for your career, but it feels extra sweet this year after all those Zoom meetings have left you feeling both painfully exposed and utterly invisible. On Friday the 7th, your ruling planet, Venus, enters a new sign for the first time since April, and you’re inspired to rent a car and get out of the city for the weekend. Or at least take a long afternoon hike. You deserve the change of scenery.

This week’s mantra: You’re at the top of the mountain, so enjoy the view.

2 gemini

For weeks now, you’ve been mulling over a huge decision: Should you defer your grad school acceptance until next year? Should you take a loan from your in laws? Should you sign up for online yoga teacher training? At the full moon on Monday the 3rd, the answer becomes clear, so make your decision known before the moment passes and you’re reticent once again. The adrenaline rush is real once you make a choice, so have a close friend or your sister waiting on the line to chat it all out.

This week’s mantra: Decisions are a relief.

3 cancer

Back in January, you committed your time and money to a new client, venture or relationship. And now, at the full moon on Monday the 3rd, it’s time to either level up or step away. Don’t stick with something that takes more than it gives. Value comes from reciprocity. No matter what, by the end of the week, you’re feeling pretty as love planet Venus enters your sign on Friday the 7th. So get that fresh hair chop, splurge on a chic summer lounge set and put on a lip just because.

This week’s mantra: Know your worth.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram @jaimeallycewright or subscribe to her newsletter.

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