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The first month after saying “I do,” you couldn’t wait to make your S.O.’s favorite spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. But after years of marriage, it’s normal for things to start feeling routine and stagnant. No problem: Try these 30 little ideas for keeping your marriage strong all month long. (And the month after that, and the month after that…) 

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marriage tips1

1. Praise your S.O. for something totally random and silly. (E.g.: “You put forks in the dishwasher better than anyone else in the entire universe, and I think it’s extremely sexy.”)

2. Cross one thing off your partner’s to-do list. That halogen light bulb they’ve been meaning to buy for the kitchen? Sneakily replace it and watch their eyes light up when it magically turns on. 

3. Buy their favorite dessert at the grocery store, just because. (Yum, peanut butter cups.) 

4. Leave a sweet sticky note on their pillow if you know you’re going to be out late. 

5. Sit and watch their favorite TV show with them…you know, the one you can’t stand. (And actually pay attention this time.) 

6. …Then let them pick which movie to see on Friday night.

marriage tips3

7. You know that painting class they’ve always wanted to take? Sign them up. (And better yet, sign yourself up, too.)

8. Whenever they launch into a topic that bores you, make an effort to listen and ask at least one follow-up question. (“I’m reading this book on the Revolutionary War.” “Oh yeah? What’s your favorite part so far?”)

9. Do a silly craft together. (Might we suggest homemade slime?)

10. Text them a random heart emoji in the middle of the day.

11. Do a crossword puzzle together. It doesn’t have to be the Sunday Times, but you’ll be surprised how much you can finish when you join forces.

12. Do that one chore you know they hate doing. (Taking out the trash? You’ve got it tonight.)

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marriage tips4

13. Block off time on your calendars to take a vacation (even if it’s really, really far in the future).

14. The next time your love is out for a few hours, block off some time to do some surprise deep cleaning. There’s nothing like coming home to a sparkling living room.

15. Buy a book that makes you think of your partner and leave it on their nightstand.

16. Randomly surprise your S.O. with takeout from their favorite restaurant.

17. Text them a random favorite photo of the two of you. Bonus points if it’s at least five years old and embarrassing.

18. Eat dinner at the dining room table. You know, that thing you put bills on.

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marriage tips2

19. Pop their towel in the dryer while they’re in the shower, then replace it on the towel rack right before they get out.

20. When they come home after a long day of work, cue up their favorite song on the stereo. (Or Echo.)

21. Blast some fun music and have an impromptu dance party, just the two of you.

22. Volunteer to do dog-walking duty so your one-and-only can sleep in.

23. Get an old photo of the two of you printed and framed

24. Say “please” and “thank you.” (Just because you’re married doesn’t mean good manners should fly out the window.) 

marriage tips5

25. Make up a new, silly nickname for your partner and see if it sticks. (“Oh hey, T-Rex.”)

26. Go for a walk together after dinner instead of watching TV. Getting your steps is way more fun when it’s two of you.

27. …But if you are going to watch something, pick a new show to binge together. (Master of None, anyone?)

28. Play a board game together. (With wine, of course. Always with wine.)

29. Write a random affirmation for your partner on the mirror with dry-erase marker. (This girl might have some ideas.)

30. Say these six words as often as possible: “I’m so glad I married you.” 

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