What Might Happen If You Walk 30 Minutes a Day

Bye, varicose veins

Be honest: You easily spend 30 minutes a day on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. (It’s OK, we do, too.) Well, put down your phone and use that time to take a walk around the neighborhood. There are eight amazing things that might happen if you do.

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You'll Burn About 150 Calories

Depending on your weight and the speed you’re walking, you’re likely to burn about 150 calories whenever you take a half-hour stroll. So don’t worry about eating that extra cookie after lunch--you got this.

You'll Feel Calmer

The act of walking can be relaxing, even if you’re exploring a busy city street and not a quiet meadow. For an even deeper experience, download the meditation app OMG I Can Meditate and listen to a guided walking meditation.

Your Legs Will Become More Toned

Just 30 minutes a day can strengthen and tone the muscles in your thighs and calves. Pair your walks with strength-training exercises twice a week (lunges, squats, etc.) and you’ll notice even better results.

And You Might Reduce Varicose Veins

Walking regularly has been proven to help reduce the appearance and pain of varicose veins, according to the Cleveland Clinic. (Just make sure you change into sneaks before you start to prevent injury and increase circulation.)

You'll Improve Your Digestion

After eating a heavy meal, don’t flop down on the couch in front of the TV. A 30-minute walk will help get things moving in your digestive tract and keep your blood sugar levels more stable, notes The New York Times.

And You'll Feel More Creative

You know what won’t get your creative juices flowing? Watching Friends reruns. (We still love you, Chandler.) When you go for a walk, bring a notebook with you. You’ll be surprised how easily creative ideas pop up when you’re on the move and clearing your head.

You'll Get Errands Done On The Go

Something else you can take on that walk: your phone. Use the time to catch up with long-distance friends and family. Or, hell, make that dentist appointment you’ve been putting off for weeks.

You Might Be Inspired To Exercise Even More

After a few weeks of making this routine, your half-hour walk will become a piece of cake. You might even be inspired to take it to the next level and try a 30-minute run or bike ride. The possibilities are endless, people.

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