This Is *the* Vibrator for the Brave Souls Who Dare to Find Their G-Spots

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The G-spot orgasm has always been a mystery to me. What does it feel like? Is it even possible? I can’t tell you the times I’ve found myself staring out a window listening to Enya pondering these questions. Do you really squirt? If so, how? When? With whom!? As a woman in my 30s, it seems unfair to me that only two of my girlfriends have ever reported experiencing internal orgasms. Both reports, as I recall, went something like, “if your partner knows what they're doing, it can happen sometimes.” Sometimes!? For me, it’s been no times.

As a recent adopter of a paid meditation app, and therefore radical acceptance, I had sort of made peace with the fact that an internal orgasm may never happen to me. I’ve still found amazing pleasure in the external orgasm. In fact, if I could take a moment to shout out my clitoral orgasm… I can’t think of a better time to do so….Girl, you’re my #1. The moment I became acquainted with you via my friend’s mom’s CVS neck massager in the 4th grade, my world has never been the same. Thanks for being there for me for everything from stress to sheer boredom. While I long for the G-spot experience, it has never changed the way I feel about my #1 trusty ride or die. Cheers, Queen.

Anyway…Every once in a while, after a particularly interesting porn or Euphoria episode (same thing?), I’d find myself Googling ‘cervical orgasm,’ ‘finding the G-spot,’ positions for G-spot.’ With all these questions swirling inside my mind I decided it was time to explore the experience further in real life. I needed an internal stimulation vibrator. When seeking out a G-spot toy, I really did my research. I wanted to make sure I found the right device for such a widely mythologized journey. Not too big, not too small, not too curved…The truth is I was trying to Goldilocks a situation that was out of my control because I was nervous that I’d be let down. Classic. I had to simply release and let go. This lesson, it turns out, would be very important on my conquest.

I decided on The Romantic by Smile Makers ($89). With great reviews and a fresh remodel based on user feedback newly released, I decided it would be the right counterpart to my G spot voyage. The Smile Makers site had easy to understand in-depth detail regarding the new design: The Romantic is perfectly designed with the user's anatomy in mind. Every dimension and every angle has been optimized using the latest research on the vagina’s pleasure anatomy. Sounds good to me.

When The Romantic arrived in the mail, I was really pleased with the beautiful rosy-red color and the perfect size (17.2 x 3.8 x 4.8 cm.) It’s made of a silky, waterproof, body-safe (no phthalates!) silicone that feels welcoming to the touch. The sides of the vibrator are softly ridged which I imagined would help with stimulating and discovering new pleasure spots at different depths. Spoiler alert—I imagined correctly. The design of this toy evokes the kind of arousal required to really enjoy such a deep internal experience. The Romantic also comes with a cute pamphlet with pointers on preparing to have a passionate experience with yourself. Not a huge fan of administrative paperwork—I typically ditch these things and just do my own thing—but I was really surprised how much the info helped me out! I learned how to use The Romantic to explore the sensitivity of the vulva, shallow vs. deep penetration, and internal erogenous zones. With five speeds and four pulsation modes (quiver, climax, spiral and heartbeat), I felt like I was gifted a GPS for my trip.

I can sum up my experience by saying I had the most intense orgasm I’ve ever experienced. It was like slowly jiggling a key into a uniquely shaped keyhole. No matter how much you might want it to work your way, you simply gotta respect the keyhole, babe. And once it unlocks, it’s undeniable. With speeds and varied pulsations, I was able to explore new parts of my body that I never focused on before. It took quite a bit of time, varied positions, and ultimately occurred in a warm bath so that I could get the angle I needed, but I got there! I should also mention that I stimulated myself externally as I used The Romantic, which helped a lot.

As I wrap this review up, I must relay a few things I wish someone told me:

1. Set Time Aside. You have to connect to your body in a deep way that takes time to relax into. Prepare to have a passionate experience with yourself. I lit a candle, had some tea and put my phone on silent. This was not a quickie in my experience.

2. Go Pee Before! Stimulating the G-spot can sometimes make you feel like you are going to pee the bed. Squirting can also occur as you explore the urethral sponge containing the Skene glands. The best way to calm your nerves around this is to pee before you decide to stimulate your G-spot.

3. Resist G-Spot Tunnel Vision. As with any lover, passion and presence is everything. Try to stay in the moment and breathe. It’s cool if it doesn’t happen on the first try. Enjoy the journey.

4. Lube, lube & more lube. I required more lube on for this experience than I have used all month. Lube is your friend. Use generously! It really helps get you there.

5. The G-Spot Swells the more aroused you get. While every person has a different shaped vagina, the G-spot typically swells as you become more aroused. This leads to a deeper orgasm. The more turned on you are, the better this experience will be! Consider preparing the right video, phone sex buddy or whatever lights you up along the way.

Enjoy the trip, my fellow G-Spot Explorers!

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