Your Monthly Horoscopes: October 2020

“Wake me up when September ends,” was wishful thinking this year as October’s cosmic forecast is equally intense. This month begins with a bang: a full moon in energetic Aries on Thursday the 1st. Full moons usually come with a release, but this one stokes the fire rather than letting us blow off steam. How can we avoid burnout?

Then on Friday the 2nd, Venus enters practical, patient Virgo reminding us that there’s nothing wrong with showing our affection through washing the dishes and sweeping the floors. 2020’s official love language has become acts of service after all! Let’s clean up after our lovers.

Mercury retrograde (yes, again!) returns on the 13th in the secretive sign of Scorpio and restricts communications through November 3rd. Though this retrograde starts in the middle of the tensest week of the year, there’s a sweet new moon in Libra on Friday the 16th to balance things out. With everything that has been lost, how can we keep the peace?

The energy gets even more spooky when Scorpio season kicks off on Thursday the 22nd—happy birthday to our sexy, mysterious babes like Lorde, Frank Ocean and Carly Rae Jepsen! Then, on Tuesday the 27th, both Venus and Mercury retrograde glide into stylish, sophisticated Libra. Remember: If things seem especially murky or disorienting, even the stickiest situation can be handled with fairness and diplomacy.

To finish out the month, the full moon in Taurus on Saturday the 31st—Halloween—is sure to bring a lot (read: probably too much) excitement to our lives. Though there’s no wild party, elaborate costumes or trick or treating to deal with, let’s prepare for the unexpected.

(Horoscopes follow for each sign. If you know your rising sign, reading for that will provide further insight.)

6 libra

It’s still your season, Libra, so keep celebrating! The full moon on the 1st though could be a truly wild night that leaves you socially exhausted for the rest of the month. With Venus moving into your unconscious sector on the 2nd, let yourself hibernate. On the 16th, there’s a new moon in your sign that affirms how much stronger you’ve become through the trials of the last few years. What happens when you really show up for yourself? Venus enters Libra on the 27th, which gives you even more confidence. Though Mercury retrograde starting on the 13th has you paying careful attention to your finances, get yourself an exorbitant treat in the last week of the month. You’ve earned it.

Love Horoscope: If you’re in a relationship, things are definitely tense. On the 13th, a fight you’ve been avoiding finally blows up as Mars retrograde opposes the sun. You don’t often let people see your ugly side but it’s time to let it all out. Don’t compromise your needs.

Money Horoscope: Mercury retrograde from the 13th brings an unexpected influx of cash. Be careful though because the money might get spent just as quickly as it hits your account. Look back to what happened around this time last year, as well as October and November of 2018 for clues about saving better. If you work freelance, the full moon on the 31st has lots of new clients knocking on your door.

7 scorpio

You’ve been working so hard to finally create sustainable routines for our “new normal.” You’re not the most adaptable person, but you’ve made so much progress! The full moon on the 1st brings a shake-up in your schedule that doesn’t completely throw you. See? You can handle change! Mercury goes retrograde in your sign on the 13th which makes you want to stay quiet and lay low. But keeping to yourself becomes harder as your season begins on the 22nd, and you’re asked to put yourself out there more. The full moon on the 31st brings you in contact with more people than you’ve dealt with in months and could even deliver true love.

Love Horoscope: A hot prospect comes into your life on the 10th or 18th but make sure you’re on the same page—about commitment and safety!—with any potential date before meeting up. Someone who looks good on paper could seriously disappoint IRL under these skies. If nothing sticks by the end of the month, the full moon on the 31st is sure to bring a cathartic shift to your ideas about commitment.

Money Horoscope: If you’ve recently made a bad choice with your cash, a loan from your partner or a close friend could help you out of a sticky situation. You have access to more resources than you think you do! Your cash flow will feel less restricted after December, so try to be patient until then.

8 sagittarius

Your gift is your optimism. The full moon on the 1st is a culmination to a romance or creative project or brings good news about your kids! Then on the 12th, you finally finish a massive home improvement that you began back in February and almost gave up on in July. Then the new moon on the 16th is an opportunity to reconnect with friends who you’ve lost touch with over the course of this crazy year. Let go of any toxic connections that are holding you back. By the end of October, you’re absolutely certain of who and what is worth the investment.

Love Horoscope: Dating is a major area of focus for you this month, but depending on who you let into your life, this might not be a good thing. At the full moon on the 1st, you finally break the cycle in an on-again, off-again relationship or get the courage to make a casual hookup into something serious. If you’re partnered, Mercury retrograde might take your boo on an extended trip without you. How can you keep the spark going while you’re physically apart?

Money Horoscope: With power planet Pluto stationing direct on the 4th, expect your cash flow to increase throughout the month. At the new moon on the 16th especially, a promotion at work finally comes through. This is of course a reason to celebrate, but it could make some bitter coworkers jealous. Try to ignore their bad vibes and keep your eyes on your own paper.


October begins with a bang as the full moon on the 1st heats up a home or family frustration that you’ve been dealing with since late June. You’re more in touch with yourself, so ask for what you need. The new moon on the 16th encourages you to make a fresh start with your career and public image. So, whether you’re happy at your current job or desperately seeking something new, don’t settle for the same old routine. Maybe that urge to move can be solved with a job in a different city. Finally, the full moon on the 31st electrifies your romantic life and your artistic process.

Love Horoscope: This month is a lot to handle so, if possible, plan some cute escapism with bae to get you through the turmoil. On the 10th, there’s an opportunity for a quick car trip or date that refreshes your spirit! The full moon on the 31st is in the part of your chart that rules dating, sex and children! If you’ve been trying to get pregnant, this could be good news! And if you’re planning a hot date, it won’t disappoint.

Money Horoscope: Mercury retrograde from the 13th has you getting back in touch with old coworkers and reconsidering your five-year plan. Could you make more money by returning to a previous career path? Meditate on what you really want so that by the end of the year you’ll have a solid plan.

10 aquarius

With old friends coming out of the woodwork and heightened activity in the neighborhood, you’re busy and overwhelmed as October begins. The full moon on the 1st brings big news about your sister or a close friend who might need a visit. A quick road trip could be just the meditation you need. On the 16th, the new moon has you reconsidering your studies or spiritual practice. But if you’d rather give your mind a rest, use this lunation to curl up with your copy of Dune and prep for that night in December when you’re reunited with Zendaya and Timothée Chalamet on the big screen. Unexpected shifts at home arrive with the full moon on the 31st. When in doubt, rearranging the furniture can relieve your stress.

Love Horoscope: Listen, no judgment. But if you’ve been secretly dating someone from work, Mercury retrograde in your career sector means the jig is up. It’s time to let the let HR know what’s going on. Scorpio season starts on the 22nd which further pressures you to make a casual relationship more official. How do you feel about being a part of something that’s meant to last?

Money Horoscope: An investment you made back in February and considered abandoning in July finally pays off around the 12th. Whether you’re buying a house, selling your stocks or building a business, the full scope of this endeavor won’t be clear for another few years but you can trust that you’ve made the right decision.

11 pisces

Despite the existential crisis that is 2020, you’re feeling a real sense of purpose, and the full moon on the 1st brings you even more security. Then on the 12th, a community building project which started as a seed of an idea back in February starts taking on a life of its own. As exciting as these collaborations are, the new moon on the 16th has you reconsidering whether it’s worth it to take on more debt. Finally, the full moon on the 31st brings a shake up in the neighborhood and, whether your sister’s going into labor or your local coffee shop is closing for good, there’s a lot to process. Tap into all the spiritual resources that you have!

Love Horoscope: Venus is in your partnership sector for most of this month so you’re feeling extra lovey dovey with your special person. But since the love planet is in Virgo, you show this love by tidying. Who says doing a deep clean of the house isn’t sexy? If you’re single, the full moon on the 31st could bring a crush out of your DM’s and into reality.

Money Horoscope: Though Mars retrograde has been giving you money problems since September, the full moon on the 1st is a breakthrough for your finances. Then the new moon on the 16th followed by Mercury retrograde’s dip back into Libra on the 27th gives you a lot to think about when it comes to shared resources. Who can make this project more lucrative?

12 aries

Though the continued intensity of Mars retrograde in your sign this month has you feeling hot and bothered—and stuck with literal inflammation!—the full moon on the 1st is the time to take back your power. You’ve felt restricted and censored since the summer, but after the 11th, the pressure begins to release. Unfortunately, as soon as you let out an exhale, you realize that everyone else is also going through it too. Thankfully, at the new moon on the 16th, you can clear up any rough patches with a partner. On the 27th, Venus enters Libra bringing even more love and stability to your relationships.

Love Horoscope: Despite all the cosmic drama, this is actually a very romantic month for you. That said, avoid any first dates from the 11th through the 18th when everyone’s stress level is sure to be through the roof. Wait until you can make a good impression. If you’re partnered, check in with your love and make plans for the future at the new moon on the 16th.

Money Horoscope: This month’s Mercury retrograde (from the 13th) is a time to evaluate your finances and prepare to ask for a raise. Review the contracts but don’t sign anything until Mercury goes direct next month as you might neglect some details. The full moon on the 31st also brings some unexpected news about your income. How can you spend smarter?

1 taurus

Trust yourself to take a break. The full moon in the 1st brings a climax to an ongoing frustration in your life while also encouraging you to just let it go. There are some things that can’t be controlled as much as you want to stubbornly control everything! Then on the 2nd, lovely Venus glides into your romance sector shifting your focus to creative pursuits, dating or your kids for the rest of the month. If it’s your routines that need a hard reset, the new moon on the 16th is a gentle nudge to make those appointments, stop ordering so much Seamless and move your lap desk off of your bed. Venus’s entrance into Libra on the 27th is further encouragement to clean up your act. It’s time to commit to a healthier lifestyle.

Love Horoscope: With Venus in your romance sector for most of the month, it’s time to get back into the dating game. On the 10th, you’re inspired to give the apps another try, and by the 12th, an enticing message comes from a potential lover. Unfortunately, Mercury’s retrograde starting on the 13th might delay your first meeting until next month. Don’t lose hope yet!

Money Horoscope: Libra season is all about your work ethic, but especially on the 11th through 18th, try not to work yourself to the bone. The 13th through 17th is an ideal time for renegotiating client contracts and partnership deals. How can you better optimize your time?

2 gemini

Your most social night of the year—well, social for 2020!—coincides with the full moon on the 1st. This gets the party out of your system and sets you up for a quieter month ahead. Work is especially busy, and you’re prepared to focus on the grind. But when your ruling planet Mercury stations retrograde on the 13th, you’re forced to take a pause. Whether it’s reconfiguring your kids’ homeschooling setup or re-launching a major project, something needs to be overhauled. Luckily the new moon on the 16th sends some artistic inspiration or a romantic prospect to keep things interesting. Mercury retrograde meets the sun on the 25th which is a great time to refresh your routines. Don’t be afraid to start over.

Love Horoscope: The new moon in Libra on the 16th is an opportunity to set intentions for creativity and romance. Who do you want to attract into your life? If you’re partnered, how can you reignite that spark? With Venus and Mercury retrograde both visiting your dating sector on the 27th, an ex-lover could hit you up with a super tempting offer. Why not do something a little dangerous?

Money Horoscope: Whatever you invest in your home and privacy this month is worth it. Whether it’s spending the extra money for noise cancelling headphones, ordering a weighted blanket or upgrading to a sectional couch, don’t skimp on comfort. Both the 18th and the 24th are opportune days to click buy.

3 cancer

The career breakthrough that you’ve been waiting for arrives with the full moon in Aries on the 1st. And though you can’t celebrate with dinner at your favorite restaurant, you can pop a bottle of fizzy natural wine and snuggle on the couch with your love. Despite added pressure at work and a bad habit of over-committing yourself, let your focus this month be on your home. Make it a safe space. The new moon on the 16th especially is a great time to set intentions for improvements and upgrades on your house. As a side note, be careful not to party too hard at the full moon on the 31st. When in doubt, hibernate.

Love Horoscope: Things have been quite business-oriented in your relationship for the last few years and, though you’ve built up your security, you’ve been missing that romantic spark. From the 13th through the 27th while Mercury is retrograde, take a walk down memory lane with your lover. Order delivery from the restaurant where you had your first date. Take a long drive to your favorite park. Screen your third-date movie in the living room. Do what makes you feel like you’re crushing again.

Money Horoscope: There’s a lot of pressure to succeed this month, but no one’s giving you a roadmap. On the 7th, you make a power move at work or with your boss that could be a huge risk. But if it works, you reap the rewards on the 19th. If you want to increase your pay this month, you have to put something on the line.

4 leo

The full moon on the 1st has you full of wanderlust, dreaming about running away. It’s frustrating not to know when you can take your next vacation! Through the 22nd, though, you’re likely very busy close to home anyway. If you’re fielding too many phone calls and texts, the new moon on the 16th is a great time to reset your communication boundaries. After the 22nd, things slow down—for a moment—and you are happier than ever to spend time in complete privacy. But the calm doesn’t last for long as the shocking full moon on the 31st brings unexpected news for your career that could uproot you or at least have you completely reconfiguring your home office space.

Love Horoscope: Take it from us, this month is a time to focus on you and to maybe pause on the dating. And though you might be tempted to be hard on yourself, remember that growth comes through care as much as it comes through discipline. If you’re in a relationship, your partner sees you struggling and is extra sweet on the 19th and 24th. This also could be a brilliant month to get a foster puppy for extra cuddles and TLC.

Money Horoscope: Though you’ve been working hard and saving lots of money, Mercury retrograde (from the 13th to 27th in particular) might have you frittering away all your cash on home improvement or visiting your family. Stick to your budget to avoid regrets.

5 virgo

Even if it feels like everything is both metaphorically and literally on fire, this month is a glow-up for you, dear Virgo. Love and beauty planet, Venus, is in your sign from the 2nd through the 27th giving you a boost of self-confidence and the nudge you need to perfect that skincare routine. That said, you may hit some road bumps after the 13th when your ruling planet, Mercury, stations retrograde in moody Scorpio, amplifying issues with your sister or an old friend who feels like one. The same problems keep coming up with her, and she never takes your advice. Be extra cautious if she asks to borrow money as your own finances get tighter at the end of the month.

Love Horoscope: You’re feeling fresh and beautiful this month, so why not put yourself out there? On the 10th, you connect with the mysterious French guy of your dreams on Tinder, just be sure you know exactly who he is before you meet—with Neptune opposing the love planet on the 18th, he could be a catfish! If he passes the background check though, both the 19th and the 24th are perfect days for a first date.

Money Horoscope: The new moon on the 16th is in your finance sector. So, though cash is tight, it’s a great time to set intentions for your money. Don’t get discouraged if manifesting takes some time. Your earning potential should improve by the 27th when Venus enters Libra.

Jaime Wright is an astrologer based in New York. You can follow her on Instagram , @jaimeallycewright, or subscribe to her newsletter.



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