20 Famous Scorpios That All Scorpions Can Relate to

Intense, brooding Scorpio often gets a bad rap as the “darkest” of the zodiac signs. And that actually suits them just fine, considering feeling misunderstood is kinda their whole thing. While some may be quick to write this passionate sign off as “crazy,” it is precisely that passion that propels them to higher and higher heights, as evidenced by this list of Scorpio celebs who are absolutely crushing it in their fields. It all goes to show, what may seem “crazy” to some is another person’s key to success. Here, 20 famous Scorpios who embody what it means to be born under the eighth sign of the zodiac.

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famous scorpios marie antoinette
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1. Marie Antoinette: Born November 2, 1755

A Scorpio would never say “Let them eat cake,” and as it turns out, neither did Marie Antoinette. This infamous Scorpion queen was often misunderstood and misinterpreted during her time due to her aloof and alienating behaviors, which is a classic Scorpio dilemma. Luckily nowadays it no longer costs them their head.

famous scorpios pablo picasso
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2. Pablo Picasso: Born October 25, 1881

Blue period? Scorpio’s whole life is a blue period. The intense emotionality, color and passion of Picasso’s work is typical of any Scorpio’s worldview. Who says someone’s eyes can’t be where their mouth should be? And don’t even get them started on nose placement. Scorpios are all about shaking things up and challenging people’s perceptions, which is precisely what Picasso did with his art.

famous scorpios bill gates
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3. Bill Gates: Born October 28, 1955

t might surprise you that Bill Gates is a Scorpio, but take a look at his life and accomplishments, and that surprise will wash away. Bill is famous for doing whatever was necessary to get ahead in his field, and he wasn’t afraid to ruffle a few feathers to do so. Once he had achieved world domination, he turned his sights to charity, charting a new course for himself and helping him connect with his fellow man in the process, aka a Scorpio’s bread and butter.

famous scorpios kris jenner
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4. Kris Jenner: Born November 5, 1955

Kris isn’t the only Scorpio in the Kardashian-Jenner clan (both Caitlin and Kendall were also born under this water sign), but Kris embodies this energy the best as the mastermind behind one of the most dramatic and drama-filled reality shows on television. Scorpios have no problem probing their own emotional life for all to see. Their openness about their ups and downs and willingness to go through trauma in the public eye can help others feel they’re not alone. Or, at the very least, provide for some very interesting television.

famous scorpios whoopi goldberg
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5. Whoopi Goldberg: Born November 13, 1955

Comedian, actress and The View cohost Whoopi Goldberg has never been content to do just one thing, a classic Scorpio trait. She has spent her entire career exploring new opportunities and ventures, and she uses her place on The View to challenge her costars to dig deeper into their opinions and perspectives. It’s this drive that makes her the perfect Scorpio, and it probably didn’t hurt in helping her get the coveted EGOT.

famous scorpios jeff probst
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6. Jeff Probst: Born November 4, 1961

Is there anything more Scorpio than gathering a group of friends around a fire and forcing them to vote one another off the island? Not really. Scorpios are all about facilitating tough conversations, which has basically been Jeff Probst’s whole thing since Survivor premiered in 2000. Luckily for this reality star, Scorpio has no problem dealing with drama. In fact, the more drama the better.

famous scorpios david schwimmer
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7. David Schwimmer: Born November 2, 1966

Because only a Scorpio could have made Ross Geller lovable. End of entry.

famous scorpios julia roberts
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8. Julia Roberts: Born October 28, 1967

Yep, that’s right, America’s sweetheart is a Scorpio. (Suck on that, Libra.) Julia embodies all the classic traits of a water sign with her ability to dig deep emotionally, which helps when interpreting real people (like Erin Brockovich) on screen. She’s able to put herself in others’ shoes, and it shows. The world can’t get enough.

famous scorpios jimmy kimmel
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9. Jimmy Kimmel: Born November 13, 1967

Scorpios aren’t often known for their humor, but when they do tap into their funny side, the results are undeniably hilarious. Cue comedian and late-night host Jimmy Kimmel, who isn’t afraid to speak his mind and go all out when it comes to funny. Pranking kids? Starting fights with political figures? All par for the course for Scorpios, who are willing to go there when it comes to getting what they want. Luckily for us, in Jimmy’s case, that’s usually a big laugh.

famous scorpios sean diddy combs
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10. Sean “diddy” Combs: Born November 4, 1969

In the workplace, Scorpios are intensely driven. Their passion fuels them to achieve more and more ambitious goals, until one day they find themselves in the corner office. This perfectly describes the career trajectory of Diddy, who started as a rapper, then became a producer, fashion designer, actor, record executive and all-around mogul. Could he have done all that without his intense Scorpio passion driving him? We think not.

famous scorpios matthew mcconaughey
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11. Matthew Mcconaughey: Born November 4, 1969

Scorpios are basically the enigma of the zodiac, and is any celeb more of an enigma than Matthew McConaughey? Sometimes he’s stealing your heart as the star of your favorite rom-com, sometimes he’s dropping truth bombs on True Detective…and sometimes he’s driving a Lincoln to nowhere. If you can’t quite tell what he’s talking about, then get on his level. Matthew’s Scorpio galaxy brain waits for no man.

famous scorpios winona ryder
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12. Winona Ryder: Born October 29, 1971

It should be no surprise that the woman who starred in movies like Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands is a Scorpio. This sign is basically the embodiment of Halloween, and what celeb is more Halloween-y than Stranger Things star Winona Ryder? Winona’s not afraid to get weird or play around in the realm of the spooky, which is just another way of letting her Scorpio freak flag fly. And the world loves her for it.

famous scorpios joaquin phoenix
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13. Joaquin Phoenix: Born October 28, 1974

Only a Scorpio would have the emotional depth to bring a character like Joker to life. Diving deep into the human psyche comes naturally to Scorpios, and they’re not afraid to follow the mind down whatever dark and twisted path it may take. And if they earn a few Oscar noms in the process? They’re more than happy to accept.

famous scorpios leonardo dicaprio
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14. Leonardo Dicaprio: Born November 11, 1974

Leo’s yacht-dwelling life is the perfect embodiment of watery Scorpio, who much prefers intimate adventures in far-flung locations to life in the constant spotlight. Scorpios prefer to surround themselves with a close-knit clique of intimates over an ever-changing crew of hangers-on. And if those intimates also happen to be models? All the better.

famous scorpios gwendoline christie
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15. Gwendoline Christie: Born October 28, 1978

Gwendoline Christie solidified herself as a Scorpio icon by submitting herself for an Emmy when HBO didn’t. Scorpios aren’t afraid to shake things up or throw a wrench into others’ (particularly their bosses) best laid plans. They’re not ones to hold back from what they believe out of a fear of conflict or drama. In fact, they thrive on it. Just like Gwendoline did when she was subsequently nominated for the Best Supporting Actress Emmy.

famous scorpios ryan gosling
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16. Ryan Gosling: Born November 12, 1980

Scorpio is known as one of the sexiest signs in the zodiac, and it also happens to be the sign that heartthrob Ryan Gosling calls home. Scorpios are about intense romantic and sexual connections, which is probably why Ryan has been able to conjure up so much chemistry with his on-screen love interests, from Rachel McAdams to Emma Stone. The six-pack probably doesn’t hurt, either. 

famous scorpios anne hathaway
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17. Anne Hathaway: Born November 12, 1982

Only a Scorpio could deliver the range of performances Anne Hathaway has blessed us with in her career, from uber-relatable Mia Thermopolis to her showstopping rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” in Les Mis. Even the Hatha-hate that plagued her for years (until we all learned we were being jerks) is typical for misunderstood Scorpio, whose passion can be read as “too intense” or “annoying” to some. How wrong they all are.

famous scorpios katy perry
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18. Katy Perry: Born October 25, 1984

As a performer, Katy Perry is always trying to push the envelope and do something different, which might be due to the fact that she was born under the sign of Scorpio. Scorpios prefer to go against the grain, which makes us think immediately of Katy’s wild costumes and antics. And her years-long battle with Taylor Swift proves she’s a Scorpion who can forgive (but we have a feeling she’ll never forget). No wonder this “Firework” singer is part of the most explosive sign of them all.

famous scorpios kelly osbourne
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19. Kelly Osbourne: Born October 27, 1984

Watch any episode of the iconic early 2000s reality show The Osbournes, and you’ll get an earful of Scorpio behaviors. Dark, brooding, attracted to intensity and drama—Scorpios have it all. And no Osbourne embodied this more than Kelly, who could go from screaming and crying to cuddling with Sharon in the span of one commercial break. Some blamed her volatility on her upbringing. Some on the fact that she was only 16 when the show aired. But we all know the real reason: She is a Scorpio.

famous scorpios drake
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20. Drake: October 24, 1986

No sign embodies the concept of being “in your feelings” more than Scorpio, so we are incredibly not shocked to find it is the sign of hip-hop’s most emotional artist. Scorpios are all about wading in the waters of their sentiments even if they’re sad or painful. Hell, a Scorpio would probably drown in emotions if possible. And if that’s not the thesis behind every Drake album, we don’t know what is.

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