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Halloween is just around the corner, and you're about as sure of your costume as what you're cooking for dinner tonight. (Ah, takeout it is.) Instead of spending hours mining Pinterest or giving up and dressing as a sad adult in sweatpants, why not let the stars guide you? Here, your complete zodiac Halloween costume guide (featuring materials you probably have hanging around the house).

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zodiac halloween margot
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Aquarius: Margot Tenenbaum

Free-spirited, independent and just a little (or a lot) eccentric, the creative Aquarius should channel Gwyneth Paltrow’s character from Wes Anderson’s 2001 cult classic The Royal Tenenbaums. Ruled by Uranus (the planet with the chilliest atmosphere), the air signs will have no problem taking on Margot's effortless cool and aloof persona. Just maybe stay away from the whole incest thing—and stick to fake cigarettes.

What you need: A faux fur coat, a hair clip and a lot of black eyeliner.

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lady gaga as ally in a star is bornzodiac halloween costumes
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Pisces: Ally from A Star Is Born

As a Pisces, you’re super artistic, romantic and occasionally dramatic. You're deeply immersed in your poetic fantasy world, so why not dress as a character who's making her dream a reality? Lady Gaga’s Ally from A Star Is Born is a natural fit for Pisces, who are willing to struggle a little (and change up their hair) to manifest the life they've imagined.

What you need: A knotted tank top, leopard-print pants and a wide-brim hat. Also, don't wear much makeup, and be sure to tell everyone—at least once—how little makeup you're wearing.

rosie the riveter zodiac halloween costumes
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Aries: Rosie the Riveter

Princesses and unicorns need not apply. Aries, you're strong-willed, courageous and energetic, and your costume should fuel your fire. These Mars-ruled signs are eager to take on new challenges. Enter: Rosie, a cultural icon who represented the resilient women who worked in factories and shipyards during World War II (and embodies the indomitable Aries spirit). Go ahead, roll up those sleeves.

What you need: A denim button-down, a red bandana and an impenetrable will to topple the patriarchy.

blair waldorf from gossip girl zodiac halloween costumes
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Taurus: Blair Waldorf

Stubborn and ambitious, Taureans crave comfort and luxury and dislike not getting their way. The Venus-ruled signs love being pampered, wearing luxe clothes and eating fancy food. Sound familiar? It's basically Blair Waldorf, everyone's favorite slightly spoiled Upper East Sider from Gossip Girl. Taureans will enjoy strutting around as the heiress and demanding someone book them a deep-tissue massage.

What you need: A super-feminine dress, a headband and an unshakeable sense of entitlement.

shining twins zodiac halloween costumes
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Gemini: The Twins from The Shining

OK, so most Gemini ladies err on the bright side of life, but what is Halloween if not an opportunity to tap into your spooky side? Gemini is symbolized by twins, since they're constantly evolving and switching up their viewpoints. Channel your sign’s duality (and creep people out) as the twins from Stephen King’s The Shining. Hold hands, ask people to come play with you and softly whisper "Redrum" into the ears of strangers.

What you need: A friend, a babydoll dress and a hauntingly blank stare.

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ina garten zodiac halloween costumes
Noam Galai/Stringer/Getty Images

Cancer: Ina Garten

Water sign Cancers are often homebodies. Your cozy abode is a safe space for you to unwind and spend time with your cherished loved ones. Cancers love a good meal with friends (bonus points if dessert is made with vanilla beans shipped directly to your door from Madagascar) almost as much as they love a chill night at home. Domestic goddess Ina Garten is the perfect Halloween match for your personality (and top-tier cooking skills).

What you need: A breezy button-down, serene smile and cookbook. If you have a partner, he can go as Jeffrey. If you don't, tell everyone Jeffrey's away on a business trip. The second route is actually more believable.

daenerys in game of thrones zodiac halloween costumes
Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO

Leo: Daenerys Targaryen

Leos are the regal lions of the zodiac. You enchant others with your unwavering confidence, tenacity and loyalty. You're also comfortable having all eyes on you, much like the Mother of Dragons. This Queen was born to rule, and had the self-belief to continue on her arduous quest for the Iron Throne—all while rocking killer spiral braids. A Leo values her presentation, after all.

What you need: A white-blonde wig, an all-gray outfit and a toy dragon (or three).

michelle tractenberg in harriet the spy zodiac halloween costumes
Nickelodeon Movies

Virgo: Harriet the Spy

The perfectionist, inquisitive Virgo is often wise beyond her years. Your sign is ruled by Mercury, planet of communication, making you a speedy learner and an efficient writer. Who better, then, to dress as for Halloween than 11-year-old spy-slash-writer Harriet, the patron saint of precocious, quick-witted tweens? And psst: dressing like a kid makes it harder for people to get mad when you incessantly correct their grammar.

What you need: A hoodie, a yellow raincoat, pigtails and a notebook. Interview everyone you're with and say you're working on a story ranking the best and worst Michelle Trachtenberg roles.

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Libra: Serena Williams

Idealistic, balanced, justice-minded. These are all words that can be used to describe you and real-life Libra Serena Williams. The tennis legend values fairness, and speaks up when an Umpire makes an incorrect call. Libras also love to adorn themselves with beautiful clothing (which totally explains the iconic tutu Williams donned at the 2018 U.S. Open). So grab a racket and practice your serve with some malted milk balls.

What you need: A black tank top, tutu and tennis racket. Then, go around inspiring young women all across the globe.

christina ricci in the addams family zodiac halloween costumes
Paramount/Getty Images

Scorpio: Wednesday Addams

You’re intense, bold and a little mysterious. Ruled by transformational Pluto, Scorpios are fascinated with death, rebirth and hidden meanings (which might freak out some of their friends). You know who else is all of those things? Goth icon Wednesday Addams. This costume should also work for you because we’re guessing, as a secretive Scorpio, your closet is already filled with black.

What you need: A short black dress, middle-parted pigtails and resting bitch face.

two people wearing hawaiian shirts zodiac halloween costumes
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Sagittarius: Tourist

Ambitious, independent, and filled with energy, Sag loves to travel. These optimistic fire signs are happiest when immersing themselves in a new culture, learning a foreign language and "forgetting" to book return tickets. Play up (and poke a little fun at) your wanderlust-y personality by dressing as an over-the-top tourist stereotype. Bonus points for telling people you know the best hidden spot in town and showing them a picture of Times Square.

What you need: A Hawaiian shirt, fanny pack and camera. "Accidentally" smack people with your selfie stick and ask where the locals like to eat dinner (but then go to McDonald's instead).

meghan markle and prince harry zodiac halloween costumes
Paul Faith/Getty Images

Capricorn: Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle might be a Leo, but many of her most notable traits scream Capricorn (down to the perfectly-tailored pantsuits). Like you, she’s smart, responsible and poised. You're incredibly hard working and always choose practicality over fantasy (See: renouncing royal title to live a more low-key life with her new family). All hail living life by your own rules.

What you need: Smart separates, pumps and a crown in your hand (to make sure people don’t think you’re dressed as an executive at a high-powered law firm).

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