Zodiac Halloween Costumes: What You Should Dress Up as Based on Your Sign

Halloween is just around the corner, and you're about as sure of your costume as what you're cooking for dinner tonight. (As in, you have no idea.) Instead of spending hours mining Pinterest or giving up and dressing as a sad adult in sweatpants, why not let the stars guide you? Here, your complete zodiac Halloween costume guide (featuring materials you probably have around the house).

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halloween costumes by zodiac signs elle woods

Aries: Elle Woods

Princesses and unicorns need not apply. Aries, you're strong-willed, courageous and energetic, and your costume should fuel your fire. These Mars-ruled signs are always eager to take on new challenges. Enter: Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods—a cultural icon who reminds us that what we look like doesn’t define who we are and we should never allow others to dissuade us from pursuing our dreams.

What you need: A pink halter-top dress, pink tinted shades, pink shoes, pink tote bag and brown/white stuffed animal (because your look is incomplete without Bruiser!).

halloween costumes by zodiac sign cat
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Taurus: Moira Rose

Stubborn and ambitious, Taureans crave comfort, luxury and getting their way. This Venus-ruled sign loves being pampered, wearing luxe clothes and eating fancy food—even if it’s at a local diner in the middle of God knows where. Taureans will enjoy strutting around as the unhinged—but impeccably dressed—matriarch of the Rose family and demanding someone get them a Bosnian kifla.

What you need: A black dress, gaudy, over-the-top necklace, blonde wig, red lipstick and, of course, an unshakeable sense of entitlement.

halloween costumes by zodiac sign olsen twins
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Gemini: The Olsen Twins

Gemini is symbolized by twins, since they're constantly evolving and switching up their viewpoints. What better way to pay homage to your star sign than to dress up as one of the most iconic pair of twins ever? From movies to book deals and clothing lines, Mary-Kate and Ashley have us all wishing we had a womb mate. If you want to keep things lighthearted and fun, you can pull your costume inspiration from anyone of their films. (We suggest the under-appreciated gem that is New York Minute.) If you want to go for mysterious and shadowy but still stylish, consider their Met Gala 2018 looks (pictured above).

What you need: A friend, an oversize burgundy robe or black dress and a deliberately blank stare.

halloween costumes by zodiac sign mary berry

Cancer: Mary Berry

Water sign Cancers are often homebodies. Your cozy abode is a safe space for you to unwind and spend time with your cherished loved ones. Cancers love a good meal with friends (bonus points if your homemade mille-feuille is equal parts flaky and moist) almost as much as they love a chill night on the couch. Dessert queen Mary Berry is the perfect Halloween match for your personality (and top-tier baking skills).

What you need: A floral jacket, delicately placed pearls and serene smile. If you have a partner, they can go even go as Paul Hollywood.

halloween costumes by zodiac sign lady danbury

Leo: Lady Danbury

Leos are the regal lions of the zodiac. You enchant others with your unwavering confidence, tenacity and loyalty. You're also comfortable having all eyes on you, much like Lady Danbury. This queen plays the back well but is not afraid to speak up when her wise words are needed. Her unrelenting loyalty not only demands respect, but it’s also the reason she has the ear of the most coveted bachelor in the city.

What you need: A tiara, white ball gown and seamless updo.

halloween costumes by zodiac sign beyonce

Virgo: Beyonce

The perfectionist, inquisitive Virgo is often wise beyond her years. Your sign is ruled by Mercury, planet of communication, making you a speedy learner and an efficient writer. Who better, then, to dress as for Halloween than the quintessential Virgo, Queen Bey? Replicate her Coachella look and put on a show for your loved ones.

What you need: A yellow or pink hoodie, denim shorts, white boots and a killer a diva strut.

halloween costumes by zodiac sign wonder woman
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Libra: Wonder Woman

Fearless, balanced, justice-minded. These are all words that can be used to describe you and the absolute warrior beast that is Diana, Princess of the Amazons. This shero values fairness and is always looking out for and ready to defend the little people. Libras also love to adorn themselves with beautiful clothing, which totally explains why Diana always looks so chic.

What you need: Bright red top, electric blue leggings and gold cuffs.

halloween costumes by zodiac sign cersei lanister

Scorpio: Cersei Lanister

Scorpios have a reputation for being vengeful plotters who’ll stake out their opponent and find the perfect time to sting. They’re intense, bold and unafraid to step into their power. So why not lean into the dark side (it’s Halloween after all) and go as this unapologetic beacon of ruthlessness? Ruled by transformational Pluto, Scorpios are also fascinated with death, rebirth and hidden meanings (which might freak out some of their friends). You know who else is all of those things? Her majesty, queen of the Seven Kingdoms, Cersei Lannister.

What you need: A long burgundy overcoat, resting bitch face accompanied by sinister smirk.

halloween costumes by zodiac sign lady bird

Sagittarius: Lady Bird

Ambitious, independent and filled with energy, Sagittarians and Lady Bird have so much in common. These fire signs are happiest when immersing themselves in a new culture, learning a foreign language or jumping off a cliff somewhere. When they feel tied down to one place, all sorts of commotion can arise. Play up (and poke a little fun at) your wanderlust-y personality by dressing as this over-zealous and ultra-sarcastic yet driven teen who just wanted to be in “New Hampshire where writers live in the woods.”

What you need: A pleated skirt, white t-shirt and backpack.

halloween costumes by zodiac sign andy sachs
Arnaldo Magnani / Contributor/Getty Images

Capricorn: Andy Sachs

So many of Andy Sachs’s traits scream Capricorn—from the desire to not only do a good job, but her absolute need to get acknowledgment from her boss. Like you, she’s smart, responsible and poised. You're incredibly hard working and always choose practicality over fantasy. (See: renouncing the job a million girls would kill for to follow her dream of becoming a journalist.) All hail living life by your own rules, even if it takes a while to get there.

What you need: Killer bangs, green dress, thick, high-waisted belt and a copy of your favorite fashion magazine.

halloween costumes by zodiac sign carrie bradshaw
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Aquarius: Carrie Bradshaw

Free-spirited, independent and just eccentric enough, the creative Aquarius should channel Sarah Jessica Parker’s renowned New York City fashionista. Ruled by Uranus, which is in charge of sudden shifts and innovation, these air signs will have no problem taking on Carrie Bradshaw’s tenacious and at times chaotic persona. (Just maybe stay away from the decade-long toxic relationship and stick to fake cigarettes.)

What you need: A white vest, matching slacks and your favorite pair of eye-catching stilettos.

halloween costumes by zodiac sign robyn brooks

Pisces: Robyn Brooks

As a Pisces, you’re super artistic, romantic and occasionally dramatic. You're deeply immersed in your fantasy world, so why not dress as a character who's all about the soul-soothing art of music? Zoe Kravitz’s Rob from Hulu’s High Fidelity is a natural fit for a Pisces, who’s willing to struggle a little if that means they get to a resolution at the end of the day.

What you need: A black t-shirt and tennis skirt. (Exquisite bone structure not required.)

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