The Best Sex Position for You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

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Sex is personal. And so much about the positions we like depends on our own individual biology. But what if your affinity for the standing 69 has a little bit to do with your star sign? We spoke to Michelle Fedrizzi, experienced astrologer, Reiki Master and founder of Auric, to weigh in. Find out the best sex position for your zodiac sign below. 

Aries: Sitting lotus

Fiery and creative Aries is the leader and will want to take charge in the bedroom. But they also like to get a little crafty. The sitting lotus position gives plenty of face-to-face intimacy but allows them to bring a little bit of aggression, which they’re always game for.

Taurus: Reverse cowgirl  

Bullheaded Taureans love getting their way, in and out of the bedroom, so any position that allows them to assert their dominance is a go. This classic girl-on-top position is a sure way to let their partners know who’s boss. 

Gemini: Doggy Style

While they’re most famous for their duality—which can also be an asset in the bedroom—these air signs are also quite energetic. Doggy style will allow them to exert some of that frenetic energy that’s usually channeled into their daily lives. You can also expect lots of dirty talk from these chatty and witty gals.

Cancer: Missionary

Nurturing, loving and emotional, Cancer is all about intimacy…and nothing says “I’m into you” quite like missionary. These highly emotional signs love to make eye contact while wrapped up in the arms of their loving partners and feeling all the feelings. Just don’t be startled when they get so lost in the moment they cry, scream or even laugh.

Leo: Ballet dancer 

Dramatic Leos are known for their passion, strength and drama, so she can really express themselves in this position. These sun signs also love to show off, so where most people will require some leg support from their partners, expect these queens to display their flexibility by hiking their leg all the way up to their partner’s shoulder.

Virgo: Spooning

Virginal Virgo is all about purity and innocence, so they won’t be bringing out the bells and whistles until they feel comfortable with you. This position is simple and understated, but it’s a great way to establish intimacy and connection—you can even hold hands.

Libra: Sixty-nine

Libras create balance and equilibrium in all aspects of their lives, so it only makes sense that the same applies in the bedroom. This position is right up their ally because it’s just as much about getting pleasured as it is about pleasuring their partner.

Scorpio: Standing up sixty-nine

These sexy sirens of the zodiac initially are not all that trusting, but once you’ve entered their inner circle, the notorious vixen everyone raves about is sure to appear. Enter the standing up sixty-nine. It’s not the most practical position, but it’ll have their partner coming back for more, and that’s what Scorpios are all about.  

Sagittarius: Cowgirl

Sagittarius loves adventure, and they can try this position everywhere they go—whether that’s on the balcony of a beautiful villa in Tulum or the campgrounds of Joshua Tree National Park. Life is the most fun when these rowdy fire signs are living on the edge.

Capricorn: Sofa straddle

It’s like the sitting lotus, but with added back support. These earth signs are known to be bosses in all they do, so naturally, they’re not afraid to take charge in the bedroom. With the sofa straddle, Caps can position their partner exactly how they want and go wild without worrying about injuring their person’s back.

Aquarius: Standing rear entry 

Out-of-the-box Aquarians will love bringing a twist to the bedroom with this revamped position. Try it while bent over, supporting yourself on a sturdy surface like the bathroom counter—or if you’re a bit more flexible, hanging onto your partner’s neck.

Pisces: Sideways straddle

Ruled by Neptune—the god of the ocean—this position, which mimics the steady rocking of waves, will surely get these fish signs to the finish line. Not only will it allow for deep penetration, but it’ll also help them to maintain a stable pace, which is what they crave in and out of the bedroom.

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