These Are, Hands Down, the Horniest 2 Zodiac Signs

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If you find yourself constantly thinking about the horizontal mambo, it may be because of your star sign. Whether we like to admit it or not, our zodiac signs can inform different aspects of our personalities and your proclivity for coitus in one of them. So, might as well check out the two horniest zodiac signs below and see if the reason you frequently have sex on the brain is written in the stars.

 1. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

To no one’s surprise, these intensely passionate water signs top the list when it comes to fantasizing about doing the do. Though notorious for being untrusting and suspicious, once Scorpios have vetted you and deem you to be loyal and trustworthy, these sexy sirens will happily unleash their wild side. Their renowned passion and disdain for the mundane will ensure that your love life will never be dull. With sex constantly on their brain, expect them to send risqué texts throughout the day, stay on top of the latest sex toys on the market and be extremely experimental with the sex positions. No vanilla sex here.

Must-haves for horny Scorpios:

2. Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Ruled by Mars—the planet in charge of our sex drives—it’s no wonder these fire signs love a good romp in the sheets. Highly energetic, with a reputation of being quite the daredevils, prep yourself for spontaneity when dealing with an Aries. We’re talking joining the mile high club, getting it on at the movies or even a secret hideaway at the park. Rams are also known for their sharp wit and are queens of the double entendre who will regale you with a good “That’s what she said,” at the most unexpected and perfectly inappropriate moments. (And if you ever thought some of their dirty “jokes” were a little too specific, you were probably right.) Unlike Scorpio, who prefers an emotional attachment when it comes to their sexual partners, Aries are fiercely independent and will happily keep a trusted list of friends with benefits or engage in one-night stands if there is no romantic connection.

Must-haves for horny Aries:

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