3 Ways to Deal When You’re Married to an Aquarius

It’s exciting to be married to an Aquarius. They are unique, charismatic and full of information (and opinions about that information). In addition to being the resident geniuses of the zodiac, they also have huge hearts and love to champion their partners with enthusiasm and sincerity. While they can be a little cold and cerebral at times, you’ll never be bored with your Aquarius. We put together a few tips for navigating the romantic adventure you’re already on.

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Nerd Out On Each Other’s Interests

Aquarians connect on an intellectual level, and they tend to keep several pet hobbies and obsessions on rotation to stimulate their minds at all times. While they don’t need anyone to mirror their exact interests, it means the world to them when their partner is genuinely curious about something they love. After an hour of monologuing about their favorite underrated Spiderman timelines, they’ll feel closer to you than ever. But remember that means it’s their turn to listen to your TED Talk.

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Get Freaky In Bed

Aquarians are famous for their unconventional tastes, which usually spill over into the bedroom. Sex is as much a mental activity as physical (hence why it’s called carnal knowledge), and Aquarians bring an open mind and their most curious selves to any erotic encounter. That means you can be honest about any fantasies you’d like to try. Whether it’s an elaborate role play where one of you is interrogating the other for smuggling state secrets to a foreign power, or merely incorporating a sex toy, Aquarians are down for innovative fun between the sheets.

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Don’t Fear A Healthy Fight

Aquarius is the sign of divorce. Now, that doesn’t mean that every Aquarius gets divorced, nor does it mean that long happy marriages are not in their cosmic destiny. It’s just that those born under this sign tend to be unafraid of passionate disagreements, because they prefer to confront any underlying issues head-on. An Aquarius doesn’t fight to fight—they fight because they sense a rift and want to get it all out in the open and squared away immediately. Because once the grievances are aired, litigated and put to bed, they can get back to having fun with you.

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