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How to Keep Your Gym Sneakers from Getting Smelly
Cecilie_Arcurs/Getty Images

You’re headed to the gym and you’re feeling good. Your leggings suck everything in and give you a waist-to-hip ratio you thought was only possible for Instagram models. Your ponytail is sleek, bouncy and not at all frizzy. Your no-makeup makeup is on fleek. And your sneakers…stink. Ugh. 

Smelly gym shoes happen, but there is a way to make the effects of your hour-long boot camp less apparent on your kicks. Here’s the deal:

What you need: Hand sanitizer and a paper towel.

What you do: Put two pumps of hand sanitizer on a paper towel and rub it all over the insole of your shoes. Thirty seconds later, they’re dry and odorless. It’s that easy.

Now nothing—especially stinky sneaks—will get between you and your thrice-weekly workout goal.

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