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Feeling Anxious? Heres an Easy, Awesome Fix

OK, you have a big presentation to give at work. That familiar stomach-churning feeling is kicking in. You’re pacing around like a madwoman and your palms are clammy. You’ve done your yoga breaths to no avail. Here, a quick way to calm your nerves in minutes.

What you need: A private space that’s big enough for you to comfortably move around in (an empty conference room, a bathroom stall, a closet, etc.)

What you do: Start moving. That’s it. Whether it’s flailing your arms and shoulders or hopping in place, find a way to shake things out—physically.

Why it works: The burst of movement literally jostles your lymphatic fluid, resets your nervous system and gets feel-good endorphins pumping to ease tension from your body. We first heard the tip at Maha Rose, a delightful little healing center in NYC, and it totally works. Ever seen two dogs get in a scuffle? What’s the first thing they do afterward? Shake it off. And then run about happily as if nothing happened. So the next time you feel jittery or mentally blocked, hop to it.

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