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We know, we know: There should be no excuse in this town with endless outdoor beauty and good weather not to enjoy getting and staying fit (eye roll). Yet, if you’re like us, you somehow manage to find one anyway. If so, gamifying your routine might be the perfect motivation.

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la fitness goals trail marathon

Train for a Trail Marathon

On March 11, you can run up, down and around the trails of Catalina Island as part of the oldest race of its kind in California. And no, you don’t have to train in two months to run 26 miles. The 10K and 5K lengths are much more doable options (phew).

la fitness goals yoga

Challenge Yourself to Nail That Pose

Every yogi, from casual drop-in students to yoga studio owners, has some pose or balance that she can’t quite master. Commit to learning the elusive crow, crane, eagle or whatever poses you like by subscribing to the low-cost Do You Yoga online service. It has scores of classes that slowly build your muscles and skills until you can fly right into a whole aviary of moves. Namaste.

la fitness goals tennis
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Step Up Your Tennis Competition

Haven’t played for a while, or stuck in a rut of hitting with your same few friends? Up your tennis game by signing up to attend a local Meetup. Games are organized by level of play and geographic area, which is a real boon if you’re not near a tennis club or have no interest in paying dues. Score: Love.

la fitness goals hiking

Take Your Hiking to the Next Level

Sure, you love your gabfest hike around Runyon with your bestie, but is it even a workout anymore? If you’re ready for longer, steeper hikes through Los Angeles’s hundreds of miles of trails, RSVP to one of the free weekly excursions led by the LA Trail Hikers. First follow along on a hike that’s deemed comfortable for your skill level, then work your way up to day-long expeditions and maybe even the May 20 trip to Yosemite.

la fitness goals kiteborading

Try Something Totally New, Like Kiteboarding

Want to work on your upper body, your core strength and your swimming skills? Take lessons at Ventura Kiteboarding at area beaches, where you’ll learn to basically fly across the water and jump waves while holding on to a large kite. Then sign on to an upcoming trip to Baja or Lake Mohave.

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