Your December 2018 Horoscopes

We’re closing out an intense year, emerging battle-scarred from major overlapping retrogrades (Mars, Venus, Mercury…all of ’em, really), a summer of eclipses, a handful of specialty full moons—Hunter’s, Harvest, Sturgeon, Blood—and one more before 2019. Have we earned an easygoing December or what?

Ask and ye shall receive. Mercury is going direct on the 6th, and other than Uranus’s still moving backward, we have no major retrogrades for a while. Yes, please and thank you! 

We also have a new moon on the 7th, with Mercury just straightening himself out in time. Phew. That makes this an even luckier event than usual, so be sure to write down ten wishes when it strikes. Likewise, the full moon on the 22nd (called the Cold Moon for obvious reasons) won’t be nearly as stressful or messy as the others this year. 

But 2018 is exciting until the very last day, with Mars entering Aries, its home sign. Mars is our anger, passion and drive, so expect us all to up our game. It’s what 2019 is all about. 

8 sagittarius

In the first week of December, you’re going to want to get zen. You’re back from break, but you’re not back-back, and that’s OK. Mercury’s going direct on the 6th will help you find the words (not that you ever lost them...) to ask for some time to yourself.

Not only is the new moon on the 7th in Sagittarius, but Mercury will also mosey into your sign on the 12th. All this benevolent planetary action is like having a genie show up, so when you write down your 10 wishes, go even bigger than you normally would. You’re a Sagittarius; you don’t do small!


The Cold Moon on the 22nd will bring some closure to any money concerns that have bugged you, especially if it was about commissions or payments owed that fall outside your main income stream. It may be stressful, because money always is, but this issue will likely be resolved in your favor. Phew. 

And I like your prospects for meeting someone on New Year’s Eve. It’s a cliché to kiss at midnight, but it might be someone worth cuddling up to all year...



If you’re burned out on friends and family, you will feel the relief of Mercury’s going direct on the 6th. Suddenly you won’t have to explain yourself 505 times and send two calendar invites to postpone a simple book club meeting. Mercury brings competence, and no one loves competence more than you, Capricorn.

The new moon on the 7th will be a precious moment of quiet that you can use to set the tone for the rest of the month. You will say no to projects if you have too much on your plate, oh yes, you will (even if you really won’t). You will at least try to prioritize. You will try to drink more water than coffee. At least for the next few weeks...

On the 21st, it’s Capricorn season, queen! The sun in your home sign means that overall, you’ll shine a little brighter and people will annoy you a little less. And all that swagger will help you weather the Cold Moon on the 22nd, which will spotlight any issues in your marriage or partnership. If everything’s truly copacetic, this event will pass without much fanfare, but if not, the Cold Moon will give you your homework assignment. And you may grumble, but you are great at homework.

10 aquarius

Your year of major career moves is not through yet! On the 6th, Mercury goes direct, helping you articulate your value proposition to VIPs, and they will hear it with open ears. So, start planting seeds for a raise now.

The new moon on the 7th is similarly career-focused, but all about nurturing your network. Use this lunar event—and your ten wishes—to focus on connecting with the people this year who have rooted for you or supported you in some way. Scratch some backs, Aquarius! But, like, with integrity.

The Cold Moon on the 22nd will make you really feel the pull between your aspirations and the day-to-day slog habits that would make them come true. Got a to-do list you haven’t touched all month? Have you been talking a big game about how “tomorrow is the day”? Either your dreams will shrink to fit your reality, or you will rise to meet them. It’s not called the Cold Moon for nothing, Aquarius.

11 pisces

Prepare for travel or commute hiccups in the early days of December, because Mercury retrograde is ready to add 15 to 45 minutes of traffic to your whole life. You will feel the burden lift around the 6th, when he finally stations direct (and you can hit snooze a few more times with confidence).

The new moon on the 7th will help crystallize a major career goal, even if it's still out of reach. Use your ten wishes to bullet journal your way to the finish line, because you have the cosmos on your side. The 12th is another lucky day to roll the dice and reach out to bigwigs who might be excited to hear from you.

If you're dating someone, the Cold Moon on the 22nd will test that bond. Ugh, it's not fun when a full moon comes for your heart, but keep in mind that the nature of these events is not to surprise, but to draw out tension that’s already simmering. Whether it's an argument or a breakup, you probably already feel it mounting. So, breathe; be honest; listen and allow the moon to do its job. You will survive the Cold Moon; it just might be a little chilly.

On the last day of the year, the 31st, Mars enters Aries, which means big money is coming your way in early 2019. There are worse ways to end a year than being showered with cash by the stars.

12 aries

If you’re partnered up or nursing a crush, you could be a little susceptible to irrational jealousy (it’s not stalking; it’s research) in the first few days of the month. By the 6th, when Mercury goes direct, you’ll be thinking a little more clearly (and have better excuses).

The new moon on the 7th may spark major creative inspiration, so let yourself get weird. Whether you're drafting ad copy or putting the last touches on a watercolor, you’re kind of an aesthetic genius right now.

On the 12th, if you're in the mood to drop truth bombs with friends, do it. Sometimes you really are saying what everyone is thinking, and you’re more likely to get snaps than judgment.

The Cold Moon on the 22nd will bring out the homebody within, and if you’ve been trying to fix plumbing or install French doors, you’ll likely make some major progress before the holiday. Nesting is an especially good idea this week for you, Aries, before Mars enters your sign on the 31st, putting you and your fellow rams in the spotlight just in time for the ball to drop.

1 taurus

Your marriage—or long-term partnership, or partner-in-crime—is on your mind the first few days of the month. Any crankiness between you will work itself out when Mercury goes direct on the 6th...just in time for the new moon on the 7th to help you see a windfall of cash. Funny how a nice end-of-year bonus makes it so the chronic video game playing doesn’t annoy you quite so much?

The winter solstice on the 21st—aka the dawn of Capricorn season—will make all of your holiday travels a little smoother than last month. That means no one gets stranded at the train station because they thought you were getting in at midnight, not noon…

The Cold Moon on the 22nd may finally resolve some bubbling sibling tension (well, well, well, Cindy is finally ready to admit that it made more sense for her to host mom this year). With that out of the way, you might actually find yourself enjoyin’, not merely endurin’, the 100-plus holiday parties you’re obligated to attend. A little nog goes a long way...

2 gemini

You’re in full-on worker bee mode the beginning of the month, and who can blame you? It’s deadline after deadline to make up for one holiday and prepare for the next. However, when Mercury goes direct on the 6th, your productivity will skyrocket since you won’t have his shenanigans slowing you down. Texts will be received in the order that they are sent! This always affects Geminis and Virgos the most, so enjoy the return to normalcy.

On the 7th, the new moon gives you a chance to re-commit to a spouse or partner. That might be a nice change from all the hard work…for both of you. Get an end-of-year massage together or, better yet, give one to each other.

By the 21st, the sun will move to Capricorn, helping you focus not only on your hustle but also on the ROI. Sure, it’s great to feel like a powerful machine (and you are!), but you’ve got to be shrewd about your finances. The Cold Moon on the 21st will help you get your money right.

The last day of the year will see Mars enter your friendship house, so do not stay in to fall asleep on the couch! Don your sequins and 2019 glasses, grab a flute of Champagne and get ready to either make out or laugh at people you see making out. They can be equally fun when done right.

3 cancer

In the first week of December, your head might be wrapped around someone who is either a) not right for you, but you’re holding on anyway, or b) right for you, but you can’t tell because Mercury is in retrograde. Either way, on the 6th, you will feel the sweet clarity of the winged messenger god and be able to decide.

The new moon on the 7th will imbue you with the strength to wrangle your routine, which is under threat, admit it, from the upcoming holidays and new year. While others seek to steal your solitude by inviting you to everything, you must realize that pacing is going to be doubly important for you. Say yes to yourself by saying no to (some of!) them.

On the 22nd, the Cold Moon will stir your desire for independence, whether you are partnered or not. You want some alone time? You want to hang with just your friends? Follow the instinct to feel like a maverick, because you need yourself more than you need anyone else (and you’re pretty needy, Cancer, so take the time to value you).

On the 31st, Mars enters Aries, giving you a huge boost up the ladder of success. Whatever that looks like for you (fame, a promotion, new followers, praise from peers), that fire is on your side going into 2019. We’ll cheers to the new year for that news.

4 leo

After November and before the holidays, you’re going to want to nest. The last week of Mercury retrograde is often the strongest, and if it makes you feel like curling up under a weighted blanket and forgetting about the world, well, join the club. Obligations keep pulling you away from the lazy Sunday (or Saturday or Monday or any day!) you’re dreaming of, but Mercury’s going direct on the 6th will help you make room for a sleepy recharge day.

The new moon on the 7th is a great time to meet someone worthy of the winter cuffing season, so be open to new acquaintances. They could end up being way more. Ditto for the 12th.

 The Cold Moon on the 22nd is calling for you to tend to your mental health. That could mean therapy, meditation or just plain taking a beat to yourself. This entire month for you should be one of self-care, and it’s more important now than ever as you prepare for the end of the year.

5 virgo

Careful when it comes to familial misunderstandings or casual sibling bickering. While these issues seem largely unavoidable, it may feel like the universe is nudging you toward conflict in the early days of December. Bite your tongue until the 6th, when Mercury’s goes direct. Your sister’s texts will seem a lot less snarky when you realize she mixed up the laugh-cry emoji with the sad-cry one.

You could move in with a significant other after the new moon on the 7th or simply focus on your boo at home if you’re already cohabitating. The stars are calling you to share your home (and innermost self, really) with the person you love, and while you can be a little guarded, Virgo, letting them in will be less scary and more…exhilarating.

The winter solstice (Capricorn season) on the 21st and the Cold Moon on the 22nd will put you in the mood to actually party during all the parties you have to attend (how convenient!). No more going home by 8 p.m. for you…you’ll be out until at least 11. That’s late for you.

6 libra

Libra, as the sign of partnership and profit, it might be doubly frustrating that your money situation is a little uncertain in the first week of December. Try to be patient (and frugal, if possible), and the numbers will add up once Mercury goes direct on the 6th.

The new moon on the 7th, and Mercury’s moving into Sagittarius on the 12th, will bless you with the gift of gab—even more so than usual—which can help you get your way with friends and VIPs alike.

However, silver tongue or no, your boss may casually drop a huge research project into your lap on the Cold Moon on the 22nd that you don’t have to work on over the holiday, but actually you really, totally have to work on over the holiday…ugh. Never apologize for setting whatever boundaries you can, but sometimes you don’t have the choice.

The good news is that New Year’s Eve will bring some sexy Martian energy to your relationship, meaning you’ll do more than just kiss after midnight. Not a bad way to ring in 2019...


7 scorpio

With Mercury retrograde and a newly direct Venus both in your sign, it may feel like everyone wants you but no one gets you in the early days of December. Mercury’s going direct on the 6th will make you feel understood, which will help you get a little more of what you want on the new moon the next day. Whether it’s a raise, a vacation or the new iPad, you’re in the best position to ask after the 7th.

With Capricorn season kicking off on the 21st followed by the Cold Moon on the 22nd, you’ll be feeling romantic, confident and ready to woo someone special—or a creative collaborator. If you’ve been dancing around asking someone to join forces, you may find your courage with the Cold Moon.

And on the 31st, Mars will move into Aries, inspiring a commitment to fitness that will keep you in the gym past the first week of next year.

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