Your Weekly Horoscope: June 24 to 30

This is the week Mars stations retrograde (starting June 26 through August 27). You’re well aware of the communication and transportation chaos that ensues when Mercury goes retrograde; but with Mars, that entropy disrupts our ability to act, make decisions and cope with our anger. Not only that, but come the very next day—June 27, 2018—the full moon is in serious Capricorn, bringing a close to important and professional matters. The stakes are high and the summer is hot, so it’s time invest in a natural deodorant that actually works.

Note: Always read for your rising sign, too, because it tells you what parts of your life are going to be most affected by your horoscope.

3 cancer

This week, the Mars retrograde is hitting your eighth house of other people’s money (think of it as money not in your direct control). Climb out of your shell, and send a Venmo reminder to that friend who somehow always winds up convincing you she’ll “Pay you back” for two $15 glasses of rosé. (Ugh.) Or, if you’re due a big check from work, don’t be shy: ask for what you’re owed. Meanwhile, the full moon in Capricorn on the 27th hits your house of partnership and commitment, so tensions with a spouse or a collaborator will likely boil to a head. Try the “speed agree” tactic to move past non-issues and get to the meat of the problems. If anyone can take the heat, it’s you, summer crab. Afterward, relations should be much more peaceful, and you can get back to your cozy nook with that book.

4 leo

Take care of your body this week, as the full moon on the 27th is hitting your house of health. You have a lot of demands resting on your shoulders, so keep them toned. Get your eight hours of sleep and your eight glasses of water and anything else that comes recommended in reps of eight (biceps curls?). Too stressed to sleep? Try “paradoxical intention” to get those z’s. (It seriously works.) Meanwhile, Mars retrogrades on the 26th in your house of partnership and commitment, so you may find yourself at odds with your girlfriend/husband/work-wife. It’s crucial you shelve the major decisions (for now) and keep the peace. Who needs to decide to move to the suburbs this week, anyway? You’ll get a boost of luck on the 30th when Mercury, God of Communication, moves into your sign. Under Leo’s influence, you will be back to your royal stance.

5 virgo

Did you hear that? That’s the sound of you catching a damn breath. Yep, you might actually enjoy Mars retrograde since you’ve been so overwhelmed at work (sure, overwhelmed is your preferred state of being, but still). This will force projects into stall so that you can double-check details, dot the I’s and cross the T’s…and then dot the I’s and cross the T’s one more time. But brace yourself for the full moon on the 27th, which strikes negative energy in your dating and true love sector. Prepare to be let down when your lover cancels a romantic night out at that Michelin-starred omikase spot because “work’s crazy.” Or, in more serious terms, it could be time for a breakup. But remember this: full moons only break weak links. If this relationship doesn’t survive, it wasn’t meant to be. Listen to the moon, for she is your (zodiac) mother. (And also, your actual mother never liked your BF.)

6 libra

This week, go all Sheryl Sandberg and lean into what’s working. Basque in the glory that is your recent career success, whether that’s landing a job that’s not a three-hour daily commute from your house or finally getting that company credit card (happy hour, anyone?). OK, not all is gooey gooey gumdrops; Mars is going retrograde in your love sector. Expect your boyfriend to push the brakes on moving in together or meeting his parents as much as you want to take it to the next step (as Libras do). But as the sign of the scales, you also know how to weigh all options before moving forward. That will ensure it’s the right decision when you two do decide to drop one of your leases. Did we mention you should not buy a puppy together right now either?

7 scorpio

You were this close to finally putting up those floating shelves in your living room and then your little sister and her dead-beat perfectly alright boyfriend decided to crash at your place unexpectedly. Plans delayed. Such is life when Mars is stationed retrograde in the fourth house of home. Expect to make little progress on nesting the entire transit (through August 27th). You may need to cheer yourself up, so use the positive energy from Jupiter, Neptune and the moon in friendly angles to each other on the 28th to treat yourself: boozy ice pops, anyone? You’ll just have to leave the apartment to do so.

8 sagittarius

You abide by the “treat yo’self” motto, but now is not the right time. You may be feeling tempted to indulge in the finer things—a $185 face serum, perchance?—around the 25th, but restrain yourself. Just because you feel like Beyoncé doesn’t mean you are Beyoncé. Venus, planet of wealth and luxury, is making a harsh angle to Jupiter, ruler of bounty and good luck. On top of that, the full moon in cautious Capricorn on the 27th hits you in your house of earned money, so negotiations and paychecks might be delayed. Once this energy passes—and once you get your money—you can go back to living like Beyoncé.


Goats like you love to be rewarded for their hard work. So it’s frustrating when Mars, planet of energy and action, is retrograding in your second house of earned income. That doesn’t mean you won’t be making money—unheard of for a Capricorn—but expect delays on income headed your way by way of an online banking hiccup or maybe just a hungover accountant. Infuriating, I know, but the way out is through patience (which you have in spades) and meticulous record-keeping—and since you’re the only person you know who still balances their checkbook, we have faith this will be an easy task for you. Keeping with that theme, the full moon in your sign on the 27th will ask you to evaluate what is working and what isn’t. No one is in a better position than you to decide; but if you need a little help, try a Panda Planner.

10 aquarius

The universe is sending you a big message: RELAX. You’ve been go, go, go lately, especially in matters of career. But this week, Mars in retrograde will stall some of that momentum; and that’s actually a good thing. If you take the time to be thoughtful now, you stand to achieve more later. What does that mean? Binge this season of The Real Housewives of New York while you can. For you, water bearer, the full moon will occupy your 12th house of self-undoing and mental health. Take at least a night this week to settle down with some lavender oil and get zen.

11 pisces

The full moon energy will help you wrap up a huge career project that will attract the attention of VIPs and boost your name in your industry. [Insert applause!] It wasn’t easy, Pisces, so pat yourself on the back; you deserve it. Meanwhile, Venus and Mercury are cozying up in your house of true love and romance on the 30th, ensuring that you’ll be wooed not only with poetic words, but also with massages, chocolates and thoughtful gifts. In other words, if you’re seeing someone right now, great. If you’re not, download some Emily Dickinson on your e-reader and book yourself a reflexology foot massage.

12 aries

You know that feeling when the spotlight hits you, and it’s your time to shine? Now is, well, not that time. (We know—for an Aries, that’s hard to take.) But heed my warning, little ram: Mars is retrograde in your friendship sector, and since the God of War is your planetary ruler, you will feel this slowdown acutely. That doesn’t mean you should get thee to a nunnery (unless those were your plans in the first place), but it does mean your talent for sharp decision-making and leadership will be a little rusty. What does it mean for socializing? Try to refrain from dictating whether your friends should see The Incredibles 2 or Gotti. (See? If you had to actually think about seeing Gotti, you’re definitly not in tip-top decision-making shape this week.) Don’t worry; your friends will get along without your alpha energy. Plus, it’s good to rest your chops sometimes, too. (And thank the stars you didn’t sit through Gotti.)

1 taurus

You love to travel in comfort and style, with your favorite podcasts downloaded, a book in hand and paraben-free moisturizing products at your fingertips. Unfortunately, my dear bull, if you’ve got a trip planned this week, it’s likely going to get delayed; you will misplace your brand new $48 Summer Friday “Jet Lag” mask and, even though you paid for in-flight Wi-Fi, you won’t be able to connect. That’s the influence of traveling during a full moon in Capricorn. It slows down everything in its path. Capricorn teaches us to live with less, and for a creature of excess like you, that’s not the friendliest message. Once the full moon is over, so is the disruption. Your return flight will be much, much smoother.

2 gemini

All work and no play is kind of your life this week. The only way to beat the busy-bee blues is to embrace organization and routines. Think of it like Marie Kondo-ing your office life—use this time to get your act together. Dare we say even go grocery shopping and make your lunch every day this week? (Five times that $16 Sweetgreen salad? Cha-ching!) Speaking of moolah, the full moon in Capricorn on the 27th will hit you right in the eighth house—that of other people’s money. So make sure you’re keeping track of the pennies not quite in your control, aka your partner’s income, that scratch-off lottery ticket you bought or anything happening on Venmo.

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