A Full Sturgeon Moon Is Coming, and Here's What It Means

We’ve heard of blood moonspink moonsflower moons and even strawberry moons…but what the heck is a sturgeon moon? Obvi, we turned to Google for the answers.

There’s a full sturgeon moon coming on August 26, 2018, which is basically just a normal full moon for August. However, this year is a bit different, since the full moon rises in Pisces. According to The Old Farmer’s Almanac, August full moons were nicknamed “sturgeon” by Native American tribes because of the type of fish caught in the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain during that time. So the coincidence that a fish moon is rising in the fish sign is actually pretty meaningful.

But what does it mean for you? Since Mercurys retrograde is finally over, it means you’ll experience better luck with projects and endeavors you start during this time (so stop putting off painting the living room, already). You should also work on improving your personal relationships (date night, anyone?), since Pisces is a very emotional sign that embodies sensitivity, understanding and dreams. 

Or go camping before the summer’s over. Who knows, you might just catch some fish…


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