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Julys Blood Moon Is a Once-in-a-Century Event—Heres Why
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Mark your calendars, space nerds: A lunar eclipse will occur this month on July 27 and 28. This year, it’s also a blood moon.

Quick refresher: A blood moon sounds totally spooky, but it’s just the name for a lunar eclipse that casts a shadow on the moon, causing its surface reflection to look coppery-red (remember, the moon only reflects light, unlike the sun).

Why’s this occasion so special, though? Because it’s going to be the longest lunar eclipse in 100 years (!). NASA predicts that the total eclipse will last about 1 hour and 43 minutes, while the partial eclipse will span around 3 hours and 55 minutes. Read: You have plenty of time to bust out that telescope…that is, if you’re on the continents of South America, Europe, Africa, Asia or Australia. Womp, womp.

Sorry, North America: You’ll have to wait until the next lunar eclipse rolls around (in January 2019).

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