Scotland’s Version of ‘Hygge’ Is, Well, the New ‘Hygge’

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First, there was hygge, the cozy Danish lifestyle concept that extended to our home decor, cooking and vacation plans. Then the Swedes gave us lagom, the art of living a balanced and happy life. And who can forget about the greatest Scandi trend of all, kalsarikänni, aka drinking at home in your underwear?

But our northern friends aren’t the only ones who seem to have life all figured out (come on, who doesn’t want to sip Pinot in their panties?). Visit Scotland recently introduced us to a new living philosophy and we are totally on board. Introducing còsagach, the Gaelic word for “feeling snug, sheltered and warm,” which, according to the country’s national tourism board, is meant to be one of the biggest trends of the year.

So, how can you live your best còsagach (pronounced coze-sag-och) life? Well, from what we can tell, it’s pretty similar to hygge. And just like its Danish cousin, you can (and should) embrace it all year round. Here are a few còsagach activities you can partake in no matter the season: Visiting a welcoming pub, enjoying some tea and cake, soaking in an outdoor hot tub and gathering around a fire pit with loved ones. Yep, we’ll take one of each, please.

The only downside of this comfy Scottish philosophy? Some Gaelic speakers have questioned the word’s origin, arguing that it actually means “damp and mossy” or a “wee nook or hole [that] very small creatures might live in.” So there’s that. (Although, the latter does sound kind of cozy.)

But however you want to interpret it, we definitely don’t need an excuse to treat ourselves to a little self-care. Glass of whisky optional encouraged.  

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