10 ‘Hygge’-Chic Styling Ideas That Work Year-Round

Woolly socks, mugs of cocoa, crackling fires...the beloved Danish lifestyle trend of hygge has wintery associations for sure. But guys, it doesn’t have to be cold out to get hygge with your home decor. We mined Niki Brantmark’s gorgeous design blog, My Scandinavian Home, for ten inspiring styling ideas that sing no matter the season.

WTF Is ‘Hygge’ And How Do I Embrace It More?

Bundle Up Your Wooden Furniture

Rustic, natural woods are a core feature of hygge design. But to enhance the look, layer tables with coarse linens; drape seating surfaces in soft, fuzzy animal hides; and add cushions wherever and whenever possible.

Mix And Match Your Dining Chairs

There’s a definite element of quirk at play in Scandinavian interiors. One mega-whimsical go-to? Deliberately mismatched dining room seating. Think: a midcentury-modern number, two bistro chairs and a petite swivel stool all cohabitating happily around the table. Hygge meets avant-garde.

Unmake Your Beds

From what we can tell, hygge homes have a total moratorium on hospital corners (let alone folded blankets). Instead, beds remain mussed, non-plussed and naptime ready throughout the day. (P.S. The more layers and textures, the better.)

Opt For Simple Greens In Lieu Of Florals

Hygge homes are ripe with natural elements—but they’re always simple, subtle and organic. (You’d be remiss to feature a vase of roses.) When it comes to plant life, think a row of bud vases filled with fresh green herbs, or a lone sculptural branch as a focal point on the coffee table.  

Load Up On Potted Plants In The Bedroom

Speaking of greenery, let's talk about how to use it in the bedroom. Our favorite decor trick is to set a potted green at the foot of the bed—like this charming, feathery asparagus plant.

Adopt A Neutral, Monochrome Palette

To enhance a space’s serenity, Scandi interiors keep it super simple when it comes to color. Here, a charcoal carpet plays beautifully with a heathered sofa and dove gray walls, art and window treatments.

Undecorate Your Bookshelves

A huge part of the hygge philosophy is living simply. So instead of considering your bookshelf a dumping ground for books and tchotchkes, go blissfully minimalist by keeping accessories monochrome and flipping white book spines outward for less visual clutter. And of course, edit, edit, edit away.

Cuddle Up Your Furniture

You know what’s not hygge? Symmetry. The Danes prefer a haphazard floor plan with a seating area that’s super cozy and close-knit. After all, togetherness is the name of the hygge game.

Strip Your Windows Bare

Fact: It gets dark during those long Scandinavian winters. Hence, a design emphasis on maximizing daylight. Let the sunshiiiiine…

Delineate Gathering Areas With Undersized Rugs

While Americans tend to go for oversize rugs to make a space feel larger, hygge homes employ petite rugs to make gathering areas more intimate. How sweet is this little kitchen?

Head on over to My Scandinavian Home for much more Scandi-inspired interior inspiration. 


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