If you’re like us, you’ve spent all winter embracing the hygge life: cozy ski socks, a hot cup of coffee, a roaring fire and Bridge Jones on Netflix. But you haven’t truly achieved hygge until you've tried these 11 Scandinavian comfort food recipes.

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Danish Split Pea Soup with Dill

A spoonful of this should warm you right up.

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Scandinavian Cinnamon Rolls

Breakfast or dessert? The choice is yours.

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Norwegian Porridge

Welp, we just became a morning person.

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Creamy Potato and Salmon Bake

Now that’s our kind of casserole.

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Norwegian Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Pair with a hearty glass of Cab and call it a night.

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Lemon-Dill Cured Salmon

To be used for Scandi-style bagels and lox.

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Finnish Beef and Dumpling Soup

Cold nights call for warm bowls of this.

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Peanut Butter and Chocolate Stuffed Ebelskivers

They’re basically doughnut holes stuffed with our two favorite foods of all time.

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Swedish Coffee cake

Your classic, cinnamon coffee cake gets fancy with pate à choux filling and a coconut glaze.

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Swedish Pancakes

In Sweden, these guys are usually served after split pea soup. (But we think they make a delicious treat anytime.)

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