17 Ways to Bring More 'Hygge' into Your Life

The bad news? We’ve still got several long, dark, cold months until springtime. The good news? Thanks to those happy-go-lucky Nords and their trendy philosophy of celebrating winter’s simple pleasures, we basically have the go-ahead to throw one big cozy party until April. If you’ve yet to jump aboard the hygge train, grab your loved ones, consult the list below and get to it.

WTF Is ‘Hygge’ and How Do I Embrace It More?

hygge hug
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Hold Hands And Snuggle

Intimacy and togetherness is the very core of hygge. Reading? Hold hands and snuggle. Walking? Hold hands and snuggle. Sitting on the subway? Hold hands and snuggle. You get the picture.

hygge candle
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Stock Up On Candles

Seriously, add a few in every room for warm, rustic winter lighting. Bonus points for candles with cozy crackling wicks.

hygge long underwear
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Make Peace With Long Underwear

With silk long johns and proper layering, there is no storm too great or day too chilly.

hygge socks
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Drink Warm, Boozy Beverages

Look to indulgent ingredients like hot cocoa made with fine chocolate. Better still, drink them from chic Danish mugs.  

reading hygge
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Write Letters And Read Books

Laptops + smartphones = not hygge.

fire hygge

Make All The Fires

Woodstove fires, barbecue fires, bonfires. Any excuse for a warm flame for group gatherings.

hygge pillows
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Double Up On Pillows And Blankets

Your couch, chairs, bed, heck, even car need more of 'em.

hygge snowing

Embrace The Winter Pastimes Of Your Childhood

Remember how fun sledding was? Ice-skating? Igloo building?

hygge walk

Take Group Nature Walks

Just remember to dress for the weather to ensure maximum coziness (see item 3).

hygge scarf knit

Wear Snowman Clothes

The chunkier and nubbier the knit, the better.

hygge soup

Embrace No-fuss Winter Cooking

Time to make a stew! That slow cooker sitting at the back of your cupboard is ready to see the light of day.

hygge bath

Take Baths, Not Showers

Better yet, take them by candlelight. Three cheers for self-care.

hygge pillow corner

Edit Your Home Decor

Especially anything decidedly un-cozy. Being mindful and grateful for what you have is essential to hygge-ism.

hygge socks coffee

Buy Cashmere Bed Socks

And live in them 24/7.

hygge couple


No work emails on weekends...seriously. Danes work 30 to 35 hours a week and are the happiest people on earth.

hygge coffee

Stop Multitasking

Slow down, focus on one thing at a time and savor how much easier life becomes.

hygge blanket readingg

Stay In Bed All Damn Day

Ready to hygge yet?


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