5 Ways to Feel More Confident About Your Body Without Doing a Single Crunch

When we’re feeling not so great about our bodies, our knee-jerk reaction is to sign up for a bunch of spin classes and eat a bunch of boring salads. Thrilling. But good news: You can feel more confident without working out or dieting. Here are five simple ways to start loving yourself more.

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Don’t Compare Yourself
They say comparison is the thief of joy. And guess what? They’re absolutely correct. Everyone is different, so there’s no point in getting in your own head about why you don’t look like your sister or friend or neighbor. Remember: Despite how confident these women you’re comparing yourself to may seem, they might also struggle with feelings of inadequacy from time to time.

Focus on the Positive
Chances are there are parts you love just a little more than others. If you’re looking in a mirror and think “Ugh, I wish my midsection were a little more toned,” move your eyes to, say, your Meghan Markle arms. Also value performance over aesthetics. Let’s say you’re a little self-conscious about having muscular thighs. Instead of wishing they were thinner, focus on all the cool stuff your strong legs can do and be grateful.

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Take Stock of Your Social Media Use
Not only are we guilty of being on social media too much sometimes, but we’re also guilty of letting it cloud our perception of ourselves, between all the fitness models, Facetuned actresses and Kardashians. Instead of letting it bring you down, take a digital hiatus. Or, better yet, unfollow with abandon. If that yoga blogger is making you feel bad about your body (instead of better about your downward dog), click that unfollow button and get on with your life.

Cut Yourself Some Slack
We’re all human, right? Right. So we can’t expect ourselves to be perfect, like, ever. It’s totally normal to have a day here or there when you just don’t feel great about yourself, and that’s OK. As long as you can get to a place where the good days outweigh the not good days, you’re doing amazing, sweetie.

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Fake It
…Until you make it, that is. If body confidence doesn’t come naturally to you, start off by pretending. Fake it for a few days and you might start to see what everyone else is seeing. Hello, gorgeous.

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