7 (Totally Sane) Ways to Detox Your Life

Few words make us roll our eyes as much as “detox.” But forget visions of wilted salad leaves and growling tummies—what we’re talking about is much more sane. From beauty and home to weekend getaways and food labels, here’s your guide to living just a little bit cleaner and healthier (no drastic diets necessary). Embrace one of these tips, a couple of them or you know, none at all. You do you. 

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Switch To A Non-toxic Deodorant

Thinking about trying an all-natural deodorant? To help nix any embarrassing (read: smelly) moments, our editors tested nine top-rated non-toxic deodorants. Here’s how they fared with daily commutes, workouts, weekends and everything in between. 

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Opt For A Natural Mascara

We get it: You want a mascara made with non-toxic and organic ingredients, but you aren’t willing to sacrifice volume, length or curl. That’s why we test-drove seven popular brands to find out which ones would work as well as our trusty favorites. Here’s the verdict.

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Detox Your Skin With Dry Brushing

To give your skin a little all-natural TLC, look no further than dry brushing. This combo of exfoliation and light massage helps to buff off dead cells, as well as improve lymphatic draining and blood circulation. Extra bonus? It feels super nice.

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Embrace Clean Eating

If you’ve ever thought about cleaning up your diet, then you’ve probably considered adding more organic produce into your weekly rotation. But what’s with all those non-GMO labels on your food? Federal regulators like the United States Department of Agriculture and the FDA say that genetically modified foods are totally safe to eat, but critics say that they could affect nutritional value and have nasty side effects like allergens and toxins. Here’s your crash course in GMOs. 

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Air Out Your Home

Want to reduce your exposure to toxins at home? Don’t worry, there’s no need to throw out all your furniture or use only organic lemons to clean your kitchen counters. Here, nine easy things you can do to reduce your exposure to toxins and make your home just a teeny bit healthier.

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Detox Getaways

Sure, you know that you shouldn’t sleep with your phone next to you and that it’s important to sign off from email at a reasonable hour. But your real-life responsibilities don’t actually allow for a total digital detox. A vacation, on the other hand, is the perfect solution. From an African safari to a private beachside bungalow, here are six beautiful resorts and vacation rentals where you can truly get away from it all (but just for a few days, of course).

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Clean Up Your Diet

OK, we know what we said about detox diets. But throwing a couple of healthy recipes into our weekly rotation? Now, there’s an idea that we can totally get on board with. Here, 11 detox meals that actually taste good (and won’t leave you hungry).

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