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Quiz: Which Self-Care Ritual Should You Be Doing Right Now?

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From drinking flower essences to trying Reiki, the idea of self-care sounds lovely, truly. It’s just that knowing where to start—not to mention finding five minutes to commune with a healing crystal—can feel overwhelming. This easy quiz will help you know where to begin.


First Thing You Reach For In The Morning…

Your phone to check your social media likes (hey, we’re being honest here)

A double shot of espresso

Your AHA glycolic pre-wash

Your kid’s overdue library book, which—%$#@—she forgot to put in her backpack again


Your Dream Vacation Looks Like…

Isaac74/Getty Images

Italian thermal springs

ArchiViz/Getty Images

Incredible hotel bed

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Reading at home in bed


You Have One Free Night, Which Movie Are You Seeing?

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Life of the Party

Focus Features


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Ocean’s 8


A Miracle Has Happened And You Have A Free Hour Alone. You…

Rush to pay bills, stalk the plumber, reschedule lunch plans

Google “nap pods in my area”

Put on a sheet mask and watch reality TV


If You Were To Gut-renovate One Room In Your House It Would Be…

Your bathroom

Your office

Your bedroom


Your After-work Drink Of Choice

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Hemp-oil Smoothie

debyaho/Getty Images

Malbec. Correction: Malbecs


Filtered water from crystal-infused bottle


The Last Time You Slept Past 7 A.m. Was…

Your babymoon

This morning—when you hit snooze four times

In college


A “beyoncersize” Class Sounds Like Your…

Happy place

Worst nightmare