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The past two years have taught us that self-care is essential. From the onslaught of news regarding police brutality to the daily microaggressions many of us face, it’s become increasingly important to unplug and expand the ways we take care of our mental health. Whether you need help getting a good night’s sleep or want to indulge in a soothing bath, we got you covered. Here, 24 Black-owned wellness brands for all your self-care needs.

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1. Homebody

Behold, the secret to making your evening bath even more relaxing. Sisters Rebecca Grammer-Ybarra and Christy Grammer founded Homebody, a company that sells handmade pearlescent bath soaks, in 2019. Grammer-Ybarra was inspired to create the line after she got into a car accident, and found that her nightly baths became an opportunity to heal her mind and body, she told Self. All of Homebody’s products are infused with 300 milligrams of CBD, which, combined with the warm water of a bath, can make it feel like all the tension in your body is melting down the drain. Each Homebody blend also contains nourishing essential oils, so you’ll emerge from the tub with hydrated skin.

Shop our picks: Full Spectrum of Possibilities ($42); Amethyst + Alchemist ($42); Under The Pale Moon Sky ($42)

2. Golde

Trinity Mouzon founded Golde in 2017 (when she was only 23 years old, BTW) with the goal of making wellness more accessible for all. That’s a mission that we can definitely get behind. The brand makes superfood powders that aid digestion, provide energy and promote healthy skin, like this Matcha Turmeric Blend, which you can add to water, milk or smoothies. Oh, and Golde also sells superfood-packed face masks.

Shop our picks: Shroom Shield ($22); Pure Matcha ($28); Cacao Turmeric Latte Blend ($29)

3. The Honey Pot Company

“The whole reason I started The Honey Pot Co. was because I was suffering from bacterial vaginosis for months and couldn’t get relief. One night, an ancestor visited me in a dream and gifted me with a vision to heal myself,” founder Bea Dixon explains on the brand’s website. She decided to create plant-based alternatives to the many chemical-laden feminine care products on the market. Whether you’re looking for tampons, a menstrual cup or yeast infection relief, The Honey Pot has you covered. Even better? The company gives back big time, by donating feminine care products to women in need.

Shop our picks: Organic Cotton Compact Tampons ($8); Organic Cotton Cover Super Herbal Pads ($9); Normal Feminine Wipes ($10)

4. Oui The People

When Karen Young started Oui The People back in 2015, her goal was to create personal care products that “help you feel great in the skin that you’re already in,” instead of sending the message that you need to change yourself in order to be lovable. The brand’s products make issues like ingrown hairs, razor burn and dry skin a thing of the past. A few products (we’re talking about the Featherweight Hydrating Body Gloss) are so popular, they’re currently sold out on the brand’s site. But don’t worry, you can still hop on the waiting list to get notify the second it drops.

Shop Our Picks: The Big Reveal PHA Ingrown Relief Toner ($25); Sugarcoat Moisturizing Shave Gel-to-Milk ($64); The Single Sensitive Skin Razor ($75)

5. Topicals

Having personally experienced chronic skin conditions during childhood, Olamide Olowe and Claudia Teng partnered up to create Topicals, a skincare line that’s compatible with a variety of skin tones and removes the shame around skin issues. If you suffer from eczema, the brand’s Like Butter Hydrating Mask is a total game-changer because it was formulated with soothing colloidal oatmeal and anti-inflammatory green tea extract to treat flaky, irritated skin. Topicals’s other buzzy product, Faded, uses azelaic acid and niacinamide to work wonders on dark spots and scars. Psst, the company has a philanthropic component too, donating one percent of its profits to mental health organizations like Therapy for Black Girls and The Jed Foundation.

Shop our picks: Faded Brightening & Clearing Mist ($32); Like Butter Hydrating Mask ($34); Faded Serum ($38)

6. Shanae

Etsy shop owner Brie Anna Faye handcrafts every shower steamer and body butter she sells. “I love the scent and love how relaxed I feel after using it,” one reviewer says of the Lavender + Geranium Shower Steamers. Although Shanae is taking a short break, be the first to make a purchase by adding yourself to their email list.

Shop Now

7. Iyoba

In the market for a natural deodorant? Try Iyoba’s Probiotic Deodorant, which contains special natural enzymes that fight odor-causing bacteria. Founder Efiya Esabi says her grandmother, who had a knack for creating things with her own two hands, inspired her to create her own handcrafted beauty products. FYI, the Oakland-based company makes skincare, haircare, bath and body products too.

Shop our picks: Probiotic Deodorant ($15); Organic Curl Cream ($23); Hair + Body Butter ($30)

8. Budzy

We can’t resist a good subscription box, so naturally Budzy caught our eye. BTW, it’s the only Black woman-owned CBD subscription on the market. Founder Shatoia Robinson first discovered the benefits of CBD while working as a medical device representative in an endocrinologist’s office, she told High Herstory. She started Budzy in an effort to de-stigmatize CBD use and promote its many benefits. It’s a monthly shipment of three to four popular CBD-infused products that span the beauty, wellness, science and culinary categories. From soothing muscle rubs to chocolates, each box offers something a little different.

Shop our picks: Monthly Subscription ($59); Budzy Mystery Box ($44)

9. Motiva Organics

Tonya Lewis Lee, a TV producer, author and advocate for women’s health, created Movita Organics so that women could have a completely organic option when it comes to vitamins. Choose from multivitamin, beauty and prenatal varieties, depending on your needs. FYI, all three formulas are made with 60 times higher bioactivity than traditional vitamins, making it easier for your body to both digest and absorb the nutrients.

Shop our picks: Beauty Vitamin for Hair, Skin & Nails Pouch ($22); Prenatal Vitamin Subscription ($40; $27) Multivitamins ($38)

10. Blk + Grn

Dr. Kristian Edwards, who has a background public health, wanted to encourage people to shop natural products from Black-owned brands. So she created Blk + Grn, an all-natural marketplace that carries a ton of different brands including AbsoluteJoi, Naturally London and Healing Place Apothecary. It allows you to shop menstrual care products, oral care, tea and more, all in one place.

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11. Ivy’s Tea Co.

Ivy’s Tea Co. was started by Shanae Jones, a first-generation herbalist hoping to make African holistic health remedies more mainstream. Her goal is to make the tea industry “as inclusive and reflective and accepting of all cultures as Hip-Hop,” she says. The brand offers loose leaf teas, honey and tea accessories to transform your morning routine. One of its most popular selections is Not Coffee, an herbal coffee substitute that looks and tastes like the real thing, but doesn’t contain any addictive caffeine.

Shop our picks: Crime Honey ($14); Sister Sister Tea ($17); Blow Tea ($17)

12. Pur Home

Part of staying well is having a clean home, and Pur Home’s non-toxic products will help you keep yours looking spotless. Co-founders Angela and Michelle Richardson are passionate about promoting eco-friendly living, so all of the company’s cleaning formulas are made with plant-based, biodegradable, sulfate-free and non-toxic ingredients. In 2020, the company was recognized as part of American Express and IFundWomen of Color’s 100 for 100 program and received a $25,000 grant to support its growth.

Shop our picks: Multi-Surface Cleaner ($6); Laundry Detergent ($19); All-In-One Concentrate ($30)

13. Salt.xo

When she was in college, founder Jhalesa Lewis had big dreams of starting her own business someday. A few years later, she launched Salt.xo, a soap line dedicated to treating eczema, dermatitis and dry skin. It promptly exploded on social media. Since 2018, the wellness brand has offered a mix of skincare and feminine products that use all-natural ingredients (i.e. tea tree, aloe vera and shea butter, to name a few). The most popular product in the line is the Yoni Shower Gel, which has rave reviews for combating common issues like bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections and dryness without any harsh ingredients or potentially irritating fragrances.

Shop our picks: Honey Gel ($19); Yoni Shower Gel ($20); Femme Rejuv Oil ($29)

14. Reel Paper

Let’s be honest, you probably haven’t given much thought to your toilet paper lately (or ever). Reel Paper is ready to change that. The brand supplies earth-friendly, sustainable paper products like T.P. and paper towels that are made from 100 percent tree-free fibers. Rest assured, everything in the line is super soft, strong and biodegradable. Plus, with every purchase, the brand provides a percentage of proceeds to SOIL—a non-profit organization that gives toilets to poor communities and turns waste into useful resources in Haiti.

Shop our picks: Reel Tree-Free Toilet Paper ($15)

15. Bevel

Founder Tristan Walker started Bevel to prioritize the needs of Black men. The grooming brand offers hair, skin, body and shaving products so users can stay clean and fresh from head-to-toe. Aside from providing a self-care collection, Bevel strives to end the cycle of mass incarceration and the lack of resources for these individuals after they’re released. So, a portion of all sales go toward supporting anti-recidivism legislation, education and job training for these formerly incarcerated men.

Shop our picks: Natural Exfoliating Body Wash ($10); Skin Care Kit ($35); Shave System Safety Razor ($50)

16. Ruby Love

While trying to teach her daughter about her first period, CEO Crystal Etienne found little to no resources and products that were safe and healthy for her to use. Which is why in 2015, she launched Ruby Love with the goal of closing the menstruation gap for all. The personal care brand offers underwear and swimwear that has built-in organic cotton liners to provide safe, leak-proof and comfortable protection for everyone.

Shop our picks: Period Underwear Bikini ($20); Teen Period Underwear Hipster Bundle ($70; $58); Period Swimwear One Shoulder ($90)

17. Body Complete Rx

As a mom of four, founder Samia Gore had a hard time taking care of herself. After searching for plant-based supplements and not seeing any in the market, she decided to create her own. With the help of Dr. Ruby Lathon, a holistic nutritionist, Body Complete Rx launched in 2017. The brand provides health and beauty supplements to meet your wellness needs. Whether you’re seeking more energy in your day or better sleep at night, you’ll find a host of powders, pills and kits to help you on your journey.

Shop our picks: Control Appetite Suppressant Capsules ($40); Nourish Protein ($60); Trim Kit ($190)

18. Peak and Valley

Founder Nadine Joseph’s goal in creating her own line of vitamins and supplements was to treat her chronic stress, fatigue and skin issues. After spending years of studying the science behind stress, she found ingredients like adaptogens (i.e. reishi mushroom and ashwagandha) could play a big role in reducing her daily issues. By 2019, Joseph wanted to share her curated blends with the world and introduced Peak and Valley. The company offers four blends that mix well with other drinks to help manage stress.

Shop our picks: Balance My Stress Blend ($38); Nourish My Brain Blend ($38); Nurture My Skin Blend ($38)

19. Actually Curious

Gatherings just got a lot more interesting. This card game is known for sparking deep conversations and connections with others by prompting thoughtful questions and topics. Actually Curious tapped a host of experts—including psychologists, journalists and human rights activists—to create four different decks that encourage your dinner guests to learn about themselves and leave the party with some fresh perspectives. Plus, when you get a shoutout from Beyoncé, you know it’s special.

Shop our picks: The Original ($25); Happy Hour ($25); Culture ($25)

20. Lion X Wellness

Inspired by his grandfather Bob Marley’s impact on the world, Nico Marley started Lion X Wellness. The name (and brand) is all about “unleashing your inner lion” by empowering yourself. As a professional football player, Nico knows a thing or two about keeping up a health regimen and managing stressful demands, so he added a core ingredient—CBD—to all of the products.

Shop our picks: Vegan CBD Gummies ($32); Full Spectrum CBD Oil ($48); Muscle & Joint Cooling Balm ($58)

21. B Condoms

Founder Jason Panda started B Condoms after a conversation with his mother that highlighted the lack of resources and education surrounding sexual health within Black communities. Since 2011, the brand has provided vegan-friendly, odorless condoms to promote safer sex. The company also partners with non-profit organizations and colleges to increase awareness of sexual health and issues like HIV/AIDS and teenage pregnancy.

Shop our picks: Classic Lubricated Condoms ($10); Snugger Fit Condoms ($10); B Plantinum Large Condoms ($11)

22. Buena Botanicals

In 2019, twin sisters Coral and Rah Hines launched Buena Botanicals after finding a natural way to reduce their mother’s chronic pain: CBD. From their elixir (that features an organic blend of safflower oil and CBD) to bath bombs (including a bergamot, lime and ylang-ylang scent option), you’ll find full-spectrum CBD in all of their products. The plant-based brand also focuses on breaking the stigma surrounding cannabis in the wellness space.

Shop our picks: Bath Bomb ($14); Moisturizing Face & Body Cream ($32); Organic CBD Elixir ($37)

23. Xula

Founders Karina Primelles and Mennlay Golokeh Aggrey started Xula, which stands for “to feel good in one’s own skin” as a way to introduce their communities to cannabis, culture and wellness. The Latinx and Black-owned hemp brand uses a blend of CBD and other cannabis ingredients to help with mood stabilization, sleep issues and hormonal balance.

Shop our picks: Mhm! Moon + Mood ($58); Zzz! Lights Out ($62); Ah! Calm + Clarity ($68)

24. For Them

For Them is redefining wellness for the queer community. As a queer, non-binary POC, founder Chloe Freeman noticed there were no products and services that spoke to their own experiences. According to the brand’s site, they stated: “We are unique and deserve to thrive in all things wellness.” Freeman partnered with designer Rada Shadick and over 500 trans and non-binary people to make their first product: The Binder. The chest compression top was designed to make anyone who needs support feel more comfortable in their bodies.

Shop our picks: The Fluid Serum ($36); The Binder ($48)

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