Did you know that the average revenue gap between Black women-owned businesses and all women-owned businesses is the greatest of any minority?

Yep, that’s right. Even though Black women represent the fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in the U.S., the State of Women Owned Businesses Report revealed that Black women-owned companies earned an average revenue of just $24,000 per firm vs. $142,900 among all women-owned businesses—thanks to racial and gender bias. But what can we do to help close this gap?

Allow us to introduce the Black women entrepreneurs who are making serious moves in the food industry. From savory Caribbean spices and West African soups to climate-friendly crackers, these tasty products are sure to spice up your kitchen pantry.

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Project Pop

1. Project Pop

Founder: Chauniqua Major-Louis

Based in Orlando, Florida, Project Pop offers a fresh take on kettle corn by using all vegan and organic ingredients—but without sacrificing flavor. Per the official website, their recipes typically include a touch of vegan cane sugar and Himalayan pink salt for a balanced flavor profile.

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Iya Foods

2. Iya Foods

Founder: Toyin Kolawole

With products like cassava pancake mix, plantain flour and jollof rice seasoning, Iya Foods can help you add a bit of West African flavor to any traditional American meal. While speaking with Forbes about the meaning behind her brand’s name, Kolawole, said, “Iya means ‘mother’ in Yoruba...Our name pays homage to mothers everywhere. It reminds me of those three words, ‘Have you eaten?’ The ultimate expression of a mother’s love.”

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3. Basbaas

Founder: Hawa Hassan

The Somali model and entrepreneur moved to Seattle when she was just 7 years old, after escaping a civil war in her home country. After reuniting with her mother 15 years later, the two bonded while cooking traditional meals—and that's when Basbaas, her line of hot sauces and chutneys, was born. Described as African-inspired sauces that “hit all the mouth feels,” they’re 100 percent organic and vegan, and it currently comes in two mouth-watering flavors: tamarind date sauce and coconut cilantro chutney.

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4. Partake

Founder: Denise Woodard

After struggling to find allergy-friendly treats that were safe for her daughter, Woodard decided to leave her corporate job behind and launch Partake Foods, a brand that specializes in wholesome, vegan allergy-friendly snacks like cookies and brownie mixes.

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Cool Coffee Clique

5. Cool Coffee Clique

Founder: Courtney Adeleye

No disrespect to Folgers, but the best part of waking up is Cool Coffee Clique's Strong "AF" coffee. Eager to create a beverage brand that would also foster community, Adeleye taste-tested coffee from around the world and created her own special blend to deliver bold flavor. She told My Recipes, "Not only do we invest in our brand…we invest in our community. We meet and we network. We pour into our customers just as we do their cups.”

(FYI, if you’re not big on coffee, Cool Coffee Clique also offers a unique selection of teas and hot cocoa.)

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Yummy Spoonfuls

6. Yummy Spoonfuls

Founder: Agatha Achindu

Channeling her own upbringing in Cameroon, West Africa, where she only ate organic foods, Achindu decided to take the same approach with her son in the U.S. And now, through Yummy Spoonfuls, she's helping thousands of parents with clean and healthy alternatives to processed foods, including mac and cheese, sweet potato bites and burritos.

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7. Sanaía

Founder: Keisha Smith-Jeremie

Who says the popular snack is just for kids? Definitely not Smith-Jeremie. Up your applesauce game with her brand Sanaía, which offers a number of exotic applesauce flavors, including guava, lavender pear and gingerbread maple. Snacking just got a whole lot saucier.

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Moonshot Snacks

8. Moonshot Snacks

Founder: Julia Collins

After learning that she was going to be a mom, Collins vowed to create a better world for her child. And since our eating habits have such a big impact on the planet, she decided to use food to tackle climate change. Enter Moonshot, her innovative brand of climate-friendly crackers that comes in three flavors. All are non-GMO, certified organic and unbelievably delicious.

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Chicago French Press

9. Chicago French Press

Founder: Kris Christian

Care for a steaming hot cup of chocolate blueberry-flavored coffee? Or how about a cup with sweet notes of caramel apple? These delectable flavors and more can be found on Chicago French Press, a coffee subscription service created by former Wall Street analyst Kris Christian. (FYI, the brand donates a portion of their sales to local, community-based programs that help people in need.)

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Trade Street Jam Co.

10. Trade Street Jam Co.

Founder: Ashley Rouse

Even if you’re not a jam enthusiast, you might want to consider trying one of Rouse’s tasty recipes. Founded in 2008, while she lived in an apartment on Trade Street in North Carolina, Trade Street Jam Co. offers a variety of flavorful vegan jams—minus the sugar overload. In addition to their jams, the collection also includes a sweet potato biscuit mix, raspberry hot sauce and a cherry chipotle mocktail elixir.

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11. Golde

Founder: Trinity Mouzon Wofford

On the official site, Wofford describes Golde’s products as a “celebration of superfoods to effortlessly boost your daily routine,” and all formulas are vegan. In addition to skincare products, the brand offers smoothie boosters and latte blends like Pure Matcha, Cacao Turmeric and coconut collagen powder.

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12. Egunsi

Founder: Yemisi Awosan

After moving to the U.S. as a teen, Awosan used food to stay connected to home and introduce her friends to Nigerian culture. This inspired her to launch Egunsi in 2017, which now has a variety of on-the-go, ready-to-heat soups like Brown-Eyed Pea (Gbegiri), African Peanut (Groundnut) and Lemongrass Mushroom (Pepper) Soup. Made from whole ingredients, these creations are free of artificial flavors, gluten-free and 100 percent vegan.

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Me and the Bees Lemonade

13. Me and the Bees Lemonade

Founder: Mikaila Ulmer

It all started when 17-year-old Ulmer was stung by a bee. This prompted her to do a bit of research on bees and, after learning a bit about their role in the ecosystem, she decided to put her twist on a special family recipe to help save honeybees. Now, she sells bottles of her Me & the Bees Lemonade while donating a portion of her profits to organizations fighting to save the honeybees. We love to see it.

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Jenny Dawn Cellars

14. Jenny Dawn Cellars

Founder: Jennifer McDonald

In 2016, McDonald moved from making her wines at home to building a partnership with a wine facilitator in Napa, California. And by 2019, she opened her very own winery, Jenny Dawn Cellars, in Wichita, Kansas. The brand now offers more than a dozen handcrafted wines, including Union Station Chardonnay, Black Locomotive Crimson Cabernet and Red Caboose Dry Rosé.

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Callaloo Box

15. Callaloo Box

Founders: Malika and Jamila Augustin

In 2017, sisters Malika and Jamila Augustin launched Callaloo Box, a Caribbean online grocery and subscription service that offers seasonings, condiments, sauces and snacks to help buyers enjoy the flavors of Trinidad and Tobago. The goal? To “bring a little piece of home” to customers who want to stay connected to their culture through food.

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Cultured Kombucha

16. Cultured Kombucha

Founder: Milan Durham

Cultured Kombucha Co. is here to help consumers achieve a healthier lifestyle, one sip at a time. Based in D.C., the company brews nutritious, healing beverages with clean ingredients. Flavors include Genuine Ginger, Lavender Bliss, Apple Pie Chai and Orange Cranilla

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Jones Bar-B-Q

17. Jones Bar-B-Q

Founders: Mary and Deborah Jones

Perhaps you spotted the founders in an episode of Queer Eye and have fantasized about visiting their spot ever since. Lucky for you, you don’t have to travel to Kansas City to enjoy the flavor of Jones Bar-B-Q. Consumers can now order their tangy secret sauce, the coconut pineapple sauce and their all-purpose seasoning and get it shipped to their door.

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McBride Sisters Collection

18. McBride Sisters Collection

Founders: Robin and Andréa McBride

These sisters may have grown up thousands of miles apart, but their shared love of wine ultimately brought them together. The siblings united in California and decided to launch the McBride Sisters Collection, which is now officially the largest Black-owned wine company in the United States. Their wine collections include Reserve, She Can and Black Girl Magic.

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Love Cork Screw

19. Love Cork Screw

Founder: Chrishon Lampley

In 2014, Lampley, a former art gallery owner, launched the wine and lifestyle brand, which not only offers quality wine (complete with whimsical labels), but also wine-scented candles and body butters.

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SoCu Kitchen

20. SoCu Kitchen

Founder: Erica Barrett

After buying $30 worth of ingredients for a simple pancake recipe at the grocery store, Barrett left with a newfound desire to create Southern-inspired mixes that were more affordable. Now, through SoCu Kitchen, buyers can order a variety of breakfast products, from banana pudding pancake mix and ground grits to Cajun bacon rub.

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