The 20 Best Sex Toys on Amazon, According to Enthusiastic Reviewers

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Listen: There is absolutely no shame in buying sex toys, but sometimes you’d rather have something delivered to your door discreetly instead of having to put a bottle of lube in your shopping basket at the pharmacy. Another perk of online shopping? You can take your time to do your research—because nothing ruins the mood more than a lavender-scented massage oil that makes you want to gag or a vibrator that runs out of battery after five minutes.

How Do You Find the Best Sex Toys?

Especially if you've never dabbled in self-pleasure or have yet to try a vibrator, browsing all of the different kinds of sex toys available can be daunting. The best strategy is to figure out what your body likes and select based on that. If your O doesn't come (pun intended) through penetrative play, a standard dildo probably won't be for you. Instead, go for a clitoral-focused vibrator or even a rabbit style vibrator for dual stimulation. If you're trying to spice up your sex life with your partner, opt for a kinky game of sex dice or even a couple's vibrator.

Here, the best sex toys on Amazon for you to add to cart ASAP.

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The Best Sex Toys On Amazon at a Glance

Best Overall

1. Satisfyer Pro 2


  • Why We Love It: Quiet, 11 intensity levels

Our readers absolutely love this clitoral vibrator. From the air pulse stimulation to the easy-hold handle, the Satisfyer is a top pick. It's acquired an impressive 42,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, with reviewers praising everything from their experience using it to the minute details (like the fact that it comes fully charged). "I feel like I just opened a whole new door to my sex life and I’m so excited and grateful for this device," says one appreciative customer. Another happy customer jokes, "I own that saying something?"

Best Remote Control Operated

2. Tracy's Dog OG Pro 2

Tracy's Dog

  • Why We Love It: Waterproof, ten vibration modes

With nearly 700 five-star reviews, this vibrator is at the top of our list for many reasons. You can experience clitoral stimulation by both sucking and pulsing (with ten vibration modes to choose from), while the opposite side slips into the vagina for extra pleasure. It's easily rechargeable by USB, and a full power-up takes about two-and-a-half hours and should keep the good vibes going for up to 50 continuous minutes. “This thing is powerful and gentle at the same time," reads one review. "It’s comfortable and hits all the right areas! Wow, that is all I can say!” Made from silicone, this vibrator is easy to clean and totally waterproof (meaning bath time is about to get a lot more fun). One thing to keep in mind, users say, is to start off slowly and work your way up to the higher settings. You’ve been warned.

Best 3-in-1 Vibrator

3. Adorime 3-in-1 Rabbit Vibrator


  • Why We Love It: Three pleasure facets, waterproof silicone

If you're looking to upgrade your regular ol' bullet vibrator to something with a little more fun, stop your search. This three-in-one rabbit is made to pleasure you with clitoral, vaginal and anal vibration. It has seven vibration modes and the silicone is waterproof and very easy to clean. It's garnered nearly 1,800 five-star ratings from enthusiastic customers like this one, who writes, "I needed the lowest [speed] setting as the other settings were pretty intense...I think this would be a great toy for a newbie to vibrations and someone well versed."

Best Anal Toy

4. Yosposs Vibrating Anal Beads


  • Why We Love It: Latex-free silicone, widely-flared base

Backed by more than 2,000 five-star ratings, this toy is a favorite of many. "My wife loves this product," says one customer. "[It has] multiple levels for beginners to pros...I love it also. I can feel the vibrations while we are doing our thing." The base is flared to ensure a secure stopping point and it has three intensities accompanied by 13 vibration patterns.

Best Support Pillow

5. Misstu Inflatable Cushion


  • Why We Love It: Inflatable, waterproof

You may think an inflatable pillow is an odd choice for sex, but it's actually great, since you can deflate it after use and fold it up so it's hidden for discretion (great if you have kids who love to take your things). It doesn't come with a pump, because you can blow it up with just a few deep breaths. At about six inches high, you can place it under your back or stomach for deeper penetration and easy-to-reach positioning. It has nearly 800 five-star ratings on Amazon, with reviewers raving about its effectiveness and comfort. "This is a great addition to the bedroom to experiment with different angles and reach new heights of pleasure! It also works great for a back support pillow," reports one customer.

Smallest Vibrator

6. Umania Bullet Vibrator


  • Why We Love It: Waterproof, travel-size

Coming in at just under three inches tall, this mini vibrator is a no-hassle, straight-to-the-point option for self-pleasure. It has ten vibration modes, comes with a USB charger and can be used on nipples, vaginally and anally. It has more than 5,000 five-star ratings and customers are loving its effectiveness. "I like the material, and it feels comfortable on my skin—[it] gets the job done and is easy to clean afterwards," says one customer. Need we say more?

Best for Oral Simulation

7. Phanxy Clitoral Vibrator


  • Why We Love It: Nine vibration modes, tongue-like stimulation

Equipped with nine vibration speeds and 1,300 five-star ratings, this little vibrator has the ability to simulate oral sex due to the tongue-like motion and shape, and the people seem to love it. "Based on the price, I wasn't expecting to be blown away, but geez was I wrong. I've been blown away quite a few times. [It's] also easy to clean and waterproof. I keep mine in my shower most of the time," reviews one customer.

Best Erotic Massage Oil

8. Fox Envy Massage Oil

Fox Envy

  • Why We Love It: Vanilla scent, hydrating ingredients

This oil has more than 3,000 users leaving glowing five-star ratings. A moisturizing blend of coconut, safflower seed and jojoba oils, this vanilla-scented massage oil leaves no greasy residue and has the perfect consistency—not too thick, not too thin—according to reviews. It comes with an optional pump, which means you can reapply without getting the bottle sticky. As for the odor, customers report that it's pleasant and slightly sweet without being overwhelming.

Best BDSM Kit

9. Utimi Fetish Bed Restraint Kit


  • Why We Love It: Durable velcro, soft cuffs

Reminder: BDSM can be safe, enjoyable and consensual. And with this sex kit, it can also be budget-friendly. Featuring two handcuffs, two shackles, a blindfold and plumage, this raunchy package boasts more than 4,200 five-star reviews. “The cuffs are very soft and attach with Velcro,” writes one reviewer, while another notes that they “won’t chafe.” The bed straps are easily adjustable (so the mood won’t be ruined if you need to tighten or loosen them mid-act), although users note that they’re best for full- or queen-sized beds. (You’ll have to lie vertically to use them on a king.) Overall, this bondage kit scores points for being easy to use, ideal for beginners and a great bang for your buck (pun intended).

Best Sex Game

10. Dalliance Naughty But Dice

Dalliance Adult Store

  • Why We Love It: Comes with a bag to hold the dice, 24 position combinations

In a rut? Hey, it’s normal. But sometimes the suggestions for how to liven things up in the bedroom can be a little out there (like investing in a full-on costume for simple role play). Enter this easy game. Here’s how it works: Roll the six- and ten-sided dice together for 60 different foreplay options (think "stroke inner thigh" or "blow below navel"). Then move on to the two 12-sided dice to decide which sex position to try. Nearly 1,000 five-star reviewers rave about this pick, specifically mentioning the nice packaging and great customer service. Also included is a booklet explaining the different positions plus some kinky tips.

Best Water-Based Lube

11. Lubelife Water-Based Personal Lubricant

Lube Life

  • Why We Love It: Not sticky, doesn't stain

This lube has nearly 87,000 five-star ratings. Yes, you read that correctly. When it comes to lubricants, water-based options are not only safe to use with sex toys and condoms, but they’re also non-irritating. This pick boasts all of the above plus a velvety texture without any stickiness. “It’s really soft and gentle on the skin” with “no weird smells,” says one reviewer. It’s also free from parabens, glycerin, silicone and oil, and it won’t stain (because those sheets weren’t cheap). It’s available in an eight- or 12-ounce bottle, and users agree that a little goes a long way.

Cutest Vibrator

12. Mooligirl Rose Toy Vibrator


  • Why We Love It: Nine vibrational patterns, clitoral and vaginal stimulation

This adorable toy is small in stature but mighty in pleasure. With nine vibrational patterns and internal vibrations, we can see why it racked up more than 1,200 reviews. "This toy is silky smooth and very easy to clean," one reviewer gushes. Another agrees that it's a must-buy: "My girlfriend loves it! The multiple vibration modes provide a wide range of sensations, and the easy-to-use control button makes it simple to switch between them." Do you need any more convincing?

Easiest to Hold

13. Womanizer Pro 40 Clitoral Vibrator


  • Why We Love It: Six intensities, easy-hold handle

Hold this one easily by the longer handle and find immediate pleasure from the sucking and vibrations. It has six intensity levels and is whisper quiet to avoid waking anyone up in your house. Nearly 3,000 customers rate this toy with five stars and rave about its benefits. "The controls are easy to use, it's rechargeable, it fits comfortably in the hand, it's small enough that it's easy to travel with and it honestly looks like a facial cleaning brush (three cheers for discreet toys!)," says one reviewer.

Best Bullet Vibrator

14. Secret Lover Bullet Vibrator

Secret Lover

  • Why We Love It: Ten vibration speeds, waterproof

This vibrator is simple but effective. Its slim shape makes it easy to hold and the angled tip allows for optimal mobility. It's super discreet and easy to conceal during travel or whenever you need it. It has more than 8,300 five-star ratings, and it's trusted and loved by many customers. "This toy is incredible, small but oh so powerful," one reviewer notes.

Best Dildo

15. Tuitionua Silicone Dildo


  • Why We Love It: Flexible silicone, long battery life

More into internal stimulation? This dildo is for you. It has ten vibrational patterns and is flexible for bending and moving. There are nearly 700 five-star ratings from customers who rave over the pleasure. "This toy has been fantastic in and out of [the] bath. [It] inserts so smoothly and is also great for clit stimulation if desired as well. [The] battery life has lasted multiple uses and still works great after being fully submerged in water!" says one customer.

  • Why We Love It: Twenty vibration patterns, eight speeds

Are wands more your vibe (pun intended)? This wand massager has 20 vibrational patterns and eight speeds for pleasure. It has amassed more than 15,000 five-star ratings and people are loving "loving" themselves with this toy. "Listen, if you’re in these reviews trying to see if you should get it, look no further! This is IT," exclaims one happy customer.

Best Waterproof Vibrator

17. Svakom Coco G-spot Vibrator


  • Why We Love It: Ergonomic design, G-spot stimulation

This little guy has more than 2,200 five-star ratings and it's known for its clitoral and G-spot stimulation. It's completely waterproof and super easy to clean thanks to the silicone casing. "[This] is definitely one of my favorite G-spot vibrators and gets the job done solo or with other toys involved," says one reviewer.

Best Couples Vibrator

18. Phanxy Couples Vibrator


  • Why We Love It: Dual stimulation, waterproof

Use this one with a partner so they can feel the vibrations, too. It has nearly 1,200 five-star ratings certifying the popularity of this toy. "This works great as a solo toy or for a couple and has a lot of different vibration patterns," reads one review.

Best Mini Wand

19. Yetrun Mini Massager


  • Why We Love It: Small size, five color options

Love your massager but hate how much space it takes up when you travel? This mini version will solve that problem. It's only 4 inches tall and 1 inch wide. (We told you, *tiny.*) "It definitely gets the job done quickly and efficiently," says one reviewer. Note that the toy is not totally waterproof so it can't be fully submerged in the tub.

Best for Men

20. Cafatop Automatic Stroker


  • Why We Love It: Vibrates, waterproof

This stroker has nearly 1,000 five-star ratings, and most reviewers comment that it's a big toy that requires two hands to maneuver. It vibrates and comes with seven thrusting pattern modes to test out. The rechargeable toy is loved by many for easy solo or partner play. "It has a number of different operating modes...which provide up, down, left and right stimulation.

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