The 36 Best Self-Care Gifts to Buy Yourself This Valentine's Day (Including a $45 Chanel Must-Have)

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Whoever said you couldn't be your own Valentine is sadly mistaken. Whether you're in a long-distance relationship or single, you can make the most of February 14 by treating yourself to one of the best self-care gifts. (And no, we're not talking sheet masks.) Here are 36 of the best gifts to help you tap into your inner goddess this V-Day and beyond, from a Foria Quickie Kit to Chanel's lip and cheek balm.

37 Self-Care Gifts for Anyone Looking to Prioritize Their Mental Health

The Top 5 Self-Care Valentine's Day Gifts at a Glance

Best for Intimacy

1. Foria The Quickie Kit


  • Why We Love It: Three products with non-psychoactive CBD, can be used solo or with a partner

Foria includes mini sizes of three best-sellers from their Intimacy line (Awaken oil, Sex oil and Intimacy melts), so this sampler is perfect if you want to explore the benefits CBD in the bedroom, but don't know where to start. Used together or separately these products will help increase arousal, pleasure, and access to orgasm, while easing any discomfort. 

Best to Boost Libido

2. Moon Juice Sex Dust

Moon Juice

Why We Love It: Pleasant cacao flavor, includes no added sugars

When we first came across this product, we thought it was some sort of aphrodisiac that you take before getting it on, but we must admit it's so much more than that. The adaptogenic blend (that should be mixed with morning or evening drinks) is formulated with stimulating ingredients, including organic cacao powder, shilajit extract and more. Together, it's supposed to target stress and help you maintain a healthy hormonal balance in and out of the bedroom. One buyer mentioned that it boosted her libido, writing, "I have endometriosis, and my libido is below zero most of the time. I tried this as a desperate reach for help, and it has brought my want for intimacy back into my relationship." Um, we'll take two, please.

Best Sexy LIngerie

3. Cuup The Balconette


• Why We Love It: Cups are sewn not darted for natural look, unique wide-set straps

Trust us: If you slip on this sheer-yet-supportive bra and matching undies you'll feel like a boss. It's available in sizes 30 A to 38 H and comes in ten classic colors, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding one that fits and makes you feel sexy.

Size range: 30A to 44H

Best Floral Gift

4. Venus Et Fleur The Classic Bundle

Venus Et Fleur

Why We Love It: Choice of six rose colors, available in three votive scents

Buy your own dang flowers by treating yourself to this best-selling Venus Et Fleur bundle. It comes with the Eternity Rose brand's Le Mini Round, Le Mini Square and a candle. You can choose the color of the box and flowers and the candle fragrance. And just in case you're not familiar with Venus Et Fleur, it's known for preserving gorgeous roses that last more than 365 days.

Best Vibrator

5. Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation


• Why We Love It: Uses pulsing air for unique sensation, circular tip pops off for easy cleaning

Ditch your old vibrator on V-Day and go for this Satisfyer Pro 2 stimulator instead. PureWow readers are obsessed with the toy. Why? Because besides having 11 pressure waves and ten vibration intensities, which gives you full control of your pleasure, it's also waterproof, USB-rechargeable and looks good aesthetically. Not to mention it's on sale for $40 right now, which makes it even more of a steal.

Best for Lazy Mornings

6. Barefoot Dreams Side-Tie Robe

Barefoot Dreams

• Why We Love It: Cushy microfiber, machine-washable

At 42 inches long, this robe is not too voluminous to be comfortable, and not so skimpy that you can't be sure you won't be covered. And it's crafted of Barefoot Dreams's signature CozyChic fabric, a cuddly ribbed polyester knit that doesn't pill, no matter how many times you throw it in the washer-dryer. And the side-tie is more sleek-looking than traditional front-tie wrap robes.

Size range: XS to XL

Best for Luxury Beauty Lovers

7. Chanel N°1 De Chanel Lip And Cheek Balm


• Why We Love It: Multi-purpose sheer color, elegant packaging

If you've been itching to buy something from Chanel's No.1 De Chanel Collection, V-Day is the perfect excuse to finally do it. Buyers are loving the creamy lip and cheek balm that effortlessly glides onto the skin, adding a pop of color to any look. It's available in six shades, so you can go all out and buy them all or opt for the best-selling red camilla one.

Best for Aquatic Relaxation

8. BBP Vibrating Rubber Ducky

Why We Love It: Stealth vibrator, waterproof

Introducing the stealth sex toy: A three-speed motor vibrates the head and tail thanks to two double-A batteries. You just tap the little guy's back (he's only 5 x 3.5 x 5 inches) and he starts buzzing...and bonus, in case you leave it out on the side of your tub, no one's going to know what all that duck does for you.

Best for Nutritionally Challenged

9. Hum Nutrition Flatter Me

Hum Nutrition

• Why We Love It: Fast-acting bloat relief, easy to take

A blend of 18 full-spectrum enzymes help to break down everything you eat, whether it's protein, carbs, fiber, lactose or fats, for better digestion, which means more energy and less of a pooched-out tummy. This brand's inventive formula blends natural ingredients such as ginger and peppermint leaf with fennel seed to not only break down food but also speed nutrient absorption. Best of all, it's easy to make a habit—just pop a capsule twice a day, before your two largest meals.

Best for the Sandal Lover

10. Michael Todd Beauty Pedimax Tool 

Michael Todd Beauty

• Why We Love It: Rechargeable, includes fine, medium and coarse files

Who has time to keep up with all the mani-pedis that a person needs? Now you can just do a little upkeep at home instead of booking a whole trip to the salon with this rechargable callous remover that has different attachments to address whatever gnarled situation is happening on your grizzled feet. As one reviewer writes: "It's smoothed my rough feet out in no time. Let's put it this way. I loved it so much i have all the women in my immediate family one for Christmas. That's eight women."

For Your Biohacking Upgrade

11. Oura Ring Gen 3


• Why We Love It: Detailed sleep tracking, ultra-lightweight

This titanium ring has tiny bumps that touch your skin 24-7 and it delivers a wide array of biodata via the phone app. Sleep duration, phasing, blood oxygen sensing, steps taken, calories burned—these and more metrics are compiled and analyzed into daily sleep and readiness scores that are easy to understand and utilize. Repeat after us: My Oura ring says a nap is the best thing I can do for my health today, so who am I to argue?"

• Why We Love It: Elevates showers to spa experiences, creates jobs for vulnerable Mississippi community

Bath bombs get all the attention, but here's an unsung self-care hack—a shower bomb. Or more precisely, a shower steamer. It works like this: You steam up your bathroom with a super-hot stream of hot shower water, then slips one of these essential oil-laden babies right under the stream of water. Next sweet orange essential oil scent fills the bathroom and also soothes your feet when you adjust the shower to your perfect temperature, climb under the water stream and breathe deeply. Ah, aromatherapy and hydrotherapy in your very own home.

Best for the Chocoholic

13. Levain Cookie Tin Bundle

Levain Bakery

Why We Love It: Chunky cookies, collectible tin

Freshly baked in New York City, Levain cookies have big chunks of dark and milk chocolate, peanut butter and oatmeal with raisins. This tin contains eight cellophane-wrapped cookies that are 6 ounces each—so you can enjoy one a day for over a week, the rest of the goodies staying fresh in the cheery tin.

For the Frequent Flyer

14. Osea Vagus Nerve Travel Set


Why We Love It: Comes with vegan leather bag, sweet oils and herbal scents aid in relaxation

"So relaxing" says one reviewer, who says they got this travel kit to try out the products before committing to big sizes. "I always appreciate a company that offers smaller sizes and samples so you aren't stuck with something that doesn't work for you. I'm really enjoying this set. The bath oil is so moisturizing. I use the pillow mist and roller ball right before bed and I notice a difference in how well I sleep compared to the nights I don't use it." Bonus: The web site includes vagus nerve self-massage instructions.

For the Private Dancer

15. Lovehoney Rose Suction Stimulator


Why We Love It: Simple two-button control, travel lock

The rose stimulator is all over TikTok, and here's why: it's cute, not wildly expensive and it WORKS. Ten intensity levels of suction emanate from the rose's bloom, and there's 65 minutes of run time. Plus the soft silicone gizmo is 100 percent waterproof for use in the bath.

Best for the Home Facialist

16. NuFace Mini+ Starter Kit


Why We Love It: Two activating lotions included, how-to app is easy to follow

Microcurrent devices are all the rage, and justifiably so—the tech mimics and re-energizes the body’s own natural current helping to tone, lift and contour instantly, as well as provide long-term benefits. This mini-size is not only portable, its lower cost than the larger NuFace toner makes it a good choice for anyone new to these types of devices. "I love skincare but had been scared to try any devices like this because I don’t know how to use them," one reviewer writes. "The app makes it so easy to follow along and do treatments based on the results you want. The gels are high quality, too, and make the treatments smooth."

Best for Aching Backs

17. Luna CoolLuxe™ Knee Pillow


Why We Love It: Memory foam moves with you, high-density nylon polymer fabric keeps it cool

Studies link an aching back to sleep postures, but aligning your vertabrae is possible, people! An ergonomic knee pillow accommodates one or both knees for back and side sleepers; this one is made with cooling memory foam, so you will be able to use it no matter what your bedroom temperature is.

For the Artist

18. Jotblock Portable Essentials Sets


Why We Love It: 12.5 x 8.25 x 1.5 inches, comes with paints and pencils

Express yourself with this watercolor set that has everything you need to paint and draw your inner vision. Pencils, markers, watercolor pencils and brushes, along with a mixing palette, flat brush, round brushes, black marker and textured heavyweight watercolor paper pad. It's an on-the-go art studio (we recommend scooting outside to create your own plein air masterpiece).

Best for Dehydration Relief

19. Nuun Hydration Tabs


Why We Love It: Appealing flavors, low sugar

Want to give yourself a little pep in your step, rather than feeling that usual draggy way? Start with rehydrating yourself (before you pour in more dehydrating caffeine drinks). These electrolyte-imbued effervescent tablets pop right into 16 ounces of water (we just throw one into our water bottle) and taste lightly of six flavors including tri-berry and lemon-lime. While they're marketed for and beloved by athletes, we feel a benefit from them even when our most strenuous activity is typing.

Best for Wanderluster

20. Farmhouse Fresh
Chocolate Softening Mask

Farmhouse Fresh

• Why We Love It: Smells like chocolate, made with cocoa, coconut milk and honey

Made with 98 percent natural ingredients, this face mask tingles as it addresses the effects of aging, such as discoloration and dryness. You mix the powder with water, apply a thin layer then rinse after it dries. Ginseng extracts and other natural ingredients improve the look of your face, while you're taking a few minutes to lie back, relax and take deep inhales of the chocolatey aroma.

For French Girl Self-Pampering

21. EXSENS Paris Angel's Dream Hair Mist


Why We Love It: Lightly-scented for hair and body, adaptogen-laced herbal formula

The delicate fragrance with top notes of bergamot and pear is only part of the allure of this fragrance, made by women in the South of France. It also contains extract of rhodiola rosea, a European root used in traditional Eurasian medicine for its stress reduction and endorphin stimulation. Plus, it makes you feel so "French girl style" to spritz a little on your styled hair.

For the Meditator

22. Bean Products Zafu & Zabuton Set

Bean Products

Why We Love It: Buckwheat and organic cotton fill, choice of 19 colorways

In our experience, spending good money on quality self-care equipment makes a person that much more likely to use it. That's why a solid buckwheat pellet-filed cushion (zafu) and matching three-inch-thick cotton batting-tufted floor mat (zabuton) is worth investing in. You can stabilize your meditation seating position by sitting atop the zabuton and resting your knees on it, while you positon the zafu under your buttocks or between your legs. Your circulation will improve, you'll be forced to use your core muscles to sit upright—and you'll ultimately find you're able to get to a deeper meditation state.

For Dry Skin Relief

23. Overum Bath Oil


Why We Love It: Highly concentrated, moisturizing formula

Sure, you've had a history with bath oils...every bath lover has. But Olverum, pioneers in natural self-care products since the company was started by a German winemaker in the 1920s, has a special non-perfumey way with botanicals. It's clean beauty (vegan and cruelty-free, without artificial preservatives, fragrance or stificial color, free of silicone, mineral oil, petroleum and animal-derived ingredients), but that's just the start of its allure. Notes of fir, eucalyptus, rosemary and a dozen other green ingredients smell fresh as a walk in the woods and fruit and flower oils moisturize skin without leaving a film in the bath.

Best for the ADHD Fidgeter

24. JewelsHype Titanium Spinner Ring


Why We Love It: Looks like fine jewelry, helps soothe anxiety with central spinning section

Anxiety rings are a trending way for ADHD and anxiety sufferers to ease their surges of tension. This one is especially high-end looking, with a central column of stones set in a bezel that moves on top of a lower ring of titanium. Available in silver, rose gold and yellow gold finishes, you can match your favorite jewelry.

Best for Exercise Enthusiasts

25. TriggerPoint Grid Massage Roller


• Why We Love It: Softer foam over harder styrene core, instructional video suggests how to use

Sore muscles recover more quickly after a gentle roll across the floor with this roller, which allows tissue to aerate while you roll, promoting the flow of blood and oxygenn and the nutrients needed to repair muscles. Measuring a generous 13 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches, this roller will accommodate a large portion of your back and butt (it's approved for up to 500 pounds) without snapping or buckling. Never used a roam roller, or just want to up your game? Each purchase comes with access to a free online instructional video library on foam rolling education.

best self care valentines day gifts silk pillowcases

For the Skin and Hair Obsessed

26. Kitsch Holiday Satin Pillowcases


• Why We Love It: Two cases for the price of one, machine washable

"I finally bit the bullet and bought this satin pillowcase after my hair experienced some serious chemical damage! This has helped enormously in recovering my hair," writes one reviewer. "The pillowcase so cooling and soft to sleep on (even my dog tries to sleep on it when I’m not looking - thank goodness I have two to alternate between…)."

Best for the Meal Skipper

27. Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens

• Why We Love It: Superfoods support sustained energy, comes with canister and water bottle

Athletic Greens is beloved by users as the cream of the crop of drinkable supplements, with 75 vitamins, minerals and whole-food sourced nutrients. "This product is exactly as it is advertised," says one reviewer. "Loaded with all the good stuff, a very manageable flavor...and a super easy way to get all your daily vitamins, minerals and nutrients. I've personally noticed an improvement on my gut health in the first 10 days of using. My energy levels throughout the day maintain—I no longer experience the occasional 3pm crash."

best self-care Valentine's Day gifts: three bottles of De Soi non-alcoholic beverage
De Soi

Best for the Sober Curious

28. De Soi Variety Pack

De Soi

• Why We Love It: Lightly carbonated non-alcoholic beverages, stays fresh for a week in the fridge

These three unique botanical blends come in this collection of wine analogs that can be tarted up for festivities with sliced fruit or herbs, as one would sangria, or just enjoyed straight as one would with a box of wine at home. The Golden Hour blend has notes of yuzu and chamomile; Champignon Dreams blend, strawberry and birch and Purple Lune has blackberry and rose. After imbibing, you don't have a fuzzy feeling as with wine, but instead a focused feeling of well-being thanks to ingredients includng ashwaghanda and L-theanine.

For Candle Lovers

29. Neom Skin Treatment Candle


• Why We Love It: Seed oils and cocoa butter moisturize, a citrusy-herbal scent scents the home

This candle, created by an English aromatherapist, is two delights in one: You light it to scent surroundings, then pour its wax onto skin to deeply moisturize thanks to warmed oils in it. Skin is left lightly scented and with a subtle sheen.

For Acne Sufferers

30. Skin Gymn High-Frequency Wand

Skin Gym

• Why We Love It: Three attachments target specific face areas, easy treatment for breakouts

Run this electronic device over a new bump or pimple for one to three minutes and its high frequency electrical energy helps quiet inflamed skin. This tech has been popular as a step in pro facialists' treatments for years, and now it's available for home use.

best self care valentines day gifts showerhead

Why We Love It: Filters chlorine and heavy metals, includes installation supplies

Hard water can wreak havoc on your skin and hair, but this showerhead filters chlorine, heavy metals and other contaminants out, potentially improving your skin, hair and overall wellbeing. Acne, damaged hair, eczema, change in hair color and rashes may all be calmed by purified water. This showerhead package includes a Tiny but Mighty Wrench, one Cutest Plumber’s Tape in the World and an installation guide.

Best for Bikini Area Buffing

32. Rosebud Honor Balm


• Why We Love It: Balm-to-oil formula, non-irritating formula moisturizes intimate areas

"I have been in great need of something that is hydrating to my dry extremely sensitive private parts," writes one reviewer. "This product is amazing in ALL aspects!" That's the consensus among users of this balm, which is formulated with Vitamin E, Jojoba and botanicals for application to the vagina's external creases and folds. Active ingredients gently go to support lax, thin or dry tissues, as might be the case with prenatal perineal massage, nursing moms and postmenopausal dryness.

Best for the Sprititual

33. In The Cards: How to Read Tarot Class

Uncommon Goods

• Why We Love It: Includes card deck, live learnings via Zoom

This 90-minute introduction to basic tarot card reading and interpretation is led by personable tarot practitioner Holly Buczek. The lesson includes a unique tarot deck; one reviewer says "I work with clients to enhance their business growth and personal lives as well, and adding tarot card readings is a wonderful modality to open dialogue in a deeper way." Tarot for the hustle, we love it.

For the Workday Fidgeter

34. Cammie & Kip Weeks Therapy Dough

Cammie & Kip Weeks

• Why We Love It: Choose among four scents, cute containers

Bring back that satisfying feeling of squishing clay between your fingers you remember from childhood with these little jars of clay. They're infused with calming essential oils to up the soothing ooph (it's the brainchild of art therapists—so creative!). Choose among lavender, orange, pine or eucalyptus scents, and reach for them while you're taking a work call or zoning out during a Zoom meeting.

Best for the Coffee Lover

35. Atlas Tea Club

Atlas Tea Club

Why We Love It: Looseleaf teas, tasting notes

Want to expand your horizons beyond the coffee bean, but intimidated by the wide world of tea names, terroirs and blends? Three months with the Atlas Tea Club will give you a great ground-floor education, with each box containing two premium loose-leaf teas (enough for 30+ cups) and tasting notes.

Best for the Overwhelmed

36. WAAV 2023 Planner Weekly/Monthly


• Why We Love It: 7 x 9 inches, goal-setting check-in pages

No matter what time of year you're wanting to re-up your commitment to organization, treating yourself to a new planner helps you stay on track. This flexible-cover number has lots of writing room for upcoming events, prompts to set goals and reminders to find opportunities for self-care. Wire-bound, you can open it flat to go over all 12 months of weekly and monthly calendars and guided content pages on topics including cultural diversity, nature appreciation and health awareness.

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