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Ah, the runner’s high. You’ll get up at 6 a.m. just to feel it pulsing through your core. Too bad non-runners don’t always understand our groove. Here, 22 things only real-deal runners understand.


1. The struggle that is a subpar sports bra.

2. The awkwardness that is jogging in place at the crosswalk. (No, it’s not a pee dance.)

3. The internal debate that occurs every time you approach a fellow runner: OMG, should I say hi? Give a confident nod? DEAR GOD, what’s socially appropriate here?!


4. And the sweet relief you feel after zooming by.

5. The peril of a non-updated playlist. (Gloria Gaynor…again?)

6. The joy that is Beyoncé.


7. And Britney.

8. And Adele.

9. The anxiety over a phone battery that’s dipping dangerously close to 10 percent. (No, you can’t run without Beyoncé!)

10. Or the realization that there are no bathrooms. Anywhere. FOR MILES.


11. The power of a good hair elastic.

12. Or an athletic headband with a no-slip grip.

13. The annoyance of having no good place to stash your keys. Or your cash. Or your sunscreen.

14. The thrill of picking up the pace just to weave around those slow-poke walkers.

15. Or zipping past the mailman at 6 a.m. knowing you’ve already crushed six miles. (What the hell has he done?)


16. Band-Aids are everything.

17. Downhill is everything.

18. Carbo-loading is necessary (and delicious).


19. There’s no such thing as too much neon.

20. Or too much confidence.

21. Nothing beats the meditative state you feel when your feet pound the pavement.

22. Or the look of your nail lady's face when you request a post-run pedicure.


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