Science Confirms: Smarter People Are More Distracted at Work

Between checking your email on every device a million times, shuffling through countless tabs on your browser and watching the hilarious Adele video your BFF sent, it’s no wonder you’re having trouble staying focused at work. But according to science, the reason you’re so damn distracted is actually pretty great.

It's because you’re super smart.

A recent study looked at the habits of more than 10,000 workers in 17 countries. The conclusion? The more intelligent you are, the easier you get--OMG have you seen this? Oops, sorry--distracted.

Here’s why: Intelligent people have more difficulty prioritizing all of their ideas. If you're trying to deal with each light-bulb moment as it arises, you can wind up feeling pretty flustered and--drum roll, please--easily distracted. Add in the constant buzzing--texts, pings, calls--of the modern workplace and it's a miracle you get anything done. 

So, the next time you can’t focus, cut yourself a break: You’re just too smart for your own good.

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