Wondering what you missed on the Late Late (um, late) Show on CBS last night? Only the most epic carpool karaoke guest of all time: The queen of powerhouse ballads and false eyelashes and everything that is womanhood. Hello, it’s Adele.

It went down like this: Host--and fellow Brit--James Corden calls her from the outside (of what could be her London apartment--we don’t know). The singing goddess joins him in the passenger seat to belt out her biggest hits, discuss her love of the Spice Girls and--wait for it--rap (seriously, just go to the 10-minute mark) while the pair goes rolling in the deep around town. (For the record, James has a ridiculous voice and kinda crushes it on backup.)

Watch the video. Sing along in your cubicle. And laugh wholeheartedly when Adele spills her coffee on the drive. (Stars, they’re just like us!)

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