7 Beauty Treatments You Should *Never* Book Right Before Your Wedding

Venue? Check. Guest list? Check. Seating arrangements? OK, that one can wait. But scheduling out your pre-wedding beauty appointments should not. Think about it: You do not want to walk down the aisle with a hair color you hate and swollen eyebrows. Here, seven treatments to avoid right before your wedding.

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1. Dermaplaning

When to do it: One week out

People swear by this exfoliating (skin and peach fuzz) procedure that uses a scalpel (not as scary as it sounds) to remove debris, dead skin and hair (again, not as scary as it sounds) for the smoothest skin you’ll have ever have. While there’s usually no downtime with this procedure, you still want to give yourself some wiggle room for redness or adverse effects.

2. Chemical Peels

When to do it: At least two weeks before

This treatment for brighter skin is a definite no-no right before a big event as it leaves your skin red and peeling up to four days after (depending on the peel, of course). And if your skin falls into the breaks-out-in-hives if the wind changes category, you probably want to avoid this—or try it at least six months out—altogether.

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3. Microdermabrasion

When to do it: At least two weeks before

Similar to chemical peels, if you’ve never had microdermabrasion, trying it even two weeks before you say “I do” probably isn’t the best idea. But, if you know how your skin reacts, making an appointment for this exfoliating procedure a couple weeks out should be a-OK.

4. Microblading

When to do it: At least three months before

This semi-permanent brow service has some amazing results, fleshing out anemic eyebrows with meticulously painted individual “hairs.” Since you’re basically tattooing your face, irritation and swelling is very common for the 48 hours after the procedure. But another reason to give yourself time is because the lines fade (they’ll appear way darker the first week or so). And psst: Since the effect lasts up to a year or longer, make sure you find the best possible technician and don’t cheap out.

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5. Facials

When to do it: At least two week before

Pampering yourself in the lead up to your wedding is a great way to calm your nerves. But getting a bunch of extractions isn’t the most relaxing thing. And your skin will probably be swollen, red and healing for a couple days after.

6. Botox

When to do it: Five to six weeks before

Results from these youth-ifying injections generally take about three weeks to show. So if you love your Botox, scheduling enough time to notice the impact is key. Again, if you’re a Botox newbie, best to do your due diligence a year to six months ahead of time. Duh.

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7. A New Hair Color

When to do it: Six months before

You’ve been itching to try this root beer hair trend for a while now. Or maybe you’re thinking more along the lines of cream soda hair. But hair color needs time to oxidize and settle in. So make sure you’re testing the waters long before the actual wedding day. When it comes to touch-ups, however, one week out is usually perfect.

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