Root Beer Hair Is Trending and It Looks...Delicious?

olivia munn root beer hair

The newest color trend on the scene, dubbed “root beer” hair, has visions of IBC floats dancing in our head. And frankly, we’re on board.

What exactly is it? This coloring technique starts with a rich brunette base and has subtle auburn, root beer-esque streaks throughout, which add tons of warmth and dimension and are flattering on a wide range of skin tones. It’s perfect for brunettes who want to take their locks a little lighter for spring without going full-on blonde balayage, because it mimics how your hair would naturally lighten in the sun. And because it’s so natural looking, it’s also super easy to maintain.

A whole slew of celebs have already taken the plunge (Ciara, Olivia Munn and Selena Gomez, we’re looking at you), and as for us—we’re already on our way to the salon.

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