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Wedding photographer? Check. Videographer? Check. Social media handler? Wait, what?

Yep, more and more brides are officially hiring teams to run their social media during their weddings. We know—you have questions. So we reached out to Heather Hall and Samantha Roberts, co-founders of Maid of Social, a company that specializes in “PR” for your wedding day. Here’s what they told us.

People are thinking more deliberately about how their weddings read on social media. (We see you, wedding hashtag stalkers.) Just like a celebrity would want to control her image in the media, some brides want to do the same for their wedding—after all, your wedding might last a few hours, but its social life lives on forever. So your social media liaison helps you craft that “image,” from coming up with the hashtag to deciding which photos to share and how to caption them.

There’s also the fact that couples want to showcase their wedding on social media as soon as possible, but posting in real-time takes you and your bridal party out of the moment. (Hello, you should be present at your own wedding.) Social media liaisons take the burden off of everyone.

But it’s not just the of-the-moment posting. Teams like Maid of Social work hand in hand with your wedding photographer to make sure you get the most Instagrammable shots. They also collaborate with the photographer to get those photos up ASAP: "Some wedding photographers edit photos during the dinner hour, so we can post and send out to vendors (like the dress designer or caterer) immediately,” says Hall. “That gets the photographers a bit of social clout as well.” 

While the services are not exactly cheap (Maid of Social starts at $500), if giving everyone not on your guest list serious FOMO is what fires you up, consider wriggling it into your wedding budget. 

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