Watercolor Cakes Are the Next Big Wedding Trend

Hand-painted and totally gorgeous

So your bestie got married before you and totally took your geode wedding cake idea. No worries. Unique wedding ideas are always popping up, and one that recently caught our eye might be our favorite yet. Introducing watercolor cakes. These hand-painted masterpieces are seriously too gorgeous to eat. Here, 12 of the prettiest.

The First 5 Things Every New Bride-to-Be Should Do

Winter Wedding Cake

There’s something soothing in this minimalist, icy blue detail.

Elegant & Femme Wedding Cake

Girlie yet sophisticated.

Metallic Wedding Cake

Rustic? Please meet our friend Metallic.

Summer Sunset Wedding Cake

For a beach wedding, you must.

Painted Birds Wedding Cake

Fred and Carrie were right: Put a bird on it.

Winter Whites Wedding Cake

Did someone say winter wedding?

Colorful Boho Wedding Cake

If you’re looking for a little (or big) pop of color….

Wintry Blues Wedding Cake

A nod to the geode cake.

Monogrammed Wedding Cake

Can we frame this?

Bright Floral Wedding Cake

Whoever said you had to walk down the aisle with a traditional bouquet?

Metallic Blue And Gold Wedding Cake

Something blue for your wedding day.


Geometric Wedding Cake

If this doesn’t wow your wedding guests, we don’t know what will.

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