Geode Wedding Cakes Are the Next Big Trend

A quick geology lesson: Geodes are those hollow rocks filled with sparkling crystals and minerals. You know, the ones used to make jewelry, decorate homes and even heal ailments (in some people’s opinions). But recently, they’re taking the wedding world (and Pinterest) by storm--specifically in cake designs using rock candy. Here, 13 geode wedding cake ideas that we’re kind of obsessed with. (Check out our Wedding Cake board for even more ideas.)

7 Wedding Cake Trends That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Red Balloon Photography/Cake: Three Tiers for Cake

Turquoise And Gold

Seriously. Guys. This is what we’re talking about: marbled agate-like swirls bursting from the middle of the cake (and matching complimentary rock-candy stirrers). The color is everything.

Blue, Silver And Gold

You can also go cooler with silver accents and gradients of deep-blue candy crystals to give the appearance of really gazing into cracked rock.

Rose Quartz And Agate

Lighter colors work well, too. Peach and pink swirls wrap this rose-quartz-colored geode cake, giving it movement.

Amethyst And Gold

A rich, royal purple (or deep navy) plus the shine of gold leaf makes this option a bit more formal.

Cool Gray

This almost icy-looking fondant number was inspired by the Oregon coast and is not entirely edible. (Hint: Those are real geodes and crystals on top.)


Go this route if you want just a few artful touches of the design but not a full rock formation.

Kakes by Darci

Emerald And Gold

How can you not love the modern coolness of this Wizard of Oz-esque creation?

Fragmented Candy Rocks

Heads up: You don’t have to go full-on geode to nod to the trend. Another option would be to stud the cake with smaller sugar rocks on an ultra-smooth buttercream.

A Crystal Topper

Super elegant without being over the top, this cake has height, sparkle and dimension. The best part? The sliced agate on top is still made of candy.

Angela Shae Photography/ Cake: Irina Murashko

Earth Tones With Accent Geodes

Not quite ready to dive headlong into the trend? Go reserved with a neutral- or deep-toned cake. Then simply top it with real decorative geodes.

Mini Geodes

Another for the faint of heart. You can literally top any cake with any geode.

Smooth Natural Finish

You’d never know this sleek metal-like cake was filled with violet and vanilla bean. But just wait till the guests dig in.