When it comes to wedding fashion, brides get to have all the fun. That is, unless the groom is willing to stray from the classic black tux/navy suit route and opt for a look that’s a bit more au courant. Here, five groom fashion trends you can expect to see at the coolest weddings in 2018.

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man wearing a red velvet jacket

Ruby Velvet Jackets

Oh, hello. Velvet’s been trending for a while in women’s fashion, so it’s about time the guys got in on the fun. A velvet topper in a deep red is luxe and formal and expensive-looking—even if it’s under $150…to rent for the night.

Get the look: The Black Tux rental ($145)

black leather chuck taylors

Leather Chucks

So damn cool. Classic Chucks are great, but we love the idea of this leather pair, which is ever so slightly more dressed up but still laid-back and low-key.

Get the look: Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars ($70)

man wearing colorful socks

Fun Socks

But if you’re going with regular dress shoes, opt for loud socks. They’ll be hidden while you’re on the altar but shine as soon as you sit down (or, more likely, pull up your pant leg to reveal the ankle party you’ve got going on).

Get the look: Happy Socks ($12)

groom wearing an mini bouquet

Updated Boutonnieres

A single rose is so 2017. This year is all about slight twists on the classic, like a mini bouquet tied with a rustic-looking string. From far away it’ll look totally normal, but up close your guests will see that it’s got a bit more personality.

Get the look: Blue Orchid Creations/Etsy ($12)

groom trends double breasted

Modern Double-Breasted Suits

Throw caution—and convention—to the wind with this stylish silhouette. Single-breasted suits might be de rigueur, but a double-breasted jacket, especially in a lightweight heather gray, says you take clothes seriously. Take away the socks (with this style, at least) and show some ankle for a look that's one part throwback, one part Sexiest Man of the Year. 

Get the look: Reiss jacket ($545) and pants ($245)

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