‘Skijoring’ Is the Latest, Strangest Winter Travel Trend

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Winter sport lovers get ready, because we found your next thrill-seeking adventure: skijoring.

A Norwegian word, which translates to “ski driving,” the practice of skijoring is when a person on skis is pulled behind a horse or dog. Though it was originally a mode of arctic transportation, equestrian skijoring has evolved into a competitive sport and—very fun—snow activity. 

Before you break into a sweat thinking about traveling at the speed of light down a black diamond behind Seabiscuit, you can relax—skijoring is usually done in cross-country settings (aka flat lands, baby) with animals trained to go at your pace. The overall experience feels like snow skiing-meets-water skiing.

Wanna get your skijoring on? Stateside, places like the Triple Creek Ranch, outside of Darby, Montana, or The Resort at Paws Up in Greenough, Montana, both offer horse-drawn skijoring tailored for different skill levels.

Yay or neeeeiiiigh? (Sorry, had to.)

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