17 Things New Orleans Taught Us About Loving Life

Geaux, girl

Well, folks. Mardi Gras is upon us once again. And as we started drooling over the thought of étouffée and pancakes and sidewalk jazz, we remembered that most of our best travel memories have been from trips to the Big Easy. And that most of the lessons we’ve learned there can be applied to everyday life. Here’s what we mean…

1. Happiness is a bright purple house.

2. Porching is a verb. (And it should never involve a laptop or a phone.)

3. Neighbors exist for a reason.

4. Two-martini lunches, also, exist for a reason.

5. Oysters are a perfectly acceptable dinner.

6. King cakes are once a year only.

7. But beignets are once an hour if you damn well please.

8. Wigs should never be limited to Halloween.

9. Dancing should never be limited to weddings.

10. Parades aren’t just for kids (or drunk tourists).

11. Music does not have to be planned.

12. Daiquiris are the cure for humidity.

13. Seersucker is the original air conditioner.

14. But “getting dressed” actually means with lettuce, tomato, pickles, and mayo.

15. Lagniappe is possibly the funnest word to say. (Ahem: “lanˈyap.”) And it’s possibly the sweetest gesture to make. (Ahem: to give someone a little something extra.)

16. "Y’all" is most definitely a word.

17. And open container is most definitely a lifestyle.