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Santorini is hands down one of the most stunning places on earth. But these days, you can barely take a photo without an Insta-influencer or honeymooning couple popping into the frame. Hence, why we’re turning our sights to the lesser-trodden Greek isle of Paros. Here, the sea is crystalline, the octopus is cry-your-eyes-out delicious, and the bustling, whitewashed villages are refreshingly free of American least for the time being.

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There are quintessential blue-domed Greek churches in every nook and cranny of the island—from the main town of Parikia to the tiny mountaintop village of Lefkes.

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Ditto those postcard-perfect Greek windmills (traditionally used to grain wheat), a cornerstone of Cycladic architecture.

The island’s towns are linked together by the charming, bougainvillea-drenched pathways that we all daydream about.

And if you find yourself lost in a random alleyway, it’ll probably look something like this.

Candy-colored fishing boats? Yup, Paros has plenty of them.

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And crisp, whitewashed villages stacked on seaside cliffs? You bet.

Best of all, everywhere around you are vantage points of that brilliant blue sea.

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And of course, there are epic waterfront sunsets aplenty.

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Beach days are pretty darn dreamy on Paros. See: Kolimbithres beach, where sunning is best enjoyed from the famous rock formations.

If you venture to the beach’s outskirts, you can even scale the smooth, sculptural rock lava cliffs.

There are endless idyllic beaches off the beaten path, too (like Lolandonis, above), where the waters are emerald and it never gets too crowded.

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But if you rent a boat, you can spend the day swimming and sunning in mind-blowing, untouched coves.

Enjoy your lunch (Greek salad and octopus on the grill, please) from one of the many simple seaside tavernas…with views like this, no less.

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If you’re lucky, you might even get to see a fisherman pull into port with your lunch.

The famous beach club, Parasporos, at golden hour.

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The walk to dinner in the peaceful town of Piso Livadi looks like this.

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And cocktail views in vibrant Naoussa look like this come sundown. (This historic fishing port might be the most magical spot in all of the Aegean.)

The winds are definitely blowing toward Paros. Who’s coming with us?

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